The Torque of Attention – A Study by Beezone

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The Following is an example of the ‘notes’ format, which Beezone created in response to a reader’s question.

A Beezone White and Orange Study


“There cannot be true Awakening [True Understanding] to the Witness-Position [Consciousness Itself] without at least maturity at the developmental stage(s) … of the Way of the Heart. The vehicle must be purified, the submission must be made. It is not a matter of experiences only. The real practice must be done.

Adi Da Samraj, The Sign of My Brightness – 1993


Attention is Destiny

The Love-Ananda Gita, 1989, Part III: I Am What you Require, CHAPTER 7, At First Sight.


The Torque of Attention

 Note to Reader

This study is not designed to be read as if it were a regular essay or talk – it is a STUDY SHEET, or ‘”study essay.” The following study essay was developed by Beezone – from notes taken in response to the first section of a talk entitled The Torque of Attention by Adi Da Samraj (The Great Advaitayana Buddhist Avataric Spiritual Master) given at the Manner of Flowers (Adi Da’s residence) on January 13, 1996. Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes of Adi Da Samraj come from ‘The Torque of Attention.’ Text in italics reflects a direct quotation from Adi Da Samraj.

The original talk, The Torque of Attention, refers to the advanced spiritual aspects of “sadhana,” which Adi Da terms The Perfect Practice. The Perfect Practice is NOT a beginning but a culmination of preliminary practices. For those who would like to understand the differences between beginning practices and those the “advanced” (or Perfect) Practices the following from Adidam will suffice:

The Perfect Practice: Being / Witness / Witness-Consciousness / Witness-Position: When Consciousness is free of identification with the body-mind, it stands in its natural Position as the conscious Witness of all that arises to and in and as the body-mind.

For more about the Perfect Practice, see below.


NOTE: Text in italics indicates direct quotation, text in regular type indicates notes and adaptations by Beezone.


The Context

Preliminary Understanding

The “topic” of the original talk is attention and consciousness. Attention, as Adi Da describes it, is the root of mind and also the root of “ego”. As he states in the beginning of Water and Narcissus, Narcissus is the mind.


Mind as it’s commonly understood is associated with the brain and thinking. In this study essay and Adi Da’s talk, mind, when understood in its deeper sense, has its root in the heart and is reflected in the brain. So, you could say the mind is the moon and the heart is the sun.

“From the Heart the body sprouts. The energy, life and consciousness, the only prime elements of the body and likewise of the universe, stream out of the Heart by the first channel, or nadi, straight to the head (Amrita Nadi) from which they run down to all parts of the body through various nadis. …because all the nadis from the body end in the sahasrara, the Kundalini yogi, the Hatha yogi, and in fact all yogis who practise pranayama take the sahasrara to be the terminal point of their sadhana; whereas the Dhyana yogi, also called Raja yogi, Vichara yogi, etc. adds one more state for the complete and absolute Emancipation. The last stage runs through the Para nadi, also called Amrita nadi, because, being of the purest sattva, it is extremely blissful and leads straight to the Heart.”

Sidney Cohen – Reflections on Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

And Adi Da states:

The association of consciousness with the mind is a hindrance to the attainment of realization. As the seat of the ego, the individual mind is conscious of being isolated. From it arises the limited individuality, which at once feeds and is fed by the illusion of duality, time, and change. To know the self as it is, consciousness has to be freed from the limitation of the individual mind. In other words, the individual mind has to disappear while consciousness is retained. The quality and mood of consciousness itself, that precedes the mind and the Heart, is the root of the mind, the source of the mind.

Sadhana is about the transcendence of the waking state itself and also the dreaming state and also the sleep state (unconscious and absorbed Samadhi, Realization is not in the waking state or the dreaming state or the sleeping state. But when you seek what you might call “Realization”, you are, it appears, looking for something to happen in the waking state. You want to live forever, or in some exalted condition for however long. You want all kinds of psycho-physical experiences which you might think of as Realization or Happiness, and so on. But they are conditions of the waking state. In absolute terms they are not attainable. In any case, they have nothing to do with the Realization of Truth.

Meher Baba – God to Man and Man to God, Chapter III, God Realizaiton.


