Study of Transmission in the teachings of Adi Da Samraj


The following “remix” study is created from many essays and talks from Adi Da Samraj, covering over 30 years of his teaching demonstration. It is woven together by Beezone to make this study a compressive and (to the greatest extent possible) accurate reflection of Adi Da’s word on this subject.

This style of presentation is part of the “White and Orange Books” project and is based on two elements. One is Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown Books – which were dictated as a set of notes to his students in 1933-1935. The other is a “remix” of his talks and essays.

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This Way [of the Heart] is about Satsang and the process of spiritual Transmission from the Spiritual Master to the devotee. It is on the basis of Transmission that one’s life and practice are generated. Without Spiritual Transmission, there is no spiritual institution, no spiritual culture, and no relationship to the Spiritual Master. The Spiritual Master has no function. He is isolated and trapped.

“I” Is the Body of Life – Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1981


A Study of



Force of Grace

In the Teachings of Adi Da Samraj

Nicodemus, still wondering what to do, asked further, “How can that Divine Transmission of Spirit-Breath ever be made to happen to anyone, if they cannot do anything in particular to make it happen to them?” [John 3:91]

Jesus, just about running out of patience with his own efforts to explain everything to Nicodemus, brought the conversation to an end, by saying, “Nicodemus, you are a professional religious teacher – so, why do you not understand any of this? I am only telling you what I know by actual experience. The proof of the Divine Spiritual Transmission from Above is only in the actual evidence of the experience of receiving the Descent of the Divine Spirit-Breath into the body. Therefore, you will understand my teaching words about the Divine Spirit-Breath when you experience my Spiritual Blessing in your own body, here and now.”

And, then, Jesus Blessed Nicodemus with the Divine Spirit-Breath, all over and within the entire body of Nicodemus, there. And, with that, Nicodemus always afterwards knew exactly what Jesus was talking about. [John 3:10]

Up? Beyond the Beginner’s Spiritual Way of Saint Jesus and the Traditions of Mystical Cosmic Ascent via Spirit-Breath – Adi Da Samraj


What does the term ‘Transmission’ signify in the teachings of Adi Da Samraj?


The thinking mind cannot contact the Life Current directly. It must use the medium of the living being through the extended nervous system…. You must bring your attention to this argument and you must awaken from the Heart of Love and therefore surrender bodily. When you begin to adapt, the Life Current will begin to move in the vital being and in the Heart. When it does so, the thinking mind…gives way and the higher mind begins to show its signs in Consciousness. And that is how the fourth and fifth stages begin to develop. – Adi Da Samraj –

The Evolution of Understanding

March 3, 1978



Index of Key Terms

The TransmitterThe ReceiverThe First Three Stages of LifeDescent and AscentDescending ForceSacrifice, Submission, SurrenderThree HeartsYogic BodyShakti and HridayaThe Gift of Hridaya-ShaktiPerfect PracticeMy DescentThe ThumbsThe BrightEnergy and Blessing PowerEnergy, Consciousness,s and PurificationHearing and Self-UnderstandingEmotional ConversionConversion, Conduct and ConserveConductivity and the Conscious ProcessThe Circle and ArrowSeeing and EquanimityHeart and LightAmrita Nadi and The BrightNotes


Editors note: The following text is a mixture of Adi Da’s written and spoken word, and Beezone’s edits and adaptations. (It also includes original writing from Beezone, and a number of writing excerpts by other authors, drawn from magazines and books of Adi Da’s word). Much of the text below was taken from the written or spoken word of Adi Da Samraj and then modified by Beezone for educational purposes. Italic type is used to clearly indicate to the reader when the text is Adi Da’s exact wording. Otherwise, the reader can assume the text and the points addressed are those of Adi Da Samraj as presented and summarized by Beezone.

This study is designed as a teaching tool and therefore is not meant to reflect the ‘exact’ teaching as it was communicated by Adi Da Samraj himself. All communications within this study have been carefully studied by Beezone and are intended with all good intentions meant to be an accurate reflection of the meaning of Adi Da’s word and teachings. All errors and misunderstandings are the responsibility of Beezone, and should you find any, Beezone would appreciate your feedback.


The Transmitter

In the religious and spiritual esoteric traditions, there has been an evolutionary process that has been served by understandings of Great and less-than-great Realizers0. This process requires the acceptance and guidance of a Guru or Spiritual Adept. There are processes, stages, and subtleties of this process called by many names but most commonly spiritual transmission or spiritual baptism. The transmitter, or Adepts themselves, by higher psycho-physical means stimulate the central nervous system of others (both in itself and as a means of changing the mental and bodily being via the autonomic nervous system). This process of Spirit-Force Transmission requires a relationship between accepted disciples, or devotees, who create communities and a culture (for some) that fosters the growth and development of Spiritual Practices.

Some disciples feel their spiritual master is a God with extra-ordinary and superhuman powers. But the true Adept or Guru is not some superman or woman. The transmission by such an Agent of the Divine must always become nothing – meaning there is not an ego doing the work. The Divine Siddhi is perfect, absolute. So, it is not by the Guru or Adept becoming a perfect superman or woman, with all kinds of overwhelming and fascinating qualities that such a one awakens to the Divine activity. It is only when the Guru becomes nothing and a Direct Agent of the Divine Transmitting Power of God that the Process become True.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The true Guru is not some superman. He must always become nothing2 so that the Divine Siddhi becomes active. God’s Siddhi is perfect, absolute, so it is not by becoming a perfect superman with all kinds of overwhelming, fascinating qualities that a person awakens to the Divine activity. It is only when all that is undermined and no longer active in him that the Divine Siddhi appears spontaneously. The Guru, then, is a unique presence and a unique process.

Above all, he is unique by virtue of the fact that he can enter into a concrete, living relationship with people, and they likewise can enter into a concrete, living relationship with the Guru. He has a living, material form, and that makes it very tangible. (1974)

The ultimate form of my Teaching Work is Transmission – the awakening of devotees to the Current of Love-Bliss or Happiness upon which the body-mind is set (as a wheel is set upon its hub). Therefore, my teaching word is about getting people to be serious about the Lesson of life and renounce the search for Happiness. But while they are becoming serious, I am merely Present among them, and the Current of Divine Happiness is freely Radiating to all, even through me. Thus, when such devotees begin to understand, they also naturally begin to locate the Current or prior Happiness of Radiant Transcendental Being. And I continue to be merely Present among such devotees while their practice matures, so that the Magnitude and Power of this Current of Happiness becomes more and more profoundly Realized by them. (1982)


Those who give me their attention, in whatever form it may take at any moment, align themselves to my Baptizing Power, the profusion of Grace that is manifested through the Adept, which is simply a magnification of the Spiritual Divine to living beings. (1981)


My Avataric Self-Manifestation Of My Divine Spiritual Transmission-Work Is My Spiritual Self-Transmission Of My Ruchira Shakti -The Graceful Divine Heart-Power That Is The inherently egoless “Bright” Person. Now that He has brought these Siddhis into the human plane, He explained, it is possible, for the first time, for human beings to Realize the seventh and ultimate stage of life. (The Dawn Horse Testament 2004)

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I have brought Siddhis into all planes, into the entire Cosmic Mandala, that permit Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, and I have thoroughly Communicated to you, in every detail, the Way of the seventh stage Realization. Now that that Great Way has been Given to all, it is possible for all, and your Divine Self-Realization is a matter of whether or not you will choose the Way of Truth and how profoundly you will practice It.

It is not only that My Revelation of the Wisdom-Teaching of the Way of Adidam, the seventh stage Teaching, is complete and for the first time Given. It is that the Siddhis of My Manifestation and My Work have made Divine Self-Realization possible. Those Siddhis will be eternally Effective. I may be resorted to eternally, and My Siddhis are eternally operative.

You can exist in the common play and think of the Divine as making this—call it “He” or “She”—and wander in all of that. I have Revealed to you and Accomplished the Greatness that makes that unnecessary. You can live entirely differently. There is nothing in the nature of conditional reality that will prohibit you from doing so. All that has been changed.

(The Promised God-Man Is Here)


The Receiver – Reception

“What do you do to receive Me then?”

