Christianity and Adi Da


Adi Da, Jesus and Christianity

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Towards a Radical Reformation of Christianity


Introduction: The Most Critical Understanding

From Various Periodicals (1977-1981)

A Call for the Radical Reformation of Christianity

The Religion of the Whole Body

Jesus, Krishna, Gautama, and the Eternal Divine Person

Adam Is the Nervous System, Eve Is the Flesh, and Jesus Is the Whole Body

The Old Religions, the New Scientism, and the Awakening of the Psyche

Spirit Worship


Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! (1980)

Chapter 6. The Secret Identity of the Holy Spirit of God:

A Prophetic Criticism of Great Religions

Beyond the Outer or Public Cult of Jesus

‘The Good Principles of Jesus

Jesus Was a Sacrifice, Not a Survivor

The Christian Idol

Beyond the Hidden Teachings of Jesus

Jesus Is Life

The Enlightenment of Man Is in His Bodily Commitment to Life



The Enlightenment of the Whole Body (1978)

I Am John, the Messenger of Da

The Spiritual Advaitism of Jesus of Nazareth

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

The Good Principles of Jesus

Jesus Was a Sacrifice, Not a Survivor

The “Spirit” and the “Single Eye” in the Teaching of Jesus and the Ancients

Jesus Is the Whole Body

The Essential Teaching of the New Testament

The Kingdom of God

The Nervous System Is the “Soul” of the Body, the Vehicle of Life, and the Instrument of Our Sacrifice

Jesus and the Teaching of Truth to Man

Jesus and the Ancient Mystery Tradition

A Birthday Message from Jesus and Me

The Secret Identity of the Holy Spirit of God


Up? (2006)

Table of Contents


The Forgotten Spiritual Esotericism of Saint Jesus and the Christian Social Exotericism That Succeeded It

The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, Re-Told-and Revealed Again

The Universal Non-“Religious” Message of Jesus of Galilee

The “Secrets” of The “Kingdom of God”

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‘Lost Christianity’ and the Seven Stages of Life – by David Todd – Laughing Man Magazine, Vol 2, No 2, 1981.

Forces of Light and Dark – Teachings of Jesus and Eastern Mysticism

The Law of Sacrifice


FROM JESUS AND ME (Adi Da Eleutherios’ free rendering of the New Testament,Book of Matthew, Chapter 23)

Esoteric Christianity – by Norman D. Livergood


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