The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, Re-Told and Revealed Again by Adi Da Samraj

The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, Re-Told-and Revealed Again

by Adi Da Samraj

During his stay in Rome, the missionary disciple Peter wrote an account of the lifetime doings of his Spiritual Master, Jesus of Galilee. Peter did not, however, include all that he knew, nor did he even hint at the Spiritual, or esoteric, teachings of Master Jesus, but he only selected what he thought most useful for establishing the attitude of faith within the hearts of those who were only beginning to be instructed.

When Peter died, Mark, who had been close to Peter in Rome, went on to Alexandria, bringing both his own recent and more esoteric writings and the writings of Peter. Combining all of those writings with his own earlier text on the life and teachings of Jesus,

Mark composed a new and more advanced report, in order to include more of the things necessary for progress toward esoteric, or truly Spiritual, knowledge. Thus, Mark composed a second and more Spiritual version of his own earlier “gospel”, for the use of those who were entered into the “advanced” process, in which those who are ready are moved toward Perfection.

Mark did not, in his “second gospel”, openly speak the things that should not be casually spoken, nor did he write down the specific mystical teachings of Master Jesus, but, to the stories he had already written, he added yet others, and, in addition, he introduced certain sayings which he, as a teacher of mystical doctrines, knew would be fully understood only by the more insightful hearers. Mark knew from experience that those who understood on a deeper level would, upon hearing the Truth “spoken in parables”, be heart-moved to ask for further instruction, which would, in turn, lead them into the mystical and Spiritual interior of that Divine Truth otherwise hidden by the mind’s own “seven veils”.

Mark wrote all that was appropriate, with great circumspection, and, at his death, he left his “second gospel” to the congregation of devotees in Alexandria, where it was most carefully kept, and where it was read only to those who were prepared to be initiated into the greater understanding and the true Spiritual practice.

As it is said, “Not all things that are true are heard by all who listen.” Even if the totality of Spiritual Truth is stated plainly, the inner light of the Spiritual Truth always remains hidden from those who are yet mentally and emotionally incapable of accepting it. It is with this trust and certainty that I am now moved at heart to speak freely of the Divinely revealing life, the public moral and religious teachings, and the “inner circle” Spiritual teachings of Master Jesus of Galilee.

There is always more that can be said about the life and teachings of a true Spiritual Master, such as Jesus of Galilee. Nevertheless, whatever is said must be measured carefully, to see if it accords with Truth itself, and with truly Spiritual experience. Therefore, hear ,this Galilean gospel with a heart established in the practice of right life, and with an eye made single by concentration in the Origin of Light Above the head and shoulders of humanity. [Clement of Alexandria, letter]

At the Origin of everything is the Divine Spirit-Breath, the Intelligent Life-Principle, the One and Indivisible and All-Pervading Matrix of the total cosmic world. [john 1:1] And the Divine SpiritBreath is always One with the Indivisible State of Divine Being. [John 1: 2]

The Divine Spirit-Breath is the Single Light of the world. The Divine Spirit-Breath is the Eternal Truth that Pervades and Sustains all beings. The Divine Spirit-Breath is the Indivisible Light, and Love, and Truth, and Way in which all beings and things arise and change and pass out of sight. [John 1:3]

All things and beings come to exist through the Divine Agency of the Spirit-Breath of Light and Love. Therefore, whoever surrenders heart and mind and body into the Divine Light of Truth by

Means of the Spirit-Breath is truly alive-because everything and everyone is fully sustained only through complete surrender into the Spirit-Breath of Divine Light and Love. [John 1:4]

The Spirit-Breath is the Divine Power that Sustains the body of the human being. That same Spirit-Breath of Divine Power is also the inner Light of Love, that can Guide the heart along the Divine Way that leads beyond the darkness and Spiritual blindness of the un-knowing world. That Divine Spiritual Light of Love is, now and forever, Shining Above the world. And the Spirit-Breath of Divine Love-Light may also Descend into the body of any human being it chooses to Bless. And no darkness or dark power in the cosmic world can ever defeat or destroy or steal away the Spiritual Love Light that Breathes the world. And the Eternal Divine Love-Light Shines on all beings from the Divine Place of Origin, Above the body and the mind of every Spirit-Breathing being in the world. [John 1:5]

The time has come-indeed, the present moment is always the very hour-when true. worshippers must understand the Divine as Indivisible Truth, and how to worship Indivisible Truth by Means of Spirit-Breath. The heart of every living being is always yearning for Spirit-Breath, in order to Breathe the Way to the Divine domain of One and Only Truth. [John 4:23] Truth is Spirit-Breath, the Way and the Means of Divine Life. Therefore, if it is Truth itself we would worship, we must worship by Means of Spirit-Breath, which is Divine Power, Descending from Above. And our Spirit-Breathing life of worship must always be practiced as a Way of right life, founded on right understanding of the human bodily self and the cosmic world. [John 4:24]

The Spiritual Master called John, the Water-Baptizer, did his work in the Judean countryside, away from the cities, and especially away from Jerusalem, the principal city of the time and place of John. And John called on everyone to be transformed by a change at the heart of mind and feeling. And he always helped those who came to him by performing a kind of water ritual of heart-cleansing, invoking the heart to come forward, and to purify and righten the life by means of the relinquishment of the errors and the results of Spiritual ignorance. [Mark 1:4] And great numbers of people from the Judean countryside, and even from Jerusalem, made a pilgrimage to John, and were baptized by him in the Jordan river, after heart-confessing and sincerely renouncing their habits and practices of un-Spiritual living. [Mark 1:5]

John was always dressed ascetically, in rough camel-hair garments, with a leather belt tied tight around his waist, as an expression of his ascetical revulsion toward what is below the belt. And, whenever he was not fasting, he survived on a meager diet of wild forage, including insects, such as locusts, and wild honey, and such. [Mark 1:6]

John always spoke aloud about his own mission, which was mostly intended only to prepare people for Spiritual life, but he also always spoke aloud about the mission of his coming disciple, who would be a full-time Spirit-Baptizer:

“Someone Spiritually more powerful than I will succeed me. By comparison, I am not fit to bend down and untie his sandal straps. [Mark 1:71] have only been baptizing you with water, simply in order to cleanse you, but he will baptize you with the Divine Spirit-Breath, in order to return you to the Divine domain, that Stands Eternally Above the world.” [Mark 1:8]

In time, Jesus of Galilee came to John. And Jesus was baptized by John, in the water of the Jordan river. [Mark 1:9] And, when he began the cleansing water-baptism of Jesus, John invoked the Spiritual Blessing of the Divine Spirit-Breath over Jesus’ head. And, as Jesus stood up, with John’s baptismal water and Spiritual invocation washing over him, Jesus perceived an opening in and Above his head. And the Spirit-Breath of Divine Power Descended upon Jesus from Above, much like a dove flies down to land upon a tree. And, so, the long-expected successor of John had truly arrived. [Mark 1:10]