This Way is not merely some kind of self-generated discipline, some effort made by the ego, that ultimately winds up being Enlightenment. It is the Way of transcendence of the ego, not the way of the efforts of the ego. And so the context of this practice is the submission of the ego to that which transcends it. The context of this practice is the submission of the ego to its own help, to Transcendental Help, to the Agency made literally present through the work of the Adept.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: People look for uncommon phenomenal signs because they are full of doubt and un-Happiness. Such experiences suggest to them that there is a reason to feel good perhaps, but they are not profoundly transformed by witnessing such signs. In fact, having witnessed them, they begin to think of all the explanations that reduce these experiences to nothing.

Because of the use and misuse of such phenomena, another kind of tradition has arisen, in which it is not considered all right for these signs to appear, in which it is not all right to delight in them when they appear. And that is equally false. Uncommon phenomenal signs inevitably appear when the Spirit-Force is allowed to be active via the devotee’s submission. These signs are also inevitable in the case of an Adept. The taboos against their appearing and the taboos against enjoying them, as well as the lust for them on the part of people who are not converted no matter what they see, are equally inevitable in the egoic world.

The Art of Spiritual Life – a talk by Da Free John – August 13, 1983

The First Three Stages of Life

You must become emotionally free of all kinds of reactions, self-imagery, and ideals about how things are supposed to turn out; reactions to life, disappointment, frustration. You must be free of the whole force of emotional contraction in the heart region, which is the emotional region of the body. You must also be free in the head. You must be free of thoughts, contractions in the head, the brain, the face. You must be free of vital or physical contractions.

The mechanism in the frontal line is conditioned by the habits of egoity over a lifetime, even over many lifetimes. It is itself a form of self-contraction, and it is therefore not simply available to receive this Baptism or Force. You must understand your impediments to receiving the Spirit-Baptism. Found yourself in self-understanding of the mental self-contraction, the emotional self-contraction and the physical self-contraction.

You must understand the self-contraction in terms of the mind, in terms of emotion, your psychology, your complexes, your neuroses, your social attitudes, your chronic physical tendencies.

The receiving or inbreathing of the Living Current is not merely the simple matter of inhaling while putting attention in the Divine via the Name or any technique. It is part of it but, the technical exercises I have given you must be engaged as real practice over time, based on real self-understanding, real self-observation, and real self-knowing, so that you develop the equipment or the capacity to conduct the Force in the frontal line. This capacity improves over time.

The Dreaded Gom-Boo, 1982

See more: The Seven Stages of Life


Descent and Ascent

We must come into direct contact with our native Condition, which is intuited, at the heart, the feeling core of the body-mind, and precedes all of these mechanics of superficial experience and consciousness. We must enter into the psychic current, rather than rest always in thinking, reacting, self-indulgent body-mind.

We may realize the relatively superficial dimension of the psyche, or the subconscious mind of mystical phenomena by entering into the native, or natural, central current of the body-mind, the central nervous system, which is the root of the autonomic nervous system. The central nervous system is the line of the spine and the brain. The autonomic nervous system consists of all the currents that extend into the body and into the superficial areas of the brain and head including all the branches from the spinal line and the brain; the superficial levels of our experiential body-mind.

At the core of these extended currents is another dimension of the nervous system, the central nervous system, or the cerebrospinal system, which is in direct contact with the All-Pervading Current of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. Nevertheless, it is neither by going within nor by turning without, through the mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system, that we realize this native ecstasy but by prior realization, by being fundamentally at the heart, established in the Current and Consciousness of the Real.

We must realize the native current of the body-mind that is prior to all of the superficial activities of the autonomic nervous system or of our conventional psychic and mental states. We must, in other words, be able to enter into the Transcendental Consciousness itself which is the fundamental Condition of all existence, including the Condition of the body-mind, and which is prior to all the dimensions of unconsciousness and subconsciousness and even superconsciousness, or objective mystical awareness. Only by entering into that Radiant Transcendental Consciousness do we realize ecstasy, or self-transcendence, or the transcendence of the body-mind. Only by naturally existing in that Divine or Transcendental Consciousness do we enjoy a right relationship, a lawful and natural relationship, with the body-mind and its relations.

This process is entirely dependent on the process of descent or receptivity. How much you release through exhalation along the spinal line depends on how much you receive via the frontal line. We must enjoy the capacity to be free of limits or modifications on that Force. We must conduct It in a full circle, so that attention is free, so that energy is free to locate stably, and stably abide in, the Transcendental Condition that is the Source of Nature. To do this you cannot merely exercise the Spirit-Force as a method. You must understand yourself. You must be responsible for the knots, mental, emotional, and physical.

The Knee of Listening – Chapter 19 – 2004 edition


The matter of the submission of ego or ‘personality’ or ‘mind’ of a practitioner’s gross body” and the total “frontal” personality to the heart-principle is clarified under the discussion on discriminative intelligence.


DEVOTEE: Beloved, we were “considering” discriminative intelligence, and I just never had heard quite so clearly Your description of the effect of Your Transmission, and the essential component of discriminative intelligence.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. If I Crash down through the top of your head, I am going to get there first, you see? [laughter] So how can you receive Me in this frontal Yoga without the awakening of discriminative intelligence and a will that can function on the basis of it?

DEVOTEE: I was reading one of Your Essays, Beloved, and You were saying that one of the signs of true hearing is the capacity for free functional attention.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. Because it is not bound in the rituals of self-contraction, you see? Attention is freed by this conscious process instead of being caught up in the mechanics of the body-mind.

The Knee of Listening – Chapter 19 – 2004 edition



Descending Force

There is an absolute, timeless, infinite, untouched, perfect realm, not describable, which is eternal. And you can call that heaven if you want. It is the God-world. Coming out of the God-world is the God-Light descending from it. – The Life of Understanding – Cosmos (Wk1)

The Cosmos

When does spiritual life get real? When the Spirit comes into the body and becomes part of the practice of spirit conductivity.

An aspect of Adi Da’s teaching that is sometimes reserved for ‘devotees’ is the yogic and esoteric or energetic transmission. This aspect is also referred to as the ‘secret’ of Adi Da’s transmission. It’s secret not because it’s kept apart from those who do not have the ‘need to know’ but because it is ‘private’ or non-social. It is ‘private’ to the individual experience of the body-mind. It is so ‘secret’ not even the one experiencing it can fully comprehend the descending transmission Adi Da refers to as the Thumbs. (see more below on the ‘Thumbs’)



A physical body represents the basic circuit of real form. Most important are the two primary entrances of force or consciousness. These are the navel region and the aperture at the top of the head. These are the primary centers of connection and turning of the current of existence.

The navel is the entrance of formal energy; the center where all descending energies are received. The aperture of the head is the entrance of consciousness or subtle force; the center where all ascending energies are received. At the aperture of the head the ascending energies are returned or turned to descent. At the base of the spine the descending energies are returned or turned to ascent.

The upper center represents that aspect we call consciousness. The lower center represents that aspect we call form, or extension.

The Circuit or process of reality involves many centers or formulations of the qualities in reality. Thus, we perceive the full circle or cycle of that form. But it is all in fact a process ultimately between the two primary poles, consciousness and form, represented in the region of the head’s aperture and the region at the base of the spine.

The process of existence is a kind of alchemy between these two primary aspects. They are simultaneous and continuous, but their conscious realization depends upon a subtle and direct understanding of their form at any moment. This understanding is symbolized and intuited indirectly in the expressions of traditional alchemy as well as all systems, occult, theological, religious, spiritual, philosophical, psychological, etc. But real understanding is a direct matter of present consciousness.

Sacrifice, Submission, and Surrender

Many people read and think about spiritual teachings and their minds prattle the traditional ideas to the point that they think they are already Enlightened. Yet they have never become the bodily Sacrifice that is essential for this Realization. Enlightenment, or the Realization of God, is not just a conceptual understanding.



My Transmission does not work to produce evolutionary effects, but Shines from the Heart and attracts energy and attention to be focused at that point of Origin.


Three Hearts

The region of the left side of the heart is the station of the waking state, and bodily experience. The middle station of the heart is the station of the dreaming state, and all that is the deeper psyche or subtle and higher mind. The right side of the heart is the base of the state of deep sleep, and the presumption of an individual separate conscious self. Each of the stations of the heart is, of course, associated with the seven stages of life, as well as the vertical dimension of the body-mind. The left side of the heart is associated with the first three stages of life, and the “general” and “basic” contexts of the fourth stage of life, and thus the descending or frontal line of the body-mind. The left side of the heart is associated with the physical heart itself.