In the Way of Adidam, the stable Realization of the Witness-Position is associated with, or demonstrated via, the effortless surrender (or relaxation) of all the forms of seeking and all the motives of attention that characterize the first five stages of life…..however, identification with the Witness-Position is not final (or Most Perfect) Realization of the Divine Self. Rather, it is the first of the three stages of the “Perfect Practice”.

The “Perfect Practice” is the practice to which I am Calling you. I am not calling you to a developmental strategy, the purpose of which is to establish and magnify evolutionary signs, or conditional signs, of a developmental kind. I am Calling you to self-understanding and self-transcendence in the context of all of the developmental stages of life. Therefore, I am Calling you to Awaken to the capability that is the “Perfect Practice”. Happiness Itself, not conditional existence, is the Realization of Inherent Being.

Hear Me Heart-Deep, Adi Da Samraj, 1992.

This I hope gives you a little bit of context for the notes and excerpts of this study essay compiled by Beezone that follows.


The Torque of Attention

Notes and Editing by Beezone

Mechanics of Attention – The Notes


Any indulgence in the motion of attention exploits the same mechanism of dislocation from the Source-Position.

Indulgence = motion of attention = motions of mind = ego = exploits = search.

Attention is a mechanism, an operating function of mind.

One must understand the many illusions of the conditional worlds – you are easily stimulated by all kinds of means, objective and subjective.

Stimulated, by what? Your discomfort.

“You must be one-pointed, singularly directed in your attention – immovable. Not distracted by entanglements, adventures, allures, seduction, fascinations and overall, the search.”

Adi Da Samraj

Only in that way do you stay one-pointed in it without slipping off into the sideshow of the opposites, and require of yourself that you go beyond the limiting force of your adapted personality.

You must understand the Great End and not get lost in the ego search. You must understand the root of attention – ego, which is distraction from Source-Witness-Position.

Adi Da Samraj, The Condition of Radiance, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1995-6

FIRST (and last)

You must have a sense of The Source, FIRST, because it is Prior to movement of mind, attention, and desire.

Thoughts and actions are the medium of DESIRE.

Traditions try to control attention, mind – through focus, meditation and other techniques of concentration. Controlling the motion of attention from Source by controlling one of the leading faculties, mind, breath, feeling, body.

The Way of the Heart – Forget, weakens contents, weakens motion. Forget content, feel beyond to what is Prior – Consciousness. Profound Absorptive Contemplation (SAMADHI, EQUANIMITY) Relaxes and Purifies.

New Adjustment – New Wholeness. Do not make use of binding qualities.

“It becomes a profound equanimity, a samadhi of Communion with Me*. And the modifications of the Divine Reality are loosed, purified, and then loosed so that ultimately, in the progress of that sadhana, the agitations of the leading functions are released. The ego-signs in the body, in the feeling, or emotion, in the mind, in the breath – all these things become evened out. The mind ceases to be preoccupied with its content, with its thought. So thought quiets. Reactive emotions quiet. Impurities and agitation in the body quiet. If you are in this profound and steady Communion with Me – you notice that the breath changes depending on your disposition, reaction, and so forth – the breath becomes quieted.

So these are all necessary signs that are, in profound moments, shown even from the beginning. But then it becomes more and more constant, and a sign of you totally, in every moment under all circumstances. And when that becomes the case, then you are on the borderline between earlier practice and the “Perfect Practice”, or preliminary practice and the “Perfect Practice”. Then the disposition of the Witness can be awakened steadily, and the “Perfect Practice” becomes possible.”

A Mastered Life, Adi Da Samraj, 1996.

*For clarification of what and who Adi Da refers to when he uses the object personal pronoun Me, see: Recognition – a study by Beezone


see more on Hearing in the advanced stages

“Only in your emptiness, your disease does that one seek to control, indulge, exploit the motion of attention.”

Along those lines see:

Thought, Mind, Brain, and Attention – Beezone Study



“There is no simple origin to the entire process. It is not a specific origination understandable by recourse to the viewpoint of time and space. It is simply in the nature of Reality to formalize and witness its own possibility without creating divisions in itself.”