After that, the Divine Spirit-Power Breathed Jesus on his Way, out and alone, into the wilderness of the greater countryside of Judea. [Mark 1:12] And Jesus fasted and wandered for forty days, being put to the test by the dark influences of the ego-mind. Nevertheless, all the while Jesus was wandering and struggling there, among the wild animals and all the natural elements, the Spirit-Breath of Divine Power constantly protected and nurtured him. And, by Means of that always Spirit-Breathing ordeal, Jesus Realized profound self-understanding, great Wisdom of right life, true higher Spiritual knowledge and experience, and an indomitable impulse to fulfill his evident Spiritual mission in the world of his birth. [Mark 1:13]

After a time, John was imprisoned, for insulting the Judean king. ‘ So, Jesus returned to Galilee, to proclaim his public moral and religious teachings, and, in due course, to Reveal his esoteric Spiritual teachings to the “inner circle” of all who were prepared, by means of true devotion and right life, to receive them. [Mark 1:14] The public moral and religious message Jesus gave to all was always similar to that of John, but it was spoken in words peculiar to Jesus’ own character and intelligence:

“The time is always late. The Divine domain is always Above you-and always within your heart. Change your worldly and heartless habits-and put your trust in the Divine Light, that is always Descending onto you, and always growing Alive in your heart.” [Mark 1:15]

Once he was back in Galilee, Jesus immediately went for a walk, along the shoreline of the lake there. And, soon, Jesus saw two men, fishing there. One was named Simon, and the other, who was Simon’s brother, was named Andrew. As was common-

place for them, being part of a family of fishermen, Simon and Andrew were tossing their fishing-nets into the lake of Galilee. [Mark 1:16] As if out of nowhere, Jesus suddenly approached the two men, and he said to them: “If you become my followers, I will have you fishing for people, instead of fish.” [Mark 1:17]

And, on the spot, without another word of discussion, Simon and Andrew abandoned their family obligations and became followers of Jesus. Such was the Divinely Powerful nature of Jesus’ personality and Spiritual Presence that people became his devoted followers in the instant of merely sighting him and hearing his call to them for service. [Mark 1:18]

After walking further along the shoreline of the lake of Galilee, Jesus saw two more fishermen, one named James-who was the son of an elderly man, named Zebedee, who was also there-and, also, James’s brother John. James and John were busy mending the family fishing-nets while sitting in a boat. [Mark 1:19] As Jesus had already done with Simon and Andrew, he suddenly called out to James and John to follow him-and, without hesitation, they left the family fishing business. And their father, Zebedee,. found himself sitting alone in the boat with several of the hired workers.

And, so, thus it was that James, John, Simon, and Andrew all became followers of Jesus. [Mark 1:20]

On one noteworthy occasion, Jesus began to speak his esoteric Spiritual teachings to an individual who was, eventually, to become a member of the “inner circle” of sincere and rightly living people that were the principal devotees of Jesus.

A pharisee, named Nicodemus, who was, himself, a Judean religious leader, [john 3:1] approached Jesus for a confidential meeting. So, Nicodemus met with Jesus privately, at night, in what was to become the typical circumstance wherein Jesus would give both Spiritual instruction and his Spiritual Blessing-Transmission to people he accepted within his “inner circle”.

To begin their meeting, Nicodemus addressed Jesus very formally, with great respect, saying, “Rabbi, I have certainty that you are a true Spiritual Master, and that you have Descended to here from the Divine domain Above.” [John 3:2]

And this was Jesus’ reply to Nicodemus: “No one in this world can get to know the Divine Spiritual Presence without, themselves, first being born to here from Above.” [John 3:3]

Nicodemus was sincerely puzzled by Jesus’ reply. And, so, Nicodemus said to Jesus, “How can anybody who has already been born here get to be reborn while they are still alive? It is not possible for anyone to get back into their mother’s womb and have their mother give birth to them all over again.” [John 3:4]

So, Jesus spoke again, to make himself even more clear. “No one can re-enter the Divine domain Above without first being Spiritually re-born here. [John 3:5] The merely bodily human being is, in effect, born from water, which is a merely natural element.

The Divine domain is entirely Spiritual in its nature and characteristics, and, so, nothing merely elemental can fit into the Divine domain. (John 3:61 Do not let yourself get all confused about my statement to you, that every one must be born to here from Above. [John ‘3:71 The Divine Spirit-Breath Pervades everywhere in this entire world, like a wind that blows through an open place. You may hear the sound of a wind, but you cannot observe where it originated, nor can you predict where it may go next. Similarly, every one who receives the Divine Spirit-Breath has, in fact, received what has Descended from Above. Therefore, if anyone receives the Divine Spirit-Breath here, in this world, he or she has, in fact, been born to here from Above. And this Event of being Spiritually re-born to here is a Mystery of Divine Spiritual Transmission, that comes freely from the Divine domain Above, and that requires total and truly devotional surrender-rather than cleverness, control, and strategy-if any one is to receive it.” [John 3:81]

And Nicodemus, still wondering what to do, asked further, “How can that Divine Transmission of Spirit-Breath ever be made to happen to any one, if they cannot do anything in particular to make it happen to them?” [John 3:91]

So, Jesus, just about running out of patience with his own efforts to explain everything to Nicodemus, brought the conversation to an end, by saying, “Nicodemus, you are a professional religious teacher-so, why do you not understand any of this? I am only telling you what I know by actual experience. The proof of the Divine Spiritual Transmission from Above is only in the actual evidence of the experience of receiving the Descent of the Divine Spirit-Breath into the body. Therefore, you will understand my teaching words about the Divine Spirit-Breath when you experience my Spiritual Blessing in your own body, here and now.”

And, then, Jesus Blessed Nicodemus with the Divine SpiritBreath, all over and within the entire body of Nicodemus, there. And, with that, Nicodemus always afterwards knew exactly what Jesus was talking about. [John 3:10]

Over time, Jesus wandered all over Galilee, teaching openly, in the principal religious facilities in every town. Wherever he went, Jesus spoke his basic public moral and religious message, about heart-conversion, right life, and the practice of total surrender to the Divine Light, which Jesus always said was both Above the world and within every heart. And, everywhere Jesus went, he would work as a healer of everyone’s diseases of heart, and of mind, and of body. And he did all of his healing work by inner Spiritual Means, while, outwardly, he always simply invoked the Divine Blessing to come from Above. And he always called on everyone to exercise faith, and surrender, and life-discipline, and positive, everybody-blessing association with all others. [Matthew 4:23] And, because of the evident effectiveness of his healing work, and his disarming quality of self-assurance, and his unwavering certainty which was, along with his entirely plain-speaking manner of teaching, always spoken directly from the rock-solid foundation of his own genuine and fully tested experience Jesus’ fame and good reputation spread far and wide.