The middle station of the heart is associated with what is often known as the heart “chakra” (or “wheel”), a center of energy in the subtle dimension. The middle station of the heart is linked with the ascending fourth and fifth stage of life, in the spinal line.

The right side of the heart is the seat of the separate conscious self. In the sixth stage of life, the right side of the heart becomes awakened as the root-origin of attention, and the seat of the Witness-Position of Consciousness. As has been described, at the culmination of the ascending process, the Spirit-Energy “falls”, or comes to rest, in the right side of the heart.

It is in the seventh stage of life that the Spirit-Current rises again in the “regeneration” of Amrita Nadi, from the right side of the heart to the matrix above the head. In this process, the body itself is infused with the Divine Spirit-Current in the Circle of the body-mind. Thus, the heart on the right remains always as the “foot” of the “organ” of Divine Self-Realization that is “Amrita Nadi”.



Yogic Body

The effects of My Transmission may be felt in the body and so forth, and in the subtle mind and whatnot, sometimes. But I work Spiritually to bring the devotee to My Self, to the Divine Domain, and therefore to the “Perfect Practice”. So this is how My Transmission works. The other possibilities within the Cosmic Play itself are not the work of My Spiritual Transmission, they are preparatory.

My Teaching-Instruction has always been as It is now: the present-time transcending of egoity itself and of seeking—through whole bodily devotional recognition-response to Me, whole bodily devotional turning to Me, and “radical” (or always “at-the-root”) “self”-understanding. There is a basic ground of necessary preparation associated with everything that must precede the “Perfect Practice”—but the preparatory dimension of the total practice is not, in and of itself, to become forever prolonged, such that what is merely preparatory becomes a separate and never-ending way of life.

In order to confront Reality directly one must stand prior to mind, prior to the self-contraction. Therefore, this is the most fundamental capacity to which we must re-awaken. The basic Arguments of the Teaching, which are my basic service to you, develop this capacity. When this capacity develops, then Spiritual Transmission is the next form of my service to you. When this capacity awakens and Spiritual Transmission is received, then my next gift to you is all of the aspects of practice whereby you express this understanding, this surrender, your Communion with Reality. The practice is founded, in other words, on prior hearing and then seeing, and without these two steps the various practices are of no ultimate use. People can take on these practices to improve their lives, but that improvement is not associated with Enlightenment.




Shakti and Hridaya

Shakti or the Feminine Principle plays a major role in the sadhana and Revelation of Adi Da Samraj.3

It is important to fully understand the play of energy and its relationship to Consciousness – and what Adi Da’s teaching about this play is all about. In fact it would be impossible to comprehend – fully – the teaching of Adi Da or any other spiritual teacher for that matter without fully understanding the feminine aspects of their teachings.

In Sanskrit, “shaktipat” means the “descent of Divine Power”, indicating the Sat-Gurus Transmission of the Kundalini Shakti to his or her devotee. “Hridaya-Shaktipat”, which is Avatar Adi Da’s seventh stage Gift to His devotees, is “the Blessing-Transmission of the Divine Heart Itself”.

Shaktipat is experientially associated with the Awakening of the Life-Current in the spinal line. Aspirants in the Hindu traditions of the fifth stage are thus devoted to a process of strategically raising the Current to dissociate from existence in this world. Such an orientation, common to the conventions of Hinduism, is not really part of a tradition that acknowledges the Divine Spirit fully. It views the individual self as a spiritual being behind the body-mind and separable from it. It conceives of God as the Being that Pervades the world and is separate from it, ultimately to be Located elsewhere. Thus, the conventional orientation to Spirit-Baptism or the Shaktipat of the traditions is generally ego-based and dissociative.

The Sanskrit word “Hridaya” means “heart”. “Hrid” means “that which attracts into itself everything finally.” “Ayam” means “this”. The entire word “Hridayam” therefore means “that into which all things subside at the end” – “the Heart Itself”.

“Shakti” is a Sanskrit term for the Divine Manifesting as Energy. Hridaya-Shakti is Given and Transmitted by Avatar Adi Da Samraj.



The Gift of Hridaya-Shakti

(With excerpts from “The Seed I Made at the Vedanta Temple Must Flower in the World by Carolyn Lee.)

The great Means by which Adi Da Samraj is silently bringing about this miracle of the attraction of all beings to Himself is His Great Heart-Blessing, which He Calls Hridaya-Shakti, or Hridaya-Shaktipat. “Hridayam”, or “Sri Hridayam” – “Bright Heart” is his name for the Divine Person and Self-Condition that he reveals and is. His Hridaya-Shaktipat, therefore, is the Transmitted Blessing of the Very Divine, Infinitely Transcending the power of yogic shaktipat that awakens the Kundalini Shakti and the “tour” of the higher processes of the human body-mind.



I Am (By All My Avataric Means) Spiritually Present – Divinely Blessing all and-All By My Mere (and Always Blessing) Spiritual Presence. My Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine Blessing-Work Is The Spiritual Transmission-Work (or Giving-Work) Of Hridaya (or Sri Hridayam) – The Divine Heart (Itself) – Sutra 17 – The Dawn Horse Testament.



Adi Da’s awakening was a unique moment, prepared and prefigured in mysterious ways that we have only the slightest conception of. The Husbanding of the Shakti was a Divine and human Event that Empowered not only the Re-Awakening of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda but the potential Liberation of every being that submits to Him as Guru. That Event made Him the “Param Guru”, or “Supreme Guru” of His own lineage of Gurus, and even of the entire Great Tradition of human Spiritual endeavor. And this because the traditional Spiritual problem of energy versus consciousness and the deluding, distracting aspects of the Shakti have literally been resolved and transformed in His Living Being. As He once described it:

I entered into the God-State via the Goddess. This is the characteristic aspect of My Sadhana. And, having Identified with the Source, I am your means of Realization. I stand in place surrounded by the circle of the Spirit Power. My devotees do not practice the way of submission to the Goddess, because I am the Goddess. I have been a devotee of the Goddess to the point of Realization.

The Shakti that Adi Da Samraj has Husbanded, the Shaktipat He now Transmits as Perfect Divine Blessing, does not hold His devotee to any conditional experience, although many different bodily effects of His Transmission may at times arise.



My Avatarically-Born Bodily (Human) Divine Form Is The Most Perfectly Self-Revealing Heart-Agent (or Heart-Manifestation and Heart-Sign) Of The Spiritual (or Blessing, Baptizing, and Awakening) Ruchira-Shaktipat-Work Of My Own Divinely “Husbanded” Maha-Shakti (or Divine Spiritual “Brightness”).The Shakti – Her ‘part’ in the play and Revelation of Adi Da Samraj





My special Presence, or Shakti, does not move. It is Infinitely Radiant, but without motion, without opposites, absolute. It is the Hridaya-Shakti, not merely the Cosmic Force in the midst of duality when felt in the body. Not the Kundalini or Cosmic Shakti merely, or exclusively. Hridaya-Shakti is there in its unqualified Fullness in the Well.

My Presence, or Shakti, is the Outshining of phenomena, the Outshining of the process of attention. Then there is no migration, because the process of attention4 no longer springs forth spontaneously. Rather, attention is infinitely extended, fulfilled in the Transcendental Being, so My Presence, or Shakti, does not move to a higher world or a lower world. It does not go anywhere. It simply is what it is. It simply is the Reality, the Fullness of the Divine. There is no question of migration, therefore, from that “point of view.”

It is only in the body-mind that it moves and takes on all the forms of appearance made of dualities, bewildering altogether when entered into in itself. But its nature is utterly clear in the Ultimate Awakening.

We must all acknowledge our inherent Unity with the Paradoxical Reality and Process, and, therefore, we must all surrender into the Living Reality, which never begins or ends, and which sustains all that exists, and which is ultimately beyond all knowledge (and, thus, is Transcendental). It is very paradoxical.