The Knee of Listening, Chapter 20, Adi Da Samraj

Sixth and Seventh Stage Understanding

Sometimes the sixth stage looks [sounds] like Seventh Stage and sometime Seventh Stage looks and sounds like the sixth stage. Realization is what makes the difference.

see: The Seven Stages of Life

The last (first) Space

Everything is attention when found in the Source Position.

Free of Objects.

Transcendence: The ability to feel beyond it. 

Part III – Torque of Attention

The Divine has no Purpose but Itself

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So what are we “considering”?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, where You utter that phase…and You take us through this process – You have the phrase “You are in Me”—everything so mysteriously turns inside out. I don’t really know how to explain it, but the sense of being in something conditional dissolves. And it is a Samadhi.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. Tcha. It is the basic intention behind fourth stage devotional practices, to achieve a Samadhi, or whatever it may be called, a feeling state, a sublimed state, of being contained by the Deity or the whatever the Ultimate is called – through the thread of self-giving devotion, exploiting the emotional faculty therefore.

But if you do so, attention goes with it. You are bodily completely involved in it, the breath follows, you see. So it is an effort to achieve a state of Contemplative absorption in the Real, or the Divine conceived as being All-Pervading. If you look in the Bhagavad Gita, something of this is suggested. There are numerous suggestions actually. But that is what is suggested in the Cosmic Vision that Krishna is said to have given Arjuna. And He tells him afterwards always to remember Him. That is a prescription for the commonly proposed Bhakti Yoga.

So by being immersed in, felt to be contained in, even breathed by, Me—you are calling it Samadhi — you are suggesting a fulfillment of sadhana of that kind in this moment. But it is the fourth stage fulfillment of the intention of sadhana. And it potentially could magnify to the point of fifth stage as well. But it is not the sixth or seventh. You are enjoying the fact of being in Me, arising in Me. In other words you are continuing to assume the position of the body-mind, but nonetheless given up and absorbed. Whereas the Fully Awakened Realization that You are in Me is the Realization in My Place, in the Consciousness Position, Transcending the body-mind, because you see it arising merely in the Transcendental Self – which is oblivious to it, Standing Prior to it.

And then there is the even fuller seventh stage Awakening. Finding all in Me, but without “difference”, not separate from Me yourself. So if everything’s arising in Me, you see the important part is the Me part. [Devotees murmur in understanding.]

If you are arising in Me, then you should see it arising in Me, in My Position. So that is the ultimate fulfillment of what at first is this absorptive meditation you are describing.

You can only feel Me Pervading All if you presume a position less than All.

Adi Da Samraj, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1995-96


First Stroke (contraction) motion = attention = all else follows.

Noticing attention, sensation, the feeling of separateness – egoity, with equanimity.

This sensation is understood to be an apparition.


There is then a shift from being identified with attention to focusing on attention itself.

This is not a study or something learned – it is something that happens, literally.

Anything that arises – There is Consciousness in which it is appearing – All arises in Consciousness and that is where you are. That is what you are.

You have yet to realize altogether what it is – Consciosness – It is clear that That is the position of every moment of experience.

Every moment becomes meditation, but you are still “pressing your face into the glass, looking into a house, never fully, profoundly identified with Consciousness.”

Realizing the Witness is just the beginning (of The Perfect Practice).

This is when you drop back, not attached through the mechanism of attention.

Then enter deeply into the Well, sinto the depth.

That is the nature of the Spiritual Process – The Perfect Practice

Consciousness itself
Realize non-differently
Standing in My Place
Prior to the body-mind

From the center – at the center – with discrimination, self-understanding.

You can loose the thread, you can be seduced by entanglements and associations.

You must always be conforming things to the Great Process.

Sadhana in the third and fourth stage of life, it is all the waking state disposition. The point of view is always from the body-mind point of view.

Waking State Yoga – body based

Higher stages – the subtle reality is presumed and known, the gross is incidental, peripheral to the subtle.