Everywhere Jesus went, the people brought him everyone in the town who was ill, everyone who suffered from any kind of disease, everyone who was suffering chronic pain, everyone who was apparently possessed by negative influences, everyone who was epileptic, everyone who had become physically paralyzed,

and so forth. And Jesus would always Bless everyone to be healed. [Matthew 4:24] And, as a result of his success at curing people of their ills, a large following developed around Jesus, in Galilee, and down into the Decapolis, and also Jerusalem, and out into all of Judea, including the areas on the other side of the Jordan, and even into Syria. [Matthew 4:25]

In most places, because so many people would gather around him, Jesus would go up on the top of a physically prominent place, so that everyone could see and hear him clearly. And, typically, when Jesus had taken his place, the small traveling group of his first disciples, whom he had chosen to be his close devotee servants, would sit in a circle around him, to enclose and protect him. [Matthew 5:1] And, then, Jesus would speak aloud many of his basic moral and religious teachings. And those teachings, taken all together from many such occasions, speak as a kind of single great sermon. And the sermon goes like this: [Matthew 5:2]

“All of them are Blessed who choose simplicity of life because of the sufficiency of the Divine Spirit within them. The Divine domain is their only true house and home. [Matthew 5:3]

“All of them who are suffering loss and grief touch my heart, too And I Bless them all, to be relieved in their hearts. [Matthew 5:4]

“All of them are Blessed who choose the self surrendered Way of life. May they be the ones who take over the governing of human affairs. [Matthew 5:51]

“I Bless all whose hunger and thirst is for the discipline of right life. Indeed, I have a feast of discipline by which I will satisfy them. [Matthew 5:61]

“All of them who exhibit compassion toward all other living beings will also experience the Compassion of Divine regard for their own life of suffering. [Matthew 5:71]

“All of them are Blessed who are purified in their hearts and rightened in their living. Only they are prepared to receive the Divine Spirit from Above. [Matthew 5:81]

“All of them are Blessed who bring others into a state of nonviolence, cooperation, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence. Such people are, truly, born from the Divine domain. Like sons and daughters of the Spiritual Divine, they are the true inheritors of the Divine wealth of Spirit in this world. [Matthew 5:91]

“All of them are Blessed who conserve their own reactions, and who humbly tolerate the abuses inflicted on them because of their steady commitment to right life. The Divine domain Above is the place where their self-discipline will be respected with Spirit Rewards.[Matthew 5:10]

“All of them are Blessed who practice constant love of the Indivisible Divine Spirit with their totality of heart, and mind, and bodily strength of will [Mark 12:301-and who, by thus surrendering to the Divine Spirit as Indivisibly One, do also love every other living being as if every other were not other, but only the same as one’s own self.” [Mark 12:31]

And many other public sayings of Jesus have also been reported, first or second hand, by people who heard him speak, or, otherwise, by people who heard others speak of him. And, so, his reported teaching goes:

“The eye is to the body as a lamp is to a room. If the eye looks out from an impure heart, the Light cannot enter, from Above the head, to deep within. [Matthew 6:22] If the heart is not pure, the eye broadcasts an inner darkness, from head to toe. And, if the Light is made a darkness by an impure heart, the darkness itself is all the Light there is. Yet, a lamp uncovered makes a radiance to fill the space where only darkness was the yield before. And, if the original purity of the heart is soon uncovered, by devotion to its Source, the eye that sees Above broadcasts a flood of purity of Light Divine, from head to toe. Such it is: If Light Above is taken to within the body by a heart that is uncovered pure, no darkness can be found at head, or foot, or all around. [Matthew 6:23]

“Right life and true devotion have only one Master. The true Master is One and Indivisible. No one who is true divides his or her devotion between two sides-the Divine on one side and the world of desires on the other. If your devotion is to such a two, you will alternate between one and the other, and never choose what is One and Only. Therefore, choose right life and true devotion and these, together, will make a single heart of you. [Matthew 6:24]

“What is sacred must be reserved for right use. What is holy must be set apart from all misuse. If what is sacred is not reserved and if what is holy is not set apart, the gross consumption of religion will invade the temple of right life, and the Holy Divine Spirit will refuse to reside therein. [Matthew 7:6]

“Ordinary life is governed best by the simplest Wisdom. Therefore, it comes down to this: Always act in relation to anyone and everyone else exactly as you would choose for them to act in relation to you. That sums up the totality of what religion has to say about morality and practical Wisdom. [Matthew 7:12]

“The Way of right life is a narrow path, concentrated to a single point, looking neither right nor left, but only straight ahead. By comparison, the contrary is a wide road, with no boundaries, and no destination for the heart’s arrival. Those who go down the wide road are many, and their generations populate the entire world. [Matthew 7:13] Only right life leads to the Divine domain Above. And only few in any generation go the Way to Up. [Matthew 7:14]

“Right discrimination is a necessity in the world of religion. Do not follow, or otherwise support, the mere talkers of religion, or the hucksters who promote the sale of would-be salvation by pretending myths and lies are Truth itself. [Matthew 7:15] Always separate Truth from falsehood, and require all mere talk to prove itself by demonstrations and results that you can directly experience. [Matthew 7:16] In your natural garden, the healthy trees generate wholesome fruit, [Matthew 7:17] and the diseased trees generate diseased fruit, or even no fruit at all. [Matthew 7:18] Therefore, remember the lesson learned in your natural garden, and apply it to all of religion. If your religion will not choose the Divine and Spiritual Truth itself, walk on to another garden, where the Truth itself is standing free, and there to nourish every heart to life. [Matthew 7:19]

“Everyone who is truly attentive to my teaching words and who makes right life in response to me is like someone who builds a house on a firm foundation. [Matthew 7:24] Such a house will always remain standing, regardless of the severity of weather. [Matthew 7:25] By contrast, anyone who pays only casual and passing attention to my teaching words and who does not correct his or her life in response to me is like someone who builds a house on faulty ground. [Matthew 7:26] Such a house will be washed away in the first of the seasonal rains. Except for right life and true devotion, life is a certain disaster, and the heart is a space of storms.” [Matthew 7:27]

Whenever Jesus spoke to many, or even to any few, nearly everyone who listened was amazed in mind, and deeply heart moved, and moved to rightening their lives. [Matthew 7:28] And, again and again, it was said of Jesus that he was an authentic true teacher, whose authority came from the profundity of his own experience, rather than from mere books and the hearsay of tradition. [Matthew 7:29]

And, of course, Jesus’ healing work also brought many to him, and did much to extend his fame into the larger world. So, it is appropriate that the reports of his healing of minds and hearts be extended to include his healing of bodies, too.