Although ascending experiences in the spinal line and in the higher centers are possible and very likely in the Way of the Heart, most fundamentally My Liberating Spiritual Baptism occurs in the frontal line, to the toes. As I have told you, My own Divine Emergence is Manifesting. I said in The Dawn Horse Testament that apart from those who are so possessed by the ascending possibility and frame of mind, the Spiritual process of the Way of the Heart may move — will likely move, once the frontal course is fulfilled in the fourth stage of life – directly to the “Perfect Practice”.





Perfect Practice

In the fourth stage of life there is a shift from being identified with attention to focusing on attention itself. This is not a study or something learned, it is something that happens, literally.

Anything that arises, arises in Consciousness and that is where you are. That is what you are. You have yet to realize altogether what it is but it is clear that that is the position of every moment of experience. Every moment becomes meditation, but you are still “pressing your face into the glass, looking into a house, never fully, profoundly identified”. Realizing the Witness is just the beginning (of the Perfect Practice). This is when you drop back, not attached through the mechanism of attention. Then enter deeply into the Well, into the depth. That is the nature of the Spiritual Process. More: The Perfect Practice



My Descent – The Beginning, the Middle, and the End

My avataric Divine spiritual descent is the secret of my early life. My avataric Divine spiritual descent is the secret of my avataric Divine self-“emergence” within the cosmic domain. My avataric Divine spiritual descent is the secret of all the secrets of the Divine and complete and thoroughly devotional way of practice and realization in my company.

I am not here to support the search. The search would go up to find God, Reality, and Truth. It is one of the means for pursuing the Divine. I am here. I Give you the Divine Blessing, “God with you”. The Spiritual course of the Way of the Heart, then, has nothing to do with the search. It is a matter of your Communing with Me, responsible for the self-contraction, so that My Descent Appears here Spiritually and may be experienced by you thoroughly, Crashing Down on you.

The Spiritual course in My Company does not begin at the base of the spine. It begins above the head. I bring My Force down. I Am Descending here, Appearing here. That is the most right and direct course of the Way of the Heart. It has nothing to do with what is traditionally regarded to be the Kundalini Yoga, nothing whatsoever.

The Kundalini, or ascending, Yoga is part of the conventional search. It is ego-based. It is evolutionary only. It has nothing to do with the Great Enlightenment process, which is a Spiritual process of a totally other kind. “Shaktipat” means “the descent of the Divine Force”. It does not mean the ascent of It. The pursuit of the ascent of energy is a search, ego-based.





The Thumbs

The “Thumbs” is my submission. The “Thumbs” is also the Divine process by which I liberate conditionally manifested beings. The “Thumbs” is the process, tangibly occurring in the context of the body-mind of my devotees.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Event of the “Thumbs” is an Intense Invasion of the frontal line by My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Force of Love-Bliss, Beginning at the crown of the head, and Descending into the lower vital region, to the bodily base.

The Pressure (or Invasive Force) of This Event may be rather (and even Happily) Overwhelming—and It must be allowed.

At last, it is not possible (nor would you wish) to defend your psycho-physical “self” against This Invading Pressure of My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Descent.

It feels like a solid and yet fluid mass of Force, like a large hand all made of thumbs—Pressing Down from Infinitely Above the mind and the crown of the head, and via the crown of the head, Engorging the total head (and the throat), and (Thus and Thereby) Penetrating and Vanishing the entire mind, and Vastly Opening the emotional core, and (Altogether) In-Filling the total physical body.

This simple (and most basic) form of the “Thumbs” is a necessary (although, at first, only occasional) “Experience” associated with the tangible “Locating” and “Knowing” of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spirit-Baptism.



The Thumbs or the descending transmission (not to be associated with the kundalini process) truly begins in the context of the fourth stage of life where ‘hearing’ has been awakened and the capacity for transcendence established. The reception of the descending force is what Adi Da calls the ‘Divine Yoga’. It is a sense of being ‘invaded’ or ‘entered into’, bodily down the front of the body… “Where you stand, where you sit, where you walk, where you live and breathe, where you function”. It is not so much a matter of you receiving it but of releasing any sense of a receptacle, any difference between the transmission and one who is resisting or receiving. The physical body bears the signs and functions of the form of reality. Just so does every other body in every realm.



There is no purification that must occur in ascent. It can all occur by receiving Me in descent. My Descent purifies all the chakras, all the vehicles, all the mechanics, all aspects of the conditional personality. It is not sufficient, however, merely to receive Me Spiritually frontally—that is a fourth stage Yoga. But the frontal Yoga in the fourth stage of life is sufficient foundation for the “Perfect Practice” in My Company. The “Perfect Practice” is the ultimate dimension of the practice in My Company, but from the beginning, practice of the Way of the Heart is about My Being Present here and Blessing you Perfectly so that you are not seeking God but you are in My Company, you are in God-Communion.

The first three stages of life are not a hellish domain into which we should not have been born to begin with. They are stages for preparing the vehicle of descent so that it can conduct the Living Force. They prepare us with a will, free of limitations of mind, to concentrate this Force, receive It from above the head, concentrate It in the body, let It pass through a full feeling vehicle with no impediment, a body that is healthy and fully able to function in all kinds of ways.



DEVOTEE: It seemed like my question was if “the Thumbs”, the Samadhi of “the Thumbs”, is primarily the Samadhi of Your Assumption of the body-mind, the body-mind of Your devotee, and only secondarily Yogic in nature.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Right. it is My Invasion of you, not merely you lining up the body somehow with a technique. I have Described it as a kind of Crashing Down. In other words, not about coddling egoity, but Shining Me through it. Undoing it. It is a process of purification.

So it is by actually receiving Me, recognizing Me As I Am, Spiritually, and seeing Me Work, noticing My Work Spiritually in the body, and so on. You have no doubt it is Me! it is not like anything else, and it is not something that was your usual experience and you renamed it Me. it’s as obviously Me as My Body must be familiar to you by now, or My face.

So it is an Invasion. It comes from without. it is not something inside you. But then, having Entered, the total body-mind becoming conformed to the Divine Infusion, then it is not something outside anymore. The only reason it appeared to be outside anyway is because of self-contraction, locking it out.

So when you are Spiritually prepared, your first experience of Me is a sensitivity to the feeling of My Energy all over your head, a pressure in your head. The Yoga, then, is about allowing Me to come down so that I Invade you totally — from above the crown, all through the body, to the base of the toes, thoroughly—you practicing ego-transcendence as you realized you could do in the listening-hearing process. Having come to that point of responsibility, you can allow Me to Descend. You can Commune with Me and feel Me thoroughly. And I come down into the body utterly, purifying the entire vehicle down to the toes, so that the egoic body-mind is no longer an impediment.



See full study of ‘Thumbs’ (Sutra 45 – The Dawn Horse Testament, 2004)





The Bright

The “Bright” and the “Thumbs” are the principal great signs that are uniquely my own avataric Divine spiritual characteristics. The “Bright” and the “Thumbs” is a process, an event, and a state that has been known to me since my avataric birth. Only I am the avataric Divine realizer, the avataric Divine revealer, and the avataric Divine self-revelation of the “Bright”, the true and completely self-revealed Divine person – shining forth at the heart, and crashing down. Therefore, the principal impulse of even my early life was my intention to descend.



DEVOTEE: This Gift of “the Thumbs” that we have received is Your Grace.


DEVOTEE: And it has never been done before.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No. The Blessing of the “Bright” fully Manifested throughout the conditional domain is My unique Sign. “The Thumbs” is an extension of It.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, this Samadhi of “the Thumbs” could not occur until the Divine had Manifested Most Perfectly in human Form. It was not a possibility before the Divine Descent.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No. It could not occur before. People have experienced various forms of what is called “Spiritual descent”, but not “the Thumbs”, not the full Divine Disclosure.

DEVOTEE: The Divine Descent is not about the Circle of the body-mind, but about the Divine Pressing down…

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Imposing.

DEVOTEE: Yes, imposing, and then taking over the Yogic process of submission to the Divine.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: My devotees do not experience “the Thumbs”, or My fullest Manifestation, merely by experiencing natural energies coursing down and around the body, not even by merely experiencing My Spiritual Presence somehow or other felt in the body – but only by that submission, utterly discarded in My Presence to the point of Awakening to the Witness-Position. In that case, the transition can be made from maturity in the third developmental stage of the Way of the Heart directly to the sixth developmental stage. If one’s Realization is merely a matter of energies or My Presence somehow felt in the frontal line, the true Awakening cannot occur that early. Then the Yoga must continue into the fourth developmental stage of the Way of the Heart, perhaps even into the fifth developmental stage.