Subtle State Yoga – mind – root of subtle

Transcendental Yoga – Causal State

Attention with Objects – Sleep State

At the root of sleep


“The manifest soul must Awaken to the Realization that it is always already and priorly Free of all conditions of experience, or the body-mind. Experience is not necessary, or even a Way to the Divine Person. The body-mind is an illusion in the Play. By association with the body-mind, the Free soul, or the Self – which dwells in the planes of manifestation but is inherently free of identification with phenomena – suffers the illusion of identification with phenomena. Liberation in Truth comes when this association produces a critical sense of revulsion, thus permitting intuitive Awakening from the stream of experience. This Awakening is Self-Realization, and it is perfected in the sixth stage of manifest life.”
* (underline added by Beezone)

Adi Da Samraj, The Enlightenment of The Whole Body – Chapter 6 – “The Structure of Illusion and Enlightenment”

Relinquishment of attention towards objects- attention comes to rest (attention=contraction)

Gross Meditation – mind meditation must achieve depth, must achieve rest of mind and body.

Depth of Objectlessness

Depth of mind body Consciousness must be subtle, minor peripheral awareness of body.

“More and more the practice becomes extraordinarily concentrated, not in peripheral matters of experiencing and so on, but in the root itself. And then the “Perfect Practice” can begin. So, once sufficient purification has occurred that there is this extraordinary concentration, then suddenly My Instruction about the Witness becomes inherently Obvious and is thereafter not something that can be forgotten.”

Adi Da Samraj – There’s No Escape, There’s Only Realization


“It’s not a something that can be forgotten. It’s not merely a thought. It’s a noticing that you never forget. Its a noticing even beyond the mind.

If attention is simply moving about, you are always noticing its objects. But if that fitfulness relaxes, you can be sensitive to attention itself, because it is steady and doesn’t just jump to objects. It has a certain kind of equanimity itself, such that attention can be comprehended. And it is the last thing in the space – everything is epitomized as attention. When it is found in the Self-Condition, in Consciousness Itself, it is something like the Hearing matter. You are in the position of that first contraction. In fact it is the hearing matter, but exercised at this later stage. It is like the original hearing understanding, because you suddenly grasp it – the self-contraction and the ability to feel beyond it.

So in this noticing and equanimity, this noticing of attention is the first stroke, really. It is the feeling of relatedness, the feeling of separateness. It is the root-disturbance, but you are feeling beyond it. But yet you notice this is a sensation in the midst of Consciousness Itself, an apparition there. Suddenly you become aware of the Self-Field in Which that primary thought or gesture is arising. So this shift, in other words, is from being identified with attention, by focusing on it, to being identified with the Consciousness in Which it is appearing.

So that is the basic event in which there is a transition to the Witness-Position.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj


Sila and Equanimity – A Beezone Study


Subtle to Causal

Only attention itself – Objectlessness – Amrita Nadi current – formless dimension – only attention is left in its most subtle form – in the field of Consciousness.

Last noticing of the self-contraction.

Finally move beyond Objectlessness into Fullness.


“There is no idea—or any philosophy, or any religious doctrine, or any verbal definition at all—that is Consciousness itself. Indeed, no ideas, or philosophies, or religious doctrines, or verbal definitions of any kind are relevant—or have any application, or any causative relationship, or even any necessity at all—in, or as a means to Self-Apprehend, Consciousness itself. The inherent purity—or objectlessness, or relationlessness, or undifferentiated Self-Characteristic—of Consciousness (itself) is absolute and perfect. I am only the intrinsically Self-Evident Transcendental Self-Identity—Which is Consciousness itself.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj

First/last noticing of self-contraction

You DO NOTHING – in the first/last noticing moment – to attention itself.

Instead of identification with attention, you are witnessing it. Attention does not go away, your relationship to attention itself is transformed and you are in the transcendental position of Consciousness Itself. Suddenly you realize it is you and you are prior to it.

You do nothing to attention itself – it is a spontaneous transition from the knot of attention to consciousness itself.

You mature in meditation to the point of fundamental equanimity, where meditation has depth. It is not just trying to relax. It goes beyond that. It becomes a swoon (Samadhi) of self-surrender, self-forgetting, lost, without self-referral, deep, objectless.


All the while attentive – attention is still there, as “you” are doing this practice of surrender and forgetting and allowing the process to unfold on its own. So it is when you’re matured enough such that your meditation can have that quality that it is possible to wake up prior to attention, prior to the sleep state.

But if your practice is not mature you stay in a superficial position, just of physical life and your motivation in it. Just physically relaxing, and mentally relaxing, that is the depth of your meditation. You stay in the waking state position.

“You may locate the Prior Witness Position momentarily but you’re are not established there.”