One time, Jesus went, with James and John, to the house of Simon and Andrew. [Mark 1:29] The mother of Simon’s wife was ill, and confined to her bed with a high fever. [Mark 1:30] Immediately, Jesus walked over to the woman and, taking her by the hand, stood her up. And, in that instant, the woman noticed that her temperature had “become normal, and she felt comfortable and well. In fact, she felt so well, she immediately began to serve Jesus, and the others, in the full traditional manner, as invited guests.

Jesus’ healing work was always like that, and many people were transformed in body, heart, and mind by Jesus’ daily compassionate work of Blessing people through his healing regard of one and all. [Mark 1:31]

Every evening, beginning just after sunset, all the many sick and negatively possessed people were, customarily, brought to Jesus, for him to heal them. [Mark 1:32,33] In his ordinary routine of every day, Jesus compassionately healed the minds, and hearts, and bodies of many people who were suffering. [Mark 1:34]

And, over time, Jesus went everywhere in Galilee, teaching in the towns and in the countryside, and also doing healing work, wherever he went. [Mark 1:39]

One time, in Capernaum, people heard it rumored that Jesus was staying at a particular house. [Mark 2:11 So, a crowd gathered around the outside of the house, and right up to the front door. Jesus had no choice, so he began to speak his teachings to the people there. [Mark 2:21 And, as usual, people who were sick were brought forward to him.

In one case, a paralyzed man was carried forward by four other men. [Mark 2:3] Because of the crowd, they could not get fully forward to the door. [Mark 2:4] However, Jesus saw the paralyzed man, and understood the situation. So, Jesus called out to the paralyzed man, “You are forgiven for all you have done that is not right.” [Mark 2:51

A group of local religious officials were also sitting outside, near the doorway, and, when they heard Jesus’ statement to the paralytic man, they immediately reacted, and vigorously complained about Jesus’ apparent presumptuousness: [Mark 2:6] “Listen to this man blaspheme. Who does he think he is? Is he claiming to be the equal of God? Only God, Who is Indivisibly One, can forgive human beings for their misdeeds and lawlessness.” [Mark 2:71

And, immediately, Jesus became Spiritually aware in his heart that the official religionists were reacting to him, and projecting their negative feelings onto him. So, Jesus said to them, out loud, “Why get complicated and negative about such a simple and positive thing? [Mark 2:8] What is the difference between my saying `You are forgiven,’ and my saying `Get up and go’?” [Mark 2:9]

Nevertheless, so as not to appear to be merely trying to provoke reactivity in the religious officials there, Jesus spoke again to the paralytic man, [Mark 2:10]”Just get up, and go.” [Mark 2:11]

And the paralytic man immediately stood up in front of everyone, and walked out, without uttering a word. And, of course, everyone present was full of surprise and exclamation. [Mark 2:12]

Another man chosen by Jesus to be one of his immediate devotee-servants, or disciples, was an official revenue collector for the state. The man’s name was Levi-and he was the son of a man named Alphaeus. As with the other disciples, Jesus seemed to notice Levi in a merely casual moment of passing by, while Levi was doing his daily business. And Jesus simply called out to Levi to “Follow me”. And Levi did so, immediately. [Mark 2:14]

Some time after this, on one particular occasion, Jesus was spending an evening at Levi’s house, dining with Levi and, also, with some of Levi’s friends, who were, themselves, close followers of Jesus. Now, all of these people were, in general, thought to be rather disreputable types, at least from the “point of view” of the snobbish religious establishment, and all the usual puritanical and moralistically self-righteous types in the local community. [Mark 2:15] So, on this occasion, like all the other many occasions of Jesus’ socializing with social “outsiders”-even such as “revenue collectors “-the gossip was buzzing everywhere among the “righteous”, full of hypercriticism of Jesus’ behavior, and how he was compromising his reputation by associating with “undesirables”, and so on. [Mark 2:16]

So, on this particular occasion, Jesus was told about the gossip and the hypercritical rumoring, and, in his own defense, he said, “People who are healthy do not go to a healer for any cures. On the contrary, it°is people who are sick that need a healer and a cure and they go to anyone who might do them some good. I am a healer of hearts and minds, and, sometimes, bodies, too. Therefore, like any other healer, I must spend my time with those who are unwell, and who, therefore, require, and, indeed, will fully use, my services. As for everybody else, when they also come to understand and accept that they, too, are sick, at least in heart and mind, then they will also come to my table, to receive what I have to offer them. Until then, let us enjoy our meal in peace. [Mark 2:17] Why should you demur, and think of fasting, now that I have come to dine with you? Fasting, also, has its place and time, as Master John has shown, but when I make a feast with anyone, it makes no sense to do anything but celebrate-with me.” [Mark 2:19,20]

Jesus gradually surrounded himself with a group of twelve ordinary men, whom he selected and called to be his immediate devotee-servants. And they were a kind of “inner circle to whom he gave the fullest explanation of his public moral and religious teachings-and, also, to whom he gave his esoteric Spiritual teachings and his direct Spiritual Transmission of the process of the Divine Spirit-Breath. He also gave those same explanations and esoteric Spiritual teachings and direct Spiritual initiations to others, but the “twelve” were specially selected and organized to follow and. serve Jesus on an intimate daily basis. They were described as his “disciples”. And they were also empowered by Jesus to go out and about, formally representing Jesus and his moral and religious teaching-mission, and, also, in accordance with their personal and otherwise Spiritual signs and abilities, to extend Jesus’ own work of healing minds, and hearts, and, sometimes, bodies, too. [Mark 3:14,15]

The twelve disciples were Simon-whom Jesus always called “Peter”, or the “Rock”, because of Simon’s unshakably firm personality [Mark 3:11]-and James and his brother John-whom Jesus often called the “Sons of Thunder”, because they were both so impulsive, and their enthusiasm so impossible to subdue [Mark 3:11]-and, also, there was Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Levi, and Matthew, who was also a revenue collector, and Thomas, and Thaddeus, and another Simon, who was from Canaan, [Mark 3:18] and Judas Iscariot. [Mark 3:19]

And Jesus gave only a few basic admonitions to his circle of twelve intimate devotee-servants:

“Teachers are not the subordinates of their students-and, likewise, devotees are not the superiors of their Spiritual Master. [Matthew 10:24]

“I have no `secrets’ that I will not fully reveal to you. I will make all my esoteric teachings plain and clear to you. [Matthew 10:261 Therefore, in the future, what I reveal to you by secret initiations in the overnight vigils, you will be empowered to reveal in the openness of everyday light, and to everybody who is fit to receive and accept and use it right. And the secret words of the esoteric Spiritual Way that I whisper into your ear at the time of your initiation will, in the future, be yours to tell abroad, into every worthy ear that listens and will obey. [Matthew 10:27]

“In all those future days of your work, everyone who accepts the word of teaching I have now given you to say will, thus and thereby, become my devotees. And all those who accept me as their Spiritual Master will, thus and thereby, embrace and surrender to the Spirit-Breath and the Indivisible Oneness that is Divine.” [Matthew 10:40]

When Jesus would teach in public, he would, typically, “soften the edges” of his most demanding principles of moral and religious instruction by speaking them in the form of parables, or curious and somewhat roundabout stories-so that, if people were truly interested, they would have to ask more questions, and reach for their lessons, rather than be given them for free, without the demand to exercise their minds, and hearts, and daily lives to get the point. [Mark 4:1,21

For example, Jesus would say something like, “A farmer got up one day, and he went out to seed the ground for new crops-for it was the right time and season. So, he goes out to the open grounds, which he had plowed in advance of the day. And he throws and scatters the seeds from his pouch, as he walks, at labor’s little ease, through the earthen fields -whistling, enjoying the walk and the signs of day, and not always mindful of exactly where each and every seed fell to ground. [Mark 4:31

“Now, as scattered seeds will happen, some fell directly onto the farmer’s walking-path, where the seeds, and the earth itself, were soon crushed hard under the farmer’s feet. So, the wild birds, that were constantly following the farmer as he scattered the seeds, quickly ate up all of that easy meal. [Mark 4:4]

“And some of the seeds inevitably landed among rocks, where the soil was thin and full of grit. [Mark 4:5] So, even though those seeds did start to sprout up in the following days, the daily rising of the sunlight toward the higher and warmer months soon parched them dead, before their roots could take hold and get down deep. [Mark 4:6]

“Yet other seeds landed among weeds, and thistle-grass, and all that outgrows all refinement on the ground. So, the seedlings that took root among the weeds and burrs were never able to grow to final term and show the grain and fruitfulness the farmer wished to grow. [Mark 4:71

“Therefore, only the best-fallen seeds made fruitful the farmer’s year and laborious intent. Those were the seeds that found a fertile covering ground, secure against the birds, away from the thinnish soil among the rocks, and free of all invading weed, and thistle grass, and such. Whatever seeds were founded in the soils of rightest preparation sprouted strongly deep. And they were grown in time, to hearten this true farmer and his house with fields and yields of plentiness, that vastly made his wealth of life.” [Mark 4:81]

Whenever Jesus would tell one of his parables, he would always finish the story by saying, “Whoever has a mind and heart behind two ears will surely understand the meaning of this tale and, so, I need not give you intelligent people any further explanations.” [Mark 4:91]

However, invariably Jesus’ feign of sureness notwithstanding-as soon as the public crowd had left, and Jesus was alone with the twelve, the disciples would always ask for more explanations. [Mark 4:10] And, so, Jesus would always say to them: “I have given you the Divine Secret of the Spiritual indwelling of the Eternally Indivisible Divine in the heart and mind and body of every human being-but, outside the `inner circle’ of this Spiritual Truth-teaching, I always speak my teachings in the form of parables. [Mark 4:11] I always do this so those who are not yet prepared, by Means of heart-conversion to right life and to true devotion to me, will not gain casual access to what can be made secure only in the heart-depth. Therefore, if they only hear me speak in symbols and riddles, they will not profane what is sacred and holy. And, if they remain innocent and mindless, at least to that degree, they will not lose their heart-where every deepest secret rests asleep, and, yet, would be made all awake, to seed new Spirit-life, when each one’s true right day-time comes to them.” [Mark 4:12]

Having said this, again, to the twelve, Jesus, on this one particular occasion, went on to explain to them the fuller meanings of his parable about the farmer who was seeding the field.

Jesus said, “If you do not even understand this parable, how are you ever going to grasp the meaning of the Divine Secret itself? [Mark 4:13] The farmer is me, the teacher. The seeds are the teaching. The places in the field represent the different degrees of readiness, and receptivity, and understanding, and preparedness in my public listeners. [Mark 4:14]

“Those on the ‘hard-crushed path’ are superficial and worldly, and, so, the world itself, and all their worldly ‘bird’-friends, quickly talk them out of any response and seriousness my words might have evoked in their hearts. [Mark 4:15]

“Those among the `rocks’ seem to respond, and even to understand, almost immediately, [Mark 4:161 but my words find no depth of root in their anxious and busy lives-and, so, their best intentions quickly vanish with the next bit of difficulty and problem that happens to them. [Mark 4:17]

“The `weed and thistle-grass’ types are somewhat more strongly rooted in the mind of their understanding, [Mark 4:181 but, until they are tamed by the disciplines of right life and true devotion, their own desires and reactions constantly intrude, to undermine and steal away their virtuous gains. [Mark 4:19]

“Therefore, finally, only the ‘best-fallen seeds’, or all who are made straight by true preparedness, and by all the disciplines of right life, and by all the living of true devotion to me, yield to me the sign that I require. And, therefore, they are the ones I invite to join our fellowship-and, in time, our `inner circle’ of Divine Secret.” [Mark 4:20]

Sometimes, Jesus would show his temper in fiery moods and speeches especially after some wine and fraternity with close followers. On such occasions, Jesus would let go a shout of hard sayings, even rudely put-but always right to the point of what must be said, at least among friends. And, so, his “flaming table speeches” would sound something like this:

“The entire human world is now in the hands of un-Spiritual and materialistic factions, that trap the mind with worldly knowledge, and the heart with worldly religion, and the body with worldly politics. All of you who merely suffer this regime are obliged to toe the popular line, in order to survive in these times and places-but you need not become what you hear and see on the streets and in the daily news. Leave the streets behind you. Turn your daily ears to me-and do not listen to the propaganda of the worldly mind. Hear my good news of the Spiritual Way of life-and be transformed in your life and house, by me. [Matthew 23:2-3]

“The pea-witted official thinkers and talkers of our day size up the universe with a standard rule, and find it always to be one inch short of infinity. And they measure the human form according to merely material weight-thus finding humankind to be worth no more than salt. Therefore, they press the load of unrelieved mortality on the back of every man and woman, while the always thinking mind that mounts and crushes the body is unwilling and unable to understand why we bother to lift a finger. [Matthew 23:4]

