United Nations of Individuals

The United Nations of Individuals

Adi Da Speaking to His Devotees, 1993

Adi Da Samraj, 1993



The world is still a total pain in the ass of self-possessed and dangerous people all sizing themselves up against one another—nation by nation, block by block, community by community. Sooner or later, every single individual on Earth will demand absolute independence from everyone else and then won’t be any more United Nations will be a  united everybody.

Every single one of them, demanding an absolute position independent of everyone else. It’s the sign of the time since, especially the end of the so-called Cold War. Everybody wants to be independent of everybody else and willing to kill anybody else who won’t give them their special, unique, and separate place. It’s the principal aspect of all politics on Earth at the present time. I listen to the news every day. There’s nothing else on it, nothing. Everybody murdering everybody else for their special separate position. It’s the ego taking over the mass of mankind. And the end result of it won’t be just separate groups, nations, communities, and so forth, but everybody separate because of their particular individual signs, demanding absolute acknowledgment and dissociation from everyone else.

Where is the motive of cooperation, the motive in my nation’s flag here in Fiji, cooperation of love, and so on?

The nations, the communities are indulging in the very same thing that individuals are always tending to indulge in. It’s become the sign of the times, making the age darker than it ever was before.



In the midst of it, then, the dark signs of the time, not some utopia, golden age. From the midst of the difficulties of this time. Live as my devotee, practice and exercise real religious devotion, not only to immunize yourself but to sensitize yourself to reality that you may be blessed and find out what IS and be free of all of your content, positive or negative. There’s nothing individual in it. God is all there is. Call it God, Truth. Reality, is all there IS, One. You think otherwise, be wary of yourself as you think, so you go, and so you ruin yourself. You must understand yourself and, think beyond your limits and feel beyond your limits. Exercise yourself so that you are purified and move toward that which is One and Only.


“People should understand that I am not exclusively identified with any tradition, and therefore, I allow for the cooperation and tolerance that is necessary for peace and human life.  I Communicate the principle that is universal to all traditions and that allows all traditions to happily relate to one another.  I should be understood as the unifying Presence that blesses all peoples for that purpose.  They should not see me as a political figure but as a Spiritual figure.  I Transcend all politics”  Bridge the Gap Between All, Adi Da Samraj, September 2, 1993