Adi Da Samraj

It is only when your meditation becomes deep, and objectless that you can notice and be established in the Witness position. This requires much sadhana.

There is much to be purified.

Attention must be rested in its native position, prior to movement, prior to or from within.

“The last and the first bit of you”
Adi Da Samraj


You can’t put your attention, 

You can’t be attention and do anything.

You can’t exercise attention 

You can’t even be it.

The ‘Key’ here is “YOU”


The position of attention is not the Witness position.

The observer is attention.

The observer can feel something like the Witness because it stands prior to object.

“The observer has dropped back within the attention position. The self-contraction (observer) limiting what it is identified with (objects/non-objects) and also identified with basic intelligence and discriminative awareness. This is the subtle error.”

Adi Da Samraj

The Witness is not attentive.

The Witness stands prior to the body-mind

Prior to attention.

Prior to the ACT of attention

Pror to the identification with attention.

The Witness is:

Prior to all conditional existence (experience and knowledge)
Not Changing
No Beginning
NO End

It’s not even a position.

“Notice the feeling of relatedness in the midst of Consciousness. You must go through and beyond.” 

Adi Da Samraj


Relaxed Attention, Free Attention and The Sleeping State

Concentration and Observation


Radiant Without Center

“My Shakti does not move there, in the “Center” – at the Source Position. It is infinitely radiant WITHOUT MOTION. It is in the body-mind that it moves and takes on forms and movements.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj

“My Hridaya-Shakti, My Blessing, The True source of Shaktipat brings devotees to Me, to The Heart Domain, The Bright.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj

“My Transmission DOES NOT work to bring evolutionary effects, but Shines from the Right Side and attracts energy and attention to be found at the point of Origin.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj

“The other work (evolutionary) is not the work of My Spiritual Transmission. There may be signs of it, but it is not the Source Work of my Shakti, The True Work, The Completed Work.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj


Attraction to the Source WITH being fixed in the knots is where the Sadhana is.

As you go through the stages of life you will have experiences but they are not the point.

Experience is NOT the point.

You are supposed to be armed (equipped) with HEARING.

You are supposed to be equipped with self-understanding.

You will go though:

5th Stage – Samadhi – Dream State – Astral, Subtle, Mid-Brain, Third Eye.

6th Stage – Samadhi – Sleep State – Causal – Formless – Consciousness.


“So the “Perfect Practice”, you see, or the practices associated with the sixth stage of life, are exercised toward or from the position associated with sleep and the transcendence of it – the domain of objectlessness, all objects one way or another relinquished as not it, or merely conditional, and so on. So rather than focusing on the body and the mind, there’s a focus on the Domain of Consciousness, the Domain of the Witness, and so on – the Condition Prior to the body-mind.”

The Torque of Attention, The “Brightening” Way Talk Series, 1996, Adi Da Samraj


You must go through it, yes, but BYPASS it – bypass it AS A PURPOSE, a strategy.

Whatever has to occur by way of purification will occur – on its own.


“The entire Spiritual Way is a process based on the understanding (and the transcending) of attention, or the understanding (and the transcending) of the inevitable and specific results of egoic attachment to, or egoic reaction to, or egoic “self”-identification with every kind of conditional “object”, other, or state.”

The Knee of Listening – Adi Da Samraj


Beezone’s video series on “Attention” – Part I (16:22)

More video on Attention


Native Source


You can be distracted from IT (Native Source – Absolute – Consciousness),


You can’t be anything else, it is impossible to be anything else.

This is not to be equated with “I don’t give a shit” attitude or “I’m already enlightened” understanding – it is a profound understanding, a profound conviction of your self-contracted and also enlightened state.


Attention and Conditionality

Attention arises in two – pairs. Similar to mitosis.

Cell growth is a physical representation of the nature of attention.

Everything comes out of that inexplicable explosion.

That is why there are always Pairs, two’s, ad infinitum.

There has to be two for there to be anything.

Torque generates all possibility.

You can control attention, but you can’t get beyond the KNOT, the torque inherent in attention, the feeling of attention. You must find what is PRIOR to attention – which is Consciousness.

Seventh State Realization is NOT about being Consciousness and presuming all this stuff happening out there is the energy of Consciousness. Energy is NOT separate from Consciousness.

“PRIMARY DUALISM” – Fifth and Sixth Stage Point of View

“According to this point of view, the Totality of Existence is an apparent combination of only two Primary Realities. These Primary Realities are traditionally called “Purusha” (or Non-conditional, and As Such, Inherently Perfect and Perfectly Necessarily Subjective, “Being” and “Consciousness”)”

The Aletheon, Adi Da Samraj, 


“…and “Prakriti” (or “Objective Energy”, Which, modified, appears as the body, the mind, all objects, and all others).”

Adi Da Samraj


“From this point of view, this “Primary Duality” must, first of all, be understood (by observation and intuition) to be actually (or Really So). Then Purusha (or the conscious self, which, according to the characteristic, and paradoxical, traditional point of view of “Primary Dualism”, Is Ultimately, a Perfectly Subjective, or Non-conditional, but also specific, independent, and individual, Self) must separate itself (basically, by willful ascetical discipline) from Prakriti.”

Only Five Possible Points of View –  Adi Da Samraj


Tension in the pairs, relatedness, and associated with the feeling of separation.

Yin/Yang arises from the TORQUE of Experience.

It is in the ROOT of ALL FORMS.

There is NO breakthrough at the “end” of Sadhana. Sadhana is a purifying and “Brightening” process.

The beginning is PRIOR understanding. There is only What Already Is. The rest is purification.

Your condition is due to:



Persistence in self-contraction and not understanding it.

There is nothing greater and you can know that it is so, that it is immediate, even before Realization is fully established.

Only the Divine Can Be Already Always the Case. “You” as a separate one are NOT.

The changing face of nature and of mind is a play upon that which does not change. What changes is made of two. Pairs, duality, endlessly generating multiplicity. Ultimately in the form of Consciousness and Energy – these are the two most basic forms of reductionist understanding.

Consciousness becomes the Root of the Subjective side. Energy, Light is the root of the objective side. (see 1982 talk: Energy and Consciousness). They are NOT known to be the same, not even realized in themselves.

Ultimately the Divine Person is NOT merely the Witness. There is ONLY the Divine, no Witness.

YET, all of THIS is SO. There IS only the Divine AND all of this apparent life. TWO TOGETHER as ONE. To be Realized to BE SO.

Transcend your separateness and you are ME, I am YOU.

The Great Wheel

There is a great wheel, whirling, turning, changing, vanishing, blending, confusedly – revolving and never stopping. At the root of it is attention. Attention MORE than in the personal limited individual sense. It is rooted in cosmic energy itself.

When you find ATTENTION in the space of Consciousness you are locating (tacitly) that bindu, that point, as the root of appearances (of mind), resulting from attention and just after attention. Something like the big-bang.

Full Awakenness is to Realize Only One. Not holding off objects, absorbed. Full Awareness even in the apparent place in objects, there is no bondage. This is not a prescription for eternal life in human form, because it is established in Samadhi. It is Recognizing the world as it is. So, it feeds on itself, It is a Glow, by the Power of Recognition, Growing, Outshining until Divine Translation.

Divine Translation is as inexorable, impossible to stop, as the wheel of cosmic attention. Realize the Divine and you Translate. It’s inevitable.

Divine Self-Realization. 7th Stage Realization is NOT about IMMORTAL existence in any form at all. It’s about OUTSHINING conditional existence.


DEVOTEE: It felt completely clear in the Paduka Puja, Beloved. I was To drawn to serving Your Padukas, I was so absorbed in You, that was how things ceased to arise. Lord, I had a question…in the “Perfect Practice” mind will continue to arise, and it’s not clear to me…It wasn’t clear to me why the mind would continue to arise,,

AVATARA ADI DA: Well you don’t disappear from the conditional world in order to do the “Perfect Practice”, you see, otherwise no one would ever be observed doing the “Perfect Practice”! (laughter), then no one would be able to report about it! (laughter) The “Perfect Practice” takes place in life, while you are alive. So the mechanism of the body-mind remains, but your practice, the focus of your practice, the specific “Perfect Practice”, is prior to the body-mind – but the body-mind can be totally forgotten in Jnana Samadhi, in the “Perfect Practice”, you see, but that is just at certain moments. And when you got up from the seat of meditation you are in all the normal ways associated with the body-mind. So there, certainly, thoughts arise, and all the natural ordinariness of the body-mind continued.


DEVOTEE: …It is that she can’t understand how in the sixth stage of practice there would be a difference in meditation between the Contemplation of You and the practice outside of meditation.

AVATARA ADI DA: Well, it needn’t be entirely different, of course, but in the meditative exercise of the “Perfect Practice”, you step apart from all psycho-physical obligations towards the most profound exercise of the disposition of the “Perfect Practice”. It is not about doing this and that with the body-mind and its relations. It is Standing Prior to it and entering into the depth of That. Well, that exercise moves you out of the realm of attention into the domain of Being Itself. And then after the meditation you become reassociated with so-called ordinary conditions again.


The Spiritual course in My Company does not begin at the base of the spine. It begins above the head. I have told you all endlessly – I have told you from the very beginning — when you come into My Company I look above your heads. I look you in the eyes. I bring My Force down. I Am Descending here, Appearing here.

I am not here to support the search. The search would go up to find God. It is one of the means for pursuing the Divine. I am here. I Give you the Divine Blessing, “God with you”. The Spiritual course of the Way of the Heart, then, has nothing to do with the search. It is a matter of your Communing with Me, responsible for the self-contraction, so that My Descent Appears here Spiritually and may be experienced by you thoroughly, Crashing Down on you.

So when you are Spiritually prepared, your first experience of Me is a sensitivity to the feeling of My Energy all over your head, a pressure in your head. The Yoga, then, is about allowing Me to come down so that I Invade you totally — from above the crown, all through the body, to the base of the toes, thoroughly — you practicing ego transcendence as you realized you could do in the listening-hearing process. Having come to that point of responsibility, you can allow Me to Descend. You can Commune with Me and feel Me thoroughly. And I come down into the body utterly, purifying the entire vehicle down to the toes, so that the egoic body-mind is no longer an impediment.

As I have said to you, most rightly, most commonly, if it is done rightly, if you practice rightly in My Company, you will move on to the “Perfect Practice” when the frontal Yoga is complete. Then you will, by self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and self-transcendence, Realize the Position you are in, the Witness-Position, which is the origin of the “Perfect Practice”. It is not merely Spiritual Yoga in the sense of receiving Me frontally. It is that to the degree of the “Perfect Practice”. It is surrender of egoic self based on hearing Me and then receiving Me Spiritually, to the point of Perfectly Realizing Me and entering into the “Perfect Practice”, therefore. It is the right fulfillment, then, of My Descent, My Spiritual Descent, encountered by you, even bodily, altogether, Crashing Down—you given up because you have heard and are capable of transcending the self-knot, the self-contraction.

Then you Stand in the Witness-Position—not as a sixth-stager in the ordinary sense but as one who has heard Me and can move by Grace, by receiving Me fully, more and more Perfectly, into the Ultimacy of the seventh stage of life, bypassing the egoic effort, the search, in the advanced and the ultimate stages of life. It is unnecessary in My Company. The search associated with the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth stages of life is ego-bound. It is part of the psycho-biography of the ego.

Hearing is necessary for real Spiritual life, for the Divine Yoga. Hearing is necessary, you see. Hearing is not necessary to indulge yourself in the advanced stages of life up to the sixth, the ultimate form that is in the sixth stage form. These are evolutionary stages of the psycho-biography of the ego. This is what I keep telling you all. That is not true Yoga. That is not God-Realization. It is indulgence in the self-contraction refined stage by stage to the sixth. Even then, if there is to be Divine Realization, that separateness must be intruded upon. Commonly it is not done.

The philosophies you read about, all the books you read, are expressions either of most extraordinarily ordinary people or of somewhat more advanced, evolved people, in one or another dimension of the first six stages of life. That basically is all the religion you ever get on this plane here, except for a little taste here and there from a few “Crazies”, a little touch, taste, suggestion, of the seventh stage of life. The seventh stage of life is made of God Only. So this is My Gift, the seventh stage of life, the extraordinarily bypassing, unique, straightforward Yoga that I Give to you. It is time you understood Me about this and stopped confusing Me with the traditions.