There Is A Way and Reality Itself Is It – Adi Da Samraj – Aletheon


Beezone edit and excerpt from There Is a Way – and Reality Itself is It – Aletheon, Adi Da Samraj



“Whatever kind of “face” ego may put on in any moment, ego is inherently “self”-deluded, “dark”, and destructive.”
Aletheon – The Repenting of Egoity

“There is no cheap “super-truth” or “clever method” for “everyman” in this entropic time of aggressive consumerism, universal indiscriminate and waste-bound consumption of everything, and virtually totalistic scientific and technological “world”-domination.”
Aletheon – The Way of Light is the Way of Fire



The self-protectiveness of egoity is so intense that, when it becomes a collective force, it has the power to destroy.
Such is the current state of humankind on Earth.The ego is absolutely determined to protect itself from Me
Aletheon – Adidam Is No-Seeking Practice Is Perpetual Reality-Practice





The bondage and suffering of humankind is unnecessary, but it is also “dark” and destructive. It is not merely that human beings are suffering. Human beings are destroying the Earth, and everyone and everything in it – and humankind has been on this course for as long as human beings have recorded their histories.

The story of human beings is a search to “understand”, a noble enough effort but is it also built upon the exercise of an uninspected egoity. This “exercise” or “method” is to get any “object” it contacts or touches under control through “knowledge”, and then to enclose or surround and without fully understanding the consequences of that control, ultimately destroy that “object” or “other”.

All the traditional “methods” and “techniques” – “religious” or spiritual, exoteric or esoteric – are about “getting a secret” (mystery or discovery), and using that “secret” (mystery or discovery) to get the “object or other” under control. The effort underlying all traditional “methods” and “techniques” is to enable the ego to encircle and replace Reality with that ‘object’ of knowledge.

These ancient “methods” were apparently rather naive. Fundamentally, the ancient (and current scientific “methods”) are about getting what the human ego wants (or fears) and then controlling it. Then then the human ego encloses whatever is to be controlled by means of “knowledge” and “power”. To enclose the “named object” (or discovery), the ego-“I” makes a sacred enclosure, a temple, a “religion”, a prison, or even any cultural, social, or political (university, foundation,or government) mode of systematized action. Finally, having gotten the “object” (or even the Divine) under control, the ego-“I” then destroys the “discovery” by limiting it to the confines and enslavements of the enclosure (the answer), and (thereby) systematically controls the “knowledge or object” for their use and limits its breathing-space of life and motion.

Observe what is occurring with the “world”-circumstance, which is now absolutely subject to human controls. Humankind seeks power over everything it notices – and seeks to find out the secrets of whatever is noticed, in order to control it. Then, when the “whatever” has been gotten under control, humankind destroys it.

In the “world” of human egos, this dreadful pattern is inevitably so.

Such is the pattern of what is happening in the current global situation, and that “game” has now reached a stage that is close to terminal.

Even all of the findings and achievements of science, and all of the presumed “glories” of human intelligence, are merely extensions of egoity (or of “self”-deluded space-time-“point-of-view”). All of humanly presumed “knowledge” is a device for controlling and, then, ultimately, destroying – whatever becomes the “object” of human attention.

The effort to gain control over human circumstance-through-scientific materialism or whatever means – is undertaken with the (largely uninspected) presumption that human beings are (thus and thereby) going to “save themselves”. No there is no possibility of any such result.

No such egoically engineered “salvation” is possible. The ego will die. The ego cannot “save itself” by any means whatsoever.

Ordinary human “knowing” seeks to control (or enclose) its “object”, because the human ego is fearful of being controlled by the “object” – no matter what the “object” is. Ordinary human “knowing” tries to “get the secrets” of the any “object”, so that the “object” can be brought under control (and, at last, destroyed).

Thus, ordinary human “knowing” is the “scapegoat-method” of enclosing, controlling, and (at last) destroying the “other”. That universally evident “method” pervades the entire human “world”. Indeed, the “scapegoat-ritual” is the fundamental act of human beings – unless it is transcended in and by means of the process of Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself.

Human beings have been persisting in the “scapegoat-game” for so long that they now have virtually everything in an enclosure, including even the Earth itself. And they even entertain ambitions to go beyond the Earth, out into space, in order to get control over everything and everyone everywhere.

The preventing of the inevitably destructive course of humankind is not merely a matter of the details of a few things here and there being improved or done better. Humankind is not merely passively suffering. Humankind is aggressive. Therefore, the rightening of the human “world” requires much more than conventional compassion (or sympathetic help) alone. Rather, the rightening of the human “world requires both sympathetic (or compassionate) help and a criticism that consistently expects a process of discipline and correction.

In many “religious” and Spiritual traditions, it is suggested there should be a sympathy with human suffering. I Am Infinitely Sympathetic with all human suffering. Nevertheless, What I Am here to Do is Profoundly More than the Demonstration of Sympathy.

My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself Makes utterly clear the fundamentally aggressive nature of what human beings do. Human beings are not merely “poor things” who must be comforted. If human beings rightly and truly devotionally recognize Me As I Am and rightly and truly devotionally respond to My Self-Revelation of the Self-State of Reality Itself, there is no limit to the Divine and Perfect Gifts I would Provide them – but, nevertheless, it must be unreservedly acknowledged that human beings, in their uninspected egoity, are utterly “self”-involved and “other”-destructive.

In this ego-“world”, the “scapegoat-game” of “knowledge”-enclosure-control-destruction is the inevitable course of ego-made human events. Even if that process is not, in every instance, consciously intended or consciously inspected, the “scapegoat-game” is what egos do.

This dreadful “scapegoat-fact” is fundamental to My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself.

This dreadful “scapegoat-fact” is the reason why humankind is now suffering the “darkest” of times.

Therefore, there cannot be any real change in the human “world” until this dreadful “scapegoat-fact” is fully accepted as fact by all, and fully confronted by all-and the Reality-Means for going beyond the “scapegoat-game” are embraced by all.


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