Because of the Nature of My Work and Influence in the lives of My devotees, it is eminently possible. If the frontal Yoga I have given you is truly done—in the general case it is most likely for the transition to be made to the Perfect Practice at maturity in the third developmental stage of the Way of the Heart.

See full study of ‘Bright’





Energy and Blessing Power

The great esoteric matter (the great Blessing of Realizers, to one or another degree) of God, Truth, or Reality has traditionally been denied to ordinary people and given only to thoroughly tested renunciates. And you all think, because you read books and live in this egalitarian world where people are supposed to get whatever they like, that you can get this, too, without price, that there are no obligations, and that religion and all its blessings are just here for your amusement, for your consolation – a little touch-base for you while you otherwise indulge yourself in egoic worldliness. It is just not so. This is not how it works.

Spiritual Blessing is for renunciates. It is for those who are prepared. It is for mature people who have gotten the lesson of life. I am here to Baptize, to Bless, Spiritually, and to Awaken beings Ultimately, and not to suffer this struggle with ordinary, unprepared people who will not receive Me. I have done enough of that struggle to the point of Giving you complete, thorough, absolutely tested, and in every detail manifested Wisdom relative to every aspect of the beginnings of the Way of the Heart, and everything from there on. So you must deal with the beginnings.



DEVOTEE: Beloved, this definitely points to the Function that You have as a Realizer, having entered into this plane, and also the function even a very small group of Agents, or those who are practicing at the most advanced level, can have in the totality of all of this. Just as a plant can feel something in the next room, it certainly can also feel the Divine Influence in this world.

HEART-MASTER DA: This should tell you something about the nature of the Siddhi of Perfect Realization. It is a Transmission. Just as even every ego, every entity, transmits modifications of force, so the Realizer makes a greater Transmission, even prior to modifications, which may be experienced as a variety of modifications at the level of the individual perceiver. You must understand the Realizer as a unique Function in the whole of Nature, and standing even prior to it. A Great Principle, a Great Force, a Great Influence, a Great Awakening Power is manifested as the Realizer. It should be understood as such.

Anyone can be in the same room with me, presuming they’re allowed into the house. But, it is only by means of hearing and practicing that you can enter into My Spiritual Company, that you can enter into the sphere of this transmission. And it is only by continuing to practice, and to practice in the most profound sense, that this transmission can be effective, can truly become purification, balancing, and the freeing of energy and attention.

So there are not only physical sensations, there are movements in the feeling, emotion, and in mind. Things have to be purified, released, changes have to be made – or it may become uncomfortable, or more uncomfortable, or the discomfort already there may continue, you see. You have to deal with these things so that the purification can take place, and I can pass further.

Then you must preserve My Presence in your awareness by right practice, always releasing the self-knot and thereby all of the accompanying knots, all the knots in the body-mind: given to be purified by My Invasion.





Energy, Consciousness and Purification

You described a state of existence in which there are basically two fundamental quantities or categories. The one is yourself as awareness of whatever may be arising, and the other is everything else, everything that consciousness is aware of. And everything that consciousness is aware of ultimately amounts to energy Itself.

When you die, you are going to be submitting to energy. When the body is going through its agonies, it is going to be full of energy. So to call God “energy” or to call “religion” surrender to “energy” is not to put yourself in touch with anything ultimately profound. It is just another way of describing things as they are. And, therefore, merely to submit to energy is to continue to live as you already were living. It does not ultimately change anything.

You are just submitting yourself to energy. The primary error of human beings is that they get deluded by their own energies. They submit consciousness to energy. They have this idea that energy and consciousness are the same thing, perhaps. But basically their lives involve submitting themselves as consciousness to energy, to motion, to impulses, instead of realizing what consciousness itself is – and perhaps finding energy to be the same thing, ultimately.

Until there is this identification with consciousness, and until the status of consciousness is Realized, this conception that consciousness and energy are the same is false. It is like the conception that “Nirvana and samsara are the same”. It is an error. It is only an idea you have, It is not something that you really have experienced, by your own description. You are not aware that energy and consciousness are the same. You are always consciously aware of energy. You are aware of energy and consciousness, in other words, as being different. One is the subject and the other is the object. And that is how it is.

The submission to energy is just exactly what the ego is doing all the time. The ego is deluded by energy. It is bound up in these motions. It is failing to contemplate its own ultimate Condition. It is failing to contemplate Consciousness itself. It is, without knowing what consciousness is, simply submitting consciousness to the play of energies. There is nothing enlightening about this activity. It is illusion.

At this present moment, energy and consciousness are not the same for you. Likewise, Nirvana and samsara are not the same until Nirvana is Realized, until the Transcendental Condition is Realized. Phenomenal existence is samsaric, deluding, binding. It is not Nirvana, Blissful, Free, Happy, and non-binding.

The spiritual process that I consider with you is ultimately a matter of identifying with consciousness and realizing its Status, so that, having realized that, the objective states of existence, or all the forms of energy, may become recognizable not merely as energy but as Consciousness.

But the process whereby that occurs is purifying and transformative. The word “alchemical” can be used for it, such that it changes this grossness to which you have been habituated in your self-possessed egoity, makes it into a different element, a transformed manifestation. Like the process whereby the traditional Yogic alchemists change ordinary mercury into gold.





This is a Yogic process that is sometimes called an alchemical process. In other words, it deals with the traditional elements of conditional manifestation. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, infinite space beyond that. It transforms point of view. It transforms even the physical. The point of view moves from that of organism in the beginning stages to that of the Spiritual Reality.

This is what is traditionally called not only a Yogic process, but an alchemical process. That is another word given for it. It is an infusion of the body-mind. If the body-mind is given up to Me, it transforms the sublimed elements and releases the point of view from grossness through subtlety, but to Ultimate profundity of identification with Me rather than with conditional existence—gross, subtle, causal.

So there is an Infusion of My Grace in the Spiritual stages that is a secondary and supportive aspect of the Yoga in those stages. You must receive Me in the body, then, in the Spiritual stages, as a secondary and supportive matter, and allow the Force of My Presence to not only Purify the body-mind, but to Infuse it, to Expand within it.

It begins with basic understanding, or insight into the self, and then becomes surrender and self-transcendence. But it is not merely a process of submitting to energy.

You falsify the point of view of this Teaching. I have never communicated a way that is merely about submitting to Energy. Absolutely to the contrary: If anybody has insistently communicated a Way that is not about submission to Energy, I am the one.

“Everything is just energy” is common knowledge. This is conventional knowledge. Everybody already knew it before. It is just been translated into another kind of language, scientific language. But everybody has already known that everything is Energy. There is never been any doubt about this. It has been known since ancient times. Everybody knows it instinctively. Everybody is basically just submitting to Energy. They can’t help themselves. Energy is happening to them, Energy is controlling them. Energy is Prakriti, Maha-Shakti, Nature. You could also call it, in its deluding aspect, the Devil.

There is something pleasurable in submitting to energy. After all, that is what we are doing when we are enjoying sex or food. Anything we enjoy is a pleasurable association with energy. But likewise, everything we do not enjoy is an unpleasant association with energy. We are all the time submitting ourselves to energy and getting involved in circumstances of energy. There is nothing particularly illuminating or Enlightening about such submission in and of itself.

Energies appear everywhere. Ultimately all of our experience is an experience of Energy. Everything is Energy. Everything is pervaded by Energy and in some real sense everything is just a form of plain old Energy. This is not only a metaphysical proposition or a mystical proposition. It is a scientific presumption that everything is a state of Energy, a state of light. But to know this or to believe this or even to experience this is not Enlightening. Merely to submit to energy is not to be Enlightened.

Therefore, the Way that I consider with people is not a way of merely submitting to experience, or energy. It is not a matter of submitting to the kundalini force or any expression of energy. It is not a matter of submitting to life and experience itself. The Way that I consider with people is the Way of understanding what we are doing so that we can transcend this bondage.

Everybody is possessed by energy. Some people are pleasurably possessed, other people are painfully possessed, and most people are a combination of the two. Nobody is absolutely pleasurably possessed unless they are also ultimately Enlightened. But even then they suffer all kinds of limitations, no doubt.

The first five stages of life all represent one or another kind of false submission to energy, or one or another kind of illusion based on submission to energy. Therefore, I consider existence with you in another light, or from another point of view. And that point of view is also suggested by your own description.

To submit to energy is therefore not Enlightening. To submit to energy or to make a religion out of submitting to Energy is just to do the same thing everybody is already doing. Everybody is submitting to energy already. Some people may find a way of contacting certain kinds of energy that make their lives a little bit more consoling, perhaps, than somebody else’s.

Spiritual life does not begin until the purification of the base of egoity, or irresponsibility relative to the life-signs, is complete. This purification must be realized first. If not, it does not make any difference how many Spiritual experiences you have. They cannot be effective in any great sense, and all you will do is delude yourself with them, as you now delude yourself with your ordinary life-experience.

So there are all these energy things in the body that can be felt, but the in-depth part is just as fundamental, coincident with it. You have to deal with all the parts of it that are Revealed. So, you will not allow the Invasion fully, you will not open up there, unless you change a number of things, including your receptivity altogether and your Contemplation of Me directly.

You cannot hold, receive, use Spiritual Blessing if you have not responsibly handled the business of this bodily vehicle, which heretofore you have devoted to worldly life, or the stresses and unfinished business of the first three stages of life.






Adi Da Samraj: It is typical of My devotees that they think that they should be vehicles of Spiritual experiences before they are even the slightest bit prepared in ordinary human terms. While still egoically “self-possessed” (or self-absorbed), they expect Spiritual experiences from Me. And in their egoity, they treat experiences that may arise in My physical Company like incidental amusements they can discard in their next moment of distraction or life-difficulty.

The most direct Transmission is really usable only by people who are prepared, people who can make use of the Siddhi of mere Presence, who are not confined to Agencies.

The human body must become a Yogic body in the Spiritual stages of this Way. It must be confined to Me, given utterly over to Me. It lets you experience this Transfusion, this Transmission of My Very Person, even in the physical — and a release from the organism point of view into the Spiritual point of view, such that every moment you are breathing Me thick. You can feel Me any moment — just Me. And also in the body, prepared, breathing Me, feeling the thickness of space, the rush of My Force of Presence every moment. So you can cycle this thing and be constantly full, constantly magnetized by My Force of Presence.

And that combination with Me does purify the body-mind if you prepare yourself rightly for it — through all your disciplines and through hearing Me. But then, in My Company, Spiritually Communing with Me, moving beyond all limitations toward Ultimate Realization, there is also this secondary supportive process in which My Force of “Brightness” fills this tube, this Circuit. That is why there are all these potential Spiritual experiences which I have summarized in The Dawn Horse Testament.

So it is the deeper aspects, the subtler aspects, of the patterning that you were previously observing more grossly – it is at that deeper level that it becomes purified, by you cooperating with Me. If you feel Me, if you open to Me – there is some constriction, some whatever, something that has to be opened, and suddenly you experience various emotions about it or dreams or some thoughts, something not right, something that is preventing this opening, this Invasion, so that to be purified you have got to change your act, you have got to do something or other – there are many levels to it. But it is about being sensitive to Me Spiritually, cooperating with My Invasion and noticing what it is you have to do to be fully receptive, fully given over to Me.

There are all kinds of potentials in the Way of the Heart in terms of experience, because of the karmic structuring of beings. But overall, stated most simply, once there is the foundation of most fundamental self-understanding, or true hearing, right preparation, the Way of the Heart is enduring the crashing down of My Grace, the overwhelming Intrusion of My Divine Blessing. That Grace is Who I Am. That Blessing is what I Do, to the point of the death of the ego.





Hearing and Self-Understanding

Self-understanding prepares you for My Spirit-Baptism. Without Spirit-Baptism there is no Spiritual life. Therefore, you who are so egoically “self-possessed” must understand that the essence of My Wisdom-Teaching is My Heart-Transmission. My Spiritual Transmission Intoxicates you, but if you have not first understood yourself most fundamentally, you cannot use It. You will shut It down.

It is not just a matter of working on yourself to open it up. It is a matter of simply being given to Me through the exercise of hearing and seeing, by attraction, by simply breathing Me rather than working on yourself, you see. Working on yourself is the self-knot in action again. It is cooperating with Me, given over to Me, breathing Me – that’s what these Spiritual stages are about.

Hearing is necessary for real Spiritual life, for the Divine Yoga. Hearing is necessary, you see. Hearing is not necessary to indulge yourself in the advanced stages of life up to the sixth, the ultimate form that is in the sixth stage form. These are evolutionary stages of the psycho-biography of the ego. This is what I keep telling you all. That is not true Yoga. That is not God-Realization. It is indulgence in the self-contraction refined stage by stage to the sixth. Even then, if there is to be Divine Realization, that separateness must be intruded upon. Commonly it is not done.

Hearing is a profound necessary dimension of the process of this Way. The process is devotional and spiritual in nature, not philosophically determined, not caused by thoughts, not caused by words of instruction or explanation. So My Words to you are guidance which you must embrace based on your tacit recognition of Me, of My State of Person, but that is the means – that turning to Me, recognized, that turns the faculties from the contracted inwardness or egoic self-reference and person in the egoic sense. And this becomes surrender in communion with Me such that you are able to receive My direct Spiritual Transmission of this Very State. And it is not that you are to become philosophically convinced of the argument and that philosophical conviction becomes the method or the realization.

It is necessary for the individual to hear or understand this Teaching and to develop the various practices associated with the general exercises of conductivity and the Conscious Process. We should regard these to be simply the means whereby the individual enters into Communion with his or her own Help. It is that Help, that Transcendental Transmission, that permits conductivity and the Conscious Process to be fruitful.

Therefore, you are not prepared for true Spiritual practice until you have first used My Teaching-Revelation to the point of most fundamental self-understanding. Then you can receive My Spiritual Baptism, and you will practice Communion with this Transmitted Sublimity from moment to moment. That is the Way of Adidam. Then you will change your entire life.

Therefore, the Way must be founded in the radical disposition of understanding. The understanding and transcendence of the self-contraction, or the pattern of Narcissus, is the basis of our Way – and it is an expression of the wisdom of the seventh stage. By practicing on the basis of that disposition, you overcome the limitations, the motivations, the seeking, the conditional orientation of the first six stages of life, even as the phenomena associated with those stages arise as states of mind and experience.





Emotional Conversion

The real beginnings of the Way of the Heart are about a conversion of life, beginning with handling life-business, setting it straight, understanding yourself most fundamentally. Another way of describing that process is that it is a matter of coming to terms with your life of seeking, or, in other words, your effort to avoid death. In some fundamental sense, then, true hearing is the acceptance of life as the death process, so the body and the mind and the self-knot itself have voluntarily submitted to Divine Communion. You are equipped, then, to allow the Descent of the Divine Force and your submission to It, so that all the manifested personality gives way, is dissolved.

To submit and receive the Spirit-Force you must breathe It, inhale It and receive It through the frontal mechanism. The capacity to receive the Spirit-Force through the frontal line through inhalation is not only a matter of breathing, but it is a matter of learning how to open the mechanisms of the frontal line so that they will not chronically contract. If this capacity is not developed, then the exercise of release of the Spirit-Current or the Life-Force, from the base of the body upward via the spinal line, will weaken and delude you and will be at most only a weak exercise.

My frontal Yoga is not merely about openings in the body, experiences in the body-mind, feeling energies in the body. It is about submitting to My Spiritual Force in the context of the entire body-mind, submitting the entire body-mind, so that the self-contraction in that form is utterly given up and replaced by the Divine Presence, the Divine Consciousness.

Therefore, the frontal personality associated with the body must be submitted into the Spirit-Current until the Spirit-Current stabilizes at the heart. If you truly hear and see me, this practice associated with the frontal personality will not occupy you for a great long time. You ought to be able to make this evolutionary transition in a reasonably short period of time if you are truly serious.

Reception is NOT true until There is EVIDENCE of Emotional Conversion to Heart-Devotion. The Reception Of My Spirit-Baptism May Be Associated with Various phenomenal Signs Indicating The Invasion Of the body-mind By The Love-Blissful Spirit-Current Of Divine Life, but These Signs Are Not Indicators Of True Spirit-Baptism Until There Is Evidence Of True and Fundamental emotional Conversion To Heart-Devotion To My Personal Spirit-Presence.

Until Such Conversion, phenomenal Signs Of Spirit-Energy-Reception Are Merely Indicators Of A More Exotic or Esoteric Form Of self-pleasuring.





Conversion – Conduct and Conserve – To Allow The Heart to Reveal

Therefore, when you are baptized by and in and to my avatarically self-transmitted Divine spiritual presence and person, and when you are converted at heart by my avatarically self-transmitted spiritual Divine presence – you must conduct and conserve my avatarically self-transmitted Divine spirit-power, by transcending every tendency to reverse the downward flow in the frontal line and the upward flow in the spinal line. In this manner, you must overcome and transcend every tendency to obstruct or weaken the flow of my avatarically self-transmitted Divine spirit-energy, as well as every tendency to break the circle at any point. Thus, you must be carried through the circle by the living flow of my avatarically self-transmitted Divine spirit-presence – and you must allow my avatarically self-transmitted Divine spirit-current to find its way to my divine self-heart.

The Bodily Current of the All-Pervading Life, or the true Breath of Life in the body, which circulates in the body via the spinal line, becomes naturally and spontaneously polarized toward the higher brain, the brahmarandhra, the crown of the body. Therefore, the Current flows in the direction, or disposition of prior transcendence of bodily and mental experience, rather than toward the generation and exploitation of bodily and mental experience, extended from crown to toe. In this manner, the mind, or the play of attention, is transcended at the heart, and the sensory body is constantly yielded into the internal Life-Current, which breaks through the upper limits of the brain and merges with the All-Pervading Radiance of the Divine Person. Therefore, at death, all the coverings of the soul are utterly dissolved in the Transcendental Heart, wherein the body-mind appears and disappears. One who thus renounces the body-mind no longer separately appears in any dimension of the Realm of Nature, the experiential Realm of Changes.

When I am revealed as the inherently egoless Heart itself, you must allow me to reveal the eternal freedom, and the boundless “Bright” sphere and space, of my Divine self-domain – which is the eternal condition of my avatarically self-revealed person, beyond the cosmic mandala, in the “Midnight Sun” of Only One.





Conductivity and the Conscious Process

That whole affair of practice, which ultimately becomes awakening, is what I call the Conscious Process. The Conscious Process cannot be reduced to exercises that go under the name of the conscious process. The Conscious Process is really the entire Way, including the secondary means.

The Conscious Process in the Way of the Heart is not the whole but a part of the total affair of practice, which involves the transcendence of ego, or conditional attention.

I have tried to make clear that conductivity, the practice of equanimity, and all the life disciplines are basic practices. They are expressions of the point of view of understanding, and by application to these disciplines, energy and attention are released for the conscious process or the ultimate process of Realization. But this is not a Way of conductivity, not a conventional Spirit religion. It is not a fourth or a fifth stage practice. – “I” Is the Body of Life, pp 48-49, 1981

The whole purpose of the Conscious Process and Spiritual “conductivity” is purification from egoic bondage so that the living being is free to enter into the Divine Self-Domain. The ascending search is founded in conditional Nature. It is the manipulation of the nervous system and mostly of the natural energies of the body-mind—it is not even My great Spiritual Baptism. It is the manipulation of energy, via the nervous system, to blank out conditional experience. It is a search for God. The Liberating process is based on the Divine Blessing, Communion with God, not the search for God. Therefore, the true and ultimate process is reception of the Divine in descent.

If you do not found yourself in this radical disposition, then the practice of the disciplines associated with conductivity, or the maintenance of equanimity, are transformed by your conventional disposition into forms of seeking, forms of the conventional exercise of energy and attention. Everything is transformed by the unenlightened mind into itself, just as you would describe. everything is bluish if you put on blue glasses.

There is a dimension of meditative practice that may involve bodily submission into the Life-Current in a particular form but that is only a secondary aspect of the process. That is what I call conductivity. The fundamental process is the Conscious Process, a process in consciousness.

This primary matter is this Spiritual recognition and Communion with Me, to be Drawn beyond the body-mind into the circumstance of the Heart. But the secondary Yoga, like “conductivity”, which is supportive, is essential. In the Spiritual stages it is not merely a matter of natural energy being conducted. It is about My own Force of Presence being conducted.

In the exercises of conductivity we are helping to liberate attention for the process of real meditation. Real meditation involves the conscious process.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The real process requires that it be Spiritual in nature. Both the “conscious process” and “conductivity” are involved, then, you see – attention, but also energy.

So all those Spiritual events that you like to have happen are just the way My Force gets modified in your shape, showing things to you and requiring you to change this and that, or open up, or whatever is necessary. The signs do not appear for their own sake. They are not the goal in any sense at all. They are just what happens, as I Move there. And purifications take place, and the modifications arise to the view somehow, if true, you see?





The Circle and Arrow

The total human body – with its dimensions of gross, subtle, and causal – must become round. The total human body does not merely have a circular path within itself. In truth, the total human body is a sphere – and, in its perfect balance, it has no “up” or “down”, no “in” or “out”, no central point and no bounds. When my avatarically self-transmitted Divine spirit-current descends fully down the front of the total human body, and also rises up the back of the total human body, such that the “Thumbs” achieves an equalization of spirit-force, down in front and up in back – then the circle becomes an equanimity, a conscious sphere of tangible “energy”.

In the only-by-me revealed and given realization of the sphere of “the Thumbs”, the arrow is the boundless vertical axis, and the heart on the right is the free standing “center”. The upper terminal of Amrita Nadi is at the “north”. The “north” is not a boundary – it is infinitely above. The “center” is not inside – it is beyond all symmetry. The “north” and the “center” are not “different” – they are modes of the same condition. The vertical and the horizontal are one. The realization of this is the essential nature of the ultimate realization.

AVATARA ADI DA: The spirit body has a shape within My Force. I am Breathing that to you and Breathing in it. And you can do the same, because you are in that Spirit-filled form. So in a “consideration” such as this, I make use of this possibility. I make use of this possibility by allowing devotees to come for My Darshan or sitting in the Hall with Me, or whatever. They have to be rightly attentive to Me there to Locate Me. So that’s the Yoga of the breath. Every breath is breathing Me, Breathed by Me, breathing in Me – not just air, then, or the gases in the atmosphere, but My “Bright” Force, Which Pervades you and Encloses you. And there is a thickness to It, and It fills the body when you breathe It openly, down to the base.

This process has been described as a kind of bellows. And I indicated this also in The Dawn Horse Testament. In a blacksmiths shop, there is a bellows mechanism where you fan the flame. Hm? This intensity by which you prepare yourself for Me must be manifested and magnified in the Spiritual stages such that you fan the fire of My Descent, you fan it at the bodily base and do not break it or obstruct that Circle. Let this Fire rise up through every breath — Infuse and Fill the entire body-mind.





Seeing and Equanimity

The primary secret of the Way of the Heart is the ability to be self-surrendered. And, in the context of the intensively progressive seeing practice of the Way of the Heart, that ability is discovered to be a matter of counter-egoically effective response to my inherently attractive “bright” bodily form and spiritual presence, rather than any strategy and search founded either on limited insight or on conventionally idealistic motive. Thus, through persistence in the ordeal in which my more and more seeing devotee is simply called to surrender to me, and, on the basis of that surrender, to receive the divine spirit-baptism by grace, all the illusions of ego-effort are relinquished.

The logic of practice in the intensively progressive seeing stage of the Way of the Heart obliges my devotee to fully devote his or her energy and attention to my baptizing spiritual presence, while controlling and generally moderating the common opportunities for self-exploitation or self-indulgence. And this spiritual sila is one of the key means for all advanced and ultimate practice of the Way of the Heart.

It is really all about being a Spiritual matter. You must “Locate” Me altogether and experience Me in descent, Crashing down from above. Give Me all your attention, your whole body for that, all of your feeling, and breathe Me. Pass beyond the self-contraction in your hearing exercise, commune with Me, be in that Samadhi, but be breathing Me all the while, concentrated in Me. Then the circulation of My Presence also becomes associated with your Yoga. The principal part is the “Locating” of Me in Communion with Me, but there is also this breathing conductivity cycle that cooperates with My Presence, opening the Circle to My Invasion.

That process transform all of the grosser elementals—the earthish characteristics – anneals them. It transforms them with water and fire — the traditional descriptions of all that content. It is all blended together in this Fire. It becomes Light. It becomes a constant breath, a fullness of breath, while your heart moves to Me, and is fastened in the Ultimate station.



This Ordeal Of self-Submission To My Spirit-Presence Is A Necessary Encounter With The Nurturing Female Force Of Life, and That Period Of Intensively Progressive Seeing Practice Is Not Complete Until:

1. There Is True and Stable Spiritual Identification Of Me,

2. Fully Devotionally Responsive Acknowledgment Of Me As My Spirit-Presence,

3. True and Stable Heart-Conversion To The Process Of self-Forgetting self-Submission To Me As My Spirit-Presence, and

4. True and Stable Reception Of My Spirit-Presence To The Degree Of Realizing The Ability To Enjoy Natural Communion With My Transmitted Spirit-Presence.





Heart and Light – Amrita Nadi and The Bright

The worlds are built upon the Heart by transmissions, reflections, and refractions of force. This world is built upon it, and the Heart is its knowledge and very consciousness. I am here to communicate this directly, eliminating all the traditions of suffering, search, and misunderstanding. I am here to demonstrate and describe the form and process of the conscious world, in order that it may live as that form and do its conscious, creative work. I am here to communicate the truth and reestablish the Heart as the basis of life. I am here that men can see my bright head and know the certainty of our existence in this form.

There are two major terms in the development of the Seeing stages of practice. The first is Amrita Nadi, rooted in the Heart. The other is “the Bright”, used to refer to the reflected light above. 

The Heart (Self-realization, the intuition of Real-God) is the Source of the causal dimension (the seed of all worlds). It is even the Source of gross life, the mind, and the limited self. It is the Source of the gross and subtle dimensions as well, and thus it is also the Ultimate Source, the final or true Goal, of even the subtle and gross paths.

The Divinely Self-Realized Being is literally “Enlightened”. The Light of Divine Being Flows in him or her in a continuous circuitry of Love-Bliss, that rises in an S-shaped curve from the right side of the heart to a Matrix of Light above and Beyond the crown of the head. This is Amrita Nadi, the “Nerve of Immortal Bliss”, mentioned in the esoteric Hindu Spiritual tradition.

In the Bhagavad Gita it says the life force should be resolved in the sahasrar and the mind resolved in the Heart. The epitome of the conscious activity, the ultimate event of the conscious activity is the resolution of the consciousness in the Heart, prior to thought, prior to the reflections in the mind, prior to experience, the very Self. This is the source or reality of consciousness. But the force, the manifest force, the Shakti of this Siva is generated above.

The form of reality, the form of realization is Amrita Nadi, the current of Love-Bliss that is generated between the true Heart, not just the heart chakra, but the living Heart of the very Self and its perfect place above, its perfect extension, above, which purely for convenience, in order to relate the whole affair to ordinary perception, we say is in the head, or we relate it to our sense of the head. But actually it has nothing to do with one’s physical head, other than the fact that there is certain phenomena associated with this process that go on relative to one’s physical head. But the upper terminal of Amrita Nadi is nowhere in time or space, anymore than its lower terminal, the very Heart, is in time or space.

So, one who abides as Amrita Nadi, who lives as understanding, once this enjoyment has flowered in him, and who continues to maintain the life of understanding in the most radical sense, enjoys the continuous flowering of every kind of wisdom and knowledge as a spontaneous event. So, this is the Siddhi of Amrita Nadi, or the miraculous power of Amrita Nadi. Everything is realized in Amrita Nadi. Understanding, from the beginning and forever, is the source of our true and real life. It is possessed of no exclusive goal, and thus it is not motivated to concentrate above or below. Its motivation is its own and very form, which is already inclusive.

This point here is very important. You will release the power of the heart upwards, while yet remaining founded in the heart. At this point, when the heart realization has become stably realized, when the faculties again arise and enquiry again continues, one does not move out of the Heart to someplace else. One does not move out of the Heart, up through Amrita Nadi, toward the Divine states, these qualities arise out of the Heart. One remains in the Heart at the same time that one enjoys the full ascent and manifestation of Amrita Nadi. The Heart is the permanent foundation of Amrita Nadi. One always abides in the Heart. But, exclusively being contained in the Heart, Self-realization in that sense is not one’s permanent or eternal or present state.

Just so, the Light of the subtle dimension and the Life of the gross dimension both begin in the great causal dimension itself, whose psycho-physical sign is on the right side of the chest, just off the median. It is by merging in the Source of the causal processes that the jnanis realize the Heart, which is their Goal.

However, the common practitioners of the subtle and gross paths envision their Goal in terms of the ascended and subtle Life in Light, and do not consciously continue beyond the subtle dimension of energy to the causal dimension of manifest consciousness (prior to form, energy, and mind) in order to fall in the true Heart, the Self, the intuition of Real-God. And the general traditions of spiritual practice in the gross and subtle paths do not carry a stream of teaching which acknowledges the Heart, the causal path, and the primacy of that Realization.

As your enquiry continues, you will discover that you rise again out of the heart, or you will release the power of the heart upwards, while yet remaining founded in the heart. You will experience the current of bliss and joy, rising again to the sahasrar. And this current or circuit of bliss will remain even under the conditions of enquiry, as your fundamental form. It is the Amrita Nadi, the “bright.” It is enjoyment, no dilemma. And it contains every creative faculty. In that form, as you continue the life of understanding and enquiry, you will enjoy the continuous flowering of every kind of wisdom and knowledge.

Amrita Nadi is one’s present and eternal state. The Self, which is the root of Amrita Nadi, is the root of one’s continuous existence. But so is also the perfect reflection, or the light of the Heart, which rises out of it. So, when this Amrita Nadi becomes one’s condition, it is enjoyment, no-dilemma, and it contains every creative faculty. Everything exists within Amrita Nadi. All worlds exist within it. The very form of Reality is perceived within it, intuited through it. Everything, all faculties of life and consciousness, unconscious, subconscious, mental, super-conscious, all of the qualities that may arise are comprehended in Amrita Nadi and known to it and through it.




0. The method of Ecstasy, or self-transcending participation in the Life and Unity of the World-Process, must be the necessary foundation of higher and truly human culture. And that method transcends the archaic disposition of both conventional religion and conventional science. Therefore, it provides an intelligent basis for discriminating between true and false religion, and it also provides a basis for understanding and making right use of scientific experimentation and invention.

Fanatic and false exoteric religious cultism and anti-ecstatic or anti-Life intellectualism which has kept the world in darkness for centuries in the past is still at work in our own time preventing the emergence of the esoteric and evolutionary culture of a fundamentally free humanity.

Let us not be naive and indifferent. Let us be tough-minded, but let us be self-critical. Let us hear the Truth and submit ourselves, both individually and collectively, to the Living Reality. Let us adapt to the mature practice of human and esoteric Wisdom, as it has been proclaimed and demonstrated by countless Adepts. Now let the Adept and the practitioner of Ecstasy become senior to the subhuman heroes of the popular mind and all the mechanical priests of false religion and false knowledge.

The Culture of Ecstasy

1. See: “I Am You!” – Introduction to The Dawn Horse Testament – (1991 edition).

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4. The ego or self-contraction is created on the basis of the convention of attention into which we are born. It is a contraction in the midst of the apparent relations of consciousness. It is possible to draw attention out of the present, common limitation of experience. Attention is, in some sense, inherently free. It intending to be bound in the plane of all its relations, but it is also eternally free in its Source.

The highest investigation is, most fundamentally, the investigation of attention in its Source, then secondarily in the plane of possibility or relations. The common esotericism of the fourth and fifth stages of life is toward the examination of the process of attention in the frame of its possible relations, or possibility altogether. – Attention, Death and Realization

5. See: The Navel and the Top of the Head – A Beezone Study

6. See: The Process Starts from the Top Down



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