“Philosophers without life. Politicians without love or pity. Wisdom-peddlers without a Master or a Way. All who `speak with authority’ and plan our progress as if they, themselves, invented our very existence. Everything they say is the product of their own self-consciousness and fear. They think that ponderous language and the punishing powers of state grant the weight of Truth to their arguments. They imagine that fast talking will distract us from their dead and mold-indentured feet-but everything they say, and everything they do, is merely another piece of effort to protect themselves from the anger and the passion of all of humankind, whose Master they only pretend to be. [Matthew 23:5-6]

“The `authorities’ love to be honored and awarded with public ceremony, unquestioning obedience, and tongue-tied respect. They line up in thousands, along with their hypocritical priests, and they cock their ears, waiting to hear us name them aloud: `Teacher, Doctor, Sovereign Head, Father, Mother, All.’ [Matthew 23:71

“The all who are merely ordinary with gross life should not be given the omnipotent names. The true Divine teacher is the same as the Omnipotent Light that moves the world and drives the heart of one and all. All of ordinary humankind are mortal equals, like brothers and sisters. And, yet, the adult human beings are not like children. Therefore, do not presume the Master and the Divine are like a mere Parent-Source. Grow up to adulthood’s height and disenchanted calm. Serve one another, and understand that your True Source is One-and it is the Source of all. That True Source which the true Spiritual Master brings to incarnation here-is the One and Indivisible Divine Spirit-Power you could inherit with every natural breath. [Matthew 23:8-9]

“No merely human self should presume to be the Divine Master of humankind. Every one. of you is equally responsible to your incarnate true Divine Master, who is transparent to the selfless Divine Person of the world, that here inhabits the forever Spirit-Breathing heart of every human and non-human body that is born. [Matthew 23:10]

“The Divine Spirit-Breath inhabits the love that is always hidden in every heart. And that love is, itself, the only power that is Divinely appointed to rule the world. [Matthew 23:11]

“Therefore, in order to do what is great, you must love and serve your house of intimates-and, also, even every one and all of humankind. Whoever expands the little self will eventually be reduced to nothing-but whoever transcends the little self will become as radiant as the heart’s deep is. [Matthew 23:12]

“Damn the self-conscious and hypocritical bastards who rule the world with heart-breaking ideas and wars as big as nature itself. They tear out the very eyes by which all of humankind might yet enjoy the Divine Spiritual vision of Indivisible Truth. They do not surrender to the radiant Spirit-Breath that is the Divine Source and destiny of humankind-and neither do they allow any one else to Breathe the Way to infinity. (Matthew 23:13]

“Damn the righteous talking-thinkers and popular prophets of mediocrity. They broadcast their petty words around the human world, in order to reduce every man, woman, and child to their own likeness. And, when the people hear their tiny awful leaders speak, they imitate their ignorance and harm in all the streets of daily cause. And, by imitation thus, the people everywhere become more benighted and dangerous than the shouting leadership that causes them. [Matthew 23:15]

“Damn the fake Wise Men-all of the petty authorities of popular thinking, and all the weak-minded religious fanatics, who merely pretend they can read the signs of Truth for humankind. They stare in impotent and lifeless fascination at their own genitals, scratching their heads with sometimes `Yes’ and sometimes `No’. They say, `The body is nothing. Only the mind glorifies our humankind. Therefore, it is knowledge that gives power.’ What assholes What is greater, the mind that separates itself in order to know and control the things of fear, or the body that is already one with the fearless Spirit-Breath of Truth? What is greater, the thought that `I know’?-or the body that surrenders in love? Therefore, any one who surrenders the self bodily to the Spirit Breath of life also, by that totality of gift, surrenders the mind, and the feeling heart, and the every breath. Any one who transcends all knowledge in the Spirit-Breath of love has truly learned all there is to learn as a human being. And any one whose heart confesses that `Salvation’ is bodily communion with the Divine Spirit breath will forever remain alive, in the Eternal Room of Indivisibility. [Matthew 23:16-22]

“Damn the infantile `authorities’, and all the priests of popular and state-controlled religion. They analyze and justify all the childishly self-possessed and self-indulgent motivations of our humankind-but they cannot acknowledge or heart-confess the Divine Spirit-Breath that provides the Means for the manly sacrifice of man and woman in the Eternal Truth. Yes, the human being should survive and grow by right enjoyment-but not without self transcending love, compassion, the will to serve others, and the internally-Lighted disposition of true Spiritual understanding. What assholes. They do not presume to know the Truth, but they make doubt and every kind of less than human problem into a natural law and obligation of the all of humankind. [Matthew 23:23-24]

“Damn the sanctimonious religionists, enthusiastic for every idol that words can make. Their hearts and minds and. bodies are full of civil poison and all the effect of self-indulgent secrecy. What assholes. Before they become `authorities’, they should first be converted to the Divine Spirit-Breath that every heart, in its deepest need, knows is the one and very Truth of life. And, then, they must discipline the body and its actions with only love. If they do all of this, then their hearts will also confess the Truth, and that Truth will liberate them, and all of humankind, from all the Truth blind beliefs and giant false cults that now provide the pretentious worldly fortress of `official’ religions. [Matthew 23:25-26]

“Damn the official knowers and political manipulators of the all of humankind. They resemble the dead in their phony cries of peace. None is more peaceful than the already dead, since they hide no. life at all. Therefore, by denying the Divine Spirit-Breath of life in their own hearts, and minds, and bodies, they think they have, in their control of self and all, achieved an enviable state of rest. But they make peace in the world only by crushing the beautiful faces of my tender lively babies. [Matthew 23:27-28]

“Damn the materialistic religionists, philosophers, merchants, and politicians. They give lip service to the honor of all that was great in the ancient days. They make harmless poetry out of all the words of the Divinely here-born men and women of the SpiritBreath-and they, also, pretend to stand boldly on the side of right, decrying the injustices of unliberated society. They seem to say, `If we were in power in the days of the Masters of Spiritual life, we would not have denied them the right to rule.’ Bloody bastards. I have not received one good word from them since the day I was born. Who empowered them to make shit in the house where I teach? They have inherited the same mind that has always denied the Truth in this world. [Matthew 23:29-321

“Creeping sons of bitches. How do they plan to escape from the future? I will be there to meet them, with an open mouth and many teeth to judge their state of mind. And I am never `peaceful’ while I live. I will make a new sanctuary, a new Way of Truth, whose altar and religion I am. I will make my own holy books, full of the Divine Spirit-Breath itself. And I will send my own heart children out to teach the `authorities’ of this world. They will confront the `authorities’ in the temples, the schools, the public offices, the workplaces, and in every street of every city in the world. My own heart-children will survive the ancient slaughter-and all the slaughter yet to come. My heart-children will not be found dead in the aisles of this temple of world before they attain the sacrificial altar of infinity. My heart-children, each and all, have me already in the limbs of every part of Spirit-Breath. Their hearts and minds and bodies overwhelm me with all their love. And they will learn to speak with plain emotion, even in this glib age of littlest selves and the small tongues of benighted, cold, irrational, and unSpiritual thought. [Matthew 23:33-361

“Humanity. Humanity. Assassin of the ancient Truth. Betrayer of the Always True Divine. How often I have wished to comfort you, ~ as a mother whispers to her angry child, and makes the weeping cease. But you do not want the Truth. You refuse to listen to the teaching that awakens the heart. You oppress and scandalize every Divine-incarnate Master-Lover of the world-and, thus, you also deny yourselves the Spirit-Breathing Power of my own holy birth and sacred company. [Matthew 23:371

“And, yet, I will not abandon you as you have abandoned me. As long as a single particle of the human shape remains, I will be standing here-until you embrace my feet and say, `How radiant is the human body when it is surrendered into selfless heart communion with the Spirit-Breath of Truth’s Divinity. “

One time, when Jesus and the twelve were in Bethany, there was a woman whose brother had just died. And the woman came directly to Jesus-disregarding all the formalities required by the disciples for the protection of Jesus’ sanctity. And the woman begged Jesus to give his compassionate regard to her and her family.

The disciples immediately complained about the woman, and criticized her for her presumptuousness, and forwardness, and lack of respect. Nevertheless, the woman was bowing to Jesus all the while-and weeping. So, instead of criticizing and refusing the poor woman, Jesus put on a show of great anger toward the disciples. And, after all of that, Jesus, along with the twelve, went with the woman, to the garden where the tomb of her brother was.

Immediately upon their arrival at the tomb, a loud voice was heard coming from inside the tomb-and Jesus, going directly toward the sound, rolled away the stone from the formal entrance to the tomb. And, going in immediately, to where the young man was-Jesus extended a hand-to-hand, and stood the young man up.

Then, the young man looked intently at Jesus, and expressed great devotion toward him. And the young man begged Jesus to approve him as a devotee-so that he could be properly and fully instructed by Jesus.

So, Jesus, greatly touched by the sincerity of the young man, formally approved him as his devotee. And, after that, everyone left the tomb-and they went to the great house of the young man, who was very rich.

During the next six days, Jesus gave initial instructions to his new devotee, and tested him, and examined his habits of life, and, altogether, prepared the young man for Spiritual initiation. Then, on the evening of the seventh day, the young man went to Jesus’ quarters, as instructed. By way of final preparation, the young man had taken a ritual bath-and he had put a simple linen garment around his ceremonially washed and, as was the established custom, otherwise unclothed body. And, after Jesus formally whispered the basic instructions for Spirit-Breathing practice into the ear of the young man, the young man remained seated and secluded with Jesus throughout an all-night vigil of silent contemplation. And, all the while of the vigil, Jesus steadily Transmitted his Spiritual Blessing-by heart, and eye to eye, and, by hand upon the head of the young man. And all of this continued until the dawn of the morning star, that marked the new beginning of the young man’s now forever day of Spirit-life.

Thus, and by these Means, Jesus-as he always did with all his true and closest followers-taught his new devotee the Divine Secret of the Spiritual indwelling of the Divine within the human body. [“Secret Mark”In the last days of Jesus’ life, he went to Jerusalem. The twelve went with him, as usual-but they felt unusually anxious. And some confessed they were actually feeling afraid-even though they had no idea why. Then, Jesus confided in the twelve what was about to happen with him. [Mark 10:32]

Jesus said, “In Jerusalem, I will be taken prisoner by the temple authorities. And they will turn me over to the civil authorities, who will decide to execute me, under civil law. And I will, immediately, be put to death-in the manner of a common criminal. [Mark 10:33] Therefore, as death is the final inheritance of all that lives, so, also, I will prove it true of me. And, then, I will yet exceed the condemnation death would make on me. And I will prove it, too-for you will see me yet again, forever after I am gone from sight and form of flesh. You will see me in my Spiritually Ascended Form that I have always taught you to see within you, toward Above.

“Therefore, you should immediately return to Galilee, when I am dead. And you will see me there, by Spirit-Breath of Divine communion-when you look for me, by heart, Above your head. And only that Divine communion you have learned from me will prove to you the Truth of all I taught. What you have once received from me in secret-and all the what you have since practiced and received by every Spirit-Breath-is all the freedom-Blessing I can give you in this hurt of life that always goes to die alone.”

When Jesus spoke these final words of death and Truth, his twelve disciples bowed to him, in silence, there-upon the awful road that Jesus said they must all walk, to each one’s sad Jerusalem.

And none of them that walked with him asked Jesus any questions-any more. [Mark 10:34]

When Jesus and the twelve arrived in Jerusalem, they immediately went into the great temple complex. [Mark 11:11]

And, suddenly, Jesus began running around in the outer temple area-shouting at all the simple merchants there, -who were carrying out their daily business of selling birds and animals for people to offer as sacrifices in the temple rituals. And the merchants were quite busy, indeed-because it was the beginning of the season of the traditional sacred and holy events of the Passover commemoration. And Jesus, in a great hurry, like a madman, pushed over all the vending tables, and knocked the vendors’ money onto the pavement, and chased customers away from the vending area.

Everything became a skewered mess-unseemly on the temple ground. And everyone was greatly anxious and disturbed. And Jesus, there, offended even everyone-by loudly crude behavior, that was not fit for sacred place and time. And even all the twelve disciples did not know or tell why Jesus was outraged. And even though they were forewarned of what was terrible to think, the twelve disciples’ shock at this loud thing within the holy place brought hot embarrassment to each one’s face. [Mark 11:151

And, all the while of his whirlwind of fit, Jesus was yelling out, “This is supposed to be a temple-a place of prayer, not a place of business.”

And it all seemed weird, and shameful strange. It was as if Jesus were trying-by an untold, and even, perhaps, untellable, intention-to provoke the temple authorities to put him under arrest.

And, in fact, that is what they did-for good reason, it seemed, to everyone. [Mark 11:171

After Jesus was arrested by the temple authorities, he was first interrogated by the officials there. [Mark 14:53) And, the next morning, Jesus was taken to the civil authorities, for final arraignment-since the wholly and obviously justifiable accusations against him were, in fact, not related to the violation of specifically religious laws. [Matthew 27:1-2[

And, so, Jesus was judged to be guilty of gross and threatening misbehavior, and of attempting to cause a riot, within the temple walls of Jerusalem.

And, in accordance with the normal civil proceedings of the time, Jesus-who had been found guilty of common criminality in a sacred and holy public place-was sentenced to an immediate death, by crucifixion. [Mark 15:201

Jesus was immediately taken outside the city walls.

And Jesus was crucified-without delay.

And it was just as Jesus had “predicted”—or, in fact, just as he had, for his own reasons, planned. [Mark 15:24]

After some hours of suffering and bleeding on the cross where he was suspended, the gradually suffocating process of the crucifixion eventually brought Jesus’ body to the limit of its endurance. And, so, at last, Jesus’ breathing simply stopped. And Jesus of Galilee was dead.

And so it was.

And so it is.

And so it must be said-and understood to be. [Mark 15:37]

After Jesus died, Joseph of Arimathea asked for permission to take custody of Jesus’ body. Joseph of Arimathea was, himself, a Spiritually initiated follower of Jesus-but very secretly so. The secrecy was because of Joseph’s public position as an important businessman, who did business with everyone-including his own people and, also, the civil authorities, and the foreign merchants, who had occupied his native country.

The civil authorities agreed to Joseph’s request. And, so, Joseph took Jesus’ body down from the cross, for burial. [John 19:38]

Nicodemus-the one who had the nighttime secret appointment with Jesus, during which Jesus first told him about the necessity for a Spiritual re-birth-also accompanied Joseph in all of this. [John 19:39]

So, Joseph and Nicodemus were the ones who buried Jesus in a tomb that Joseph had prepared for his own and family use. And Joseph and Nicodemus-in a hasty plan, unanticipated by them, and, therefore, not known to the twelve disciples, or to anyone else among the Galilean followers of Jesus-buried the body of Jesus privately, in the fully traditional manner.

Joseph and Nicodemus buried Jesus secretly because they had the money and the means. They, unlike the country-followers from Galilee, were among the wealthy and powerful insiders of Jerusalem. And, anyway, all the twelve, and all the other more intimate followers of Jesus, had immediately left for Galilee-which was home and safety, for them-as soon as they knew Jesus was dead. And, of course, that was what Jesus had told them to do. And, so, they did it-knowing, anyway, they had no power to obtain the rights to Jesus’ body from the civil authorities at Jerusalem.

And, thus-out of respect for their Spiritual Master, Jesus of Galilee Joseph of Arimathea and his friend, Nicodemus, took care of all the formalities and sacred obligations relative to Jesus’ entombment and eventual encasement of bones.

And they did this because no one else was there to do it.

And they did it all in order to protect Jesus’ holy and sacred body from all further disturbance, dishonor, and desecration. [John 19:40]

When the officially appointed guards returned, from Jesus’ crucifixion site, to inside the walls of Jerusalem, they formally reported everything exactly as it had happened. [Matthew 28:11] They reported, officially, that two wealthy followers of Jesus came, at the approach of nightfall, and removed Jesus’ body from the cross, and took Jesus’ body away, for burial in an undisclosed location. [Matthew 28:13]

The simple factual report of the officially appointed guards was known, as a simple fact, among the functionaries of the occupying regime-although, to the few who had any reason to know about the matter at all, there was no extraordinary importance to any of these events. After all, to them, Jesus was merely an ordinary criminal, who chose to make a public disturbance-and, therefore, as was strictly commonplace in that day and age, the rather anonymous criminal was executed, without delay. [Matthew 28:15]

The original and principal tradition of John the Water-Baptizer and Jesus the Spirit-Baptizer is an esoteric Spiritual and mystical tradition of Divine communion.

John the Water-Baptizer was, in fact, the Spiritual Master and Spirit-Baptizer of Jesus of Galilee. Thus, and by Means of the Spiritual Baptism Given to him by John the Water-Baptizer, Jesus of Galilee experienced the absorptive mystical and Spiritual developments of Divine Sainthood. And, in due course, Jesus also became a Spirit-Baptizer, or Spiritual Master.

Within the inner, or esoteric, circle of his Spiritually initiated devotees, Jesus of Galilee taught the ancient and always continuing esoteric Way of Spiritual devotion to the Spirit-Baptizing Master, and the esoteric method of bodily communion with the Divine Spirit-Breath, and the process of inward Spiritual Ascent to the Divine domain-or the unitary Divine state, beyond the visibility of all the visibles-via the mystically interiorized perception of the cosmically Ascended “Divine Morning Star”.

After the death, and esoterically presumed Spiritual Ascent, of Jesus of Galilee, his “inner circle” of Spiritually initiated devotees continued to promote and grow the mystical tradition of their Spirit-based school-but, because of the difficult circumstances of their time, the original esoteric sect had to become more and more secretive. Indeed, eventually, the esoteric sect associated with John the Water-Baptizer and Jesus the Spirit-Baptizer disappeared from the view of history, under the pressure of the exoteric, or conventionally and merely socially and politically oriented-rather than

Spiritually and mystically oriented-sects that developed around the otherwise developing legends and myths of the lifetime public teaching and healing activities of Jesus of Galilee.

The original esoteric school of the Spiritual initiates of Jesus of Galilee was associated with practices of Spiritually invocatory prayer and inwardly absorptive mystical Ascent. They especially sought Divine absorption via the internally perceptible White Five Pointed Star within and Above the body and the mind. And, especially after the death of Jesus of Galilee-and in accordance with esoteric instructions communicated by Jesus during his lifetime the inwardly perceptible White Five-Pointed Star was interpreted to be the true Ascended “body” of Jesus himself. And, over time, the Spiritual practitioners within the esoteric school begun by John the Water-Baptizer and Jesus the Spirit-Baptizer developed the same full range of psycho-physically experienced phenomena of inner Spiritual perception that are otherwise universally reported in all the esoteric Spiritual traditions of humankind.

Speaking in the esoteric language of the school of John the Water-Baptizer and Jesus the Spirit-Baptizer:

The potential subtle inner experience of the red light of Spiritual inner vision is associated with the gross body of the human being-and the Spiritually-infused blood of the incarnation body of Jesus of Galilee.

The golden yellow light of Spiritual inner vision is associated with the universal Spirit-Energy–or the Divine Spirit-Breath, or the Holy Spirit-that pervades the entire cosmic domain.

The soft-white light of inner Spiritual vision is associated with the human mind-which, when founded on true heart-purity, can be said to,be a reflection of the Divine Source-Light, which is forever infinitely Above the body, the mind, and the world.

The black light of inner Spiritual vision is symbolized by the bodily crucifixion and death of Jesus of Galilee-and it is otherwise associated with the right life-sacrifice, or the true moral, devotional, and Spiritual discipline, of the body, and the emotions, and the mind of the rightly practicing human being, or the Spiritual mystic’s necessary ordeal of passing beyond all sensory and mental contents and consolations.

The blue light of inner Spiritual vision is the all-birthing Divine Light Above. It is the Divine Womb-Light, from which the world and every being forms and moves to living process here. And that blue light is also thought, by some, to be here-symbolized, in human scale, by Mary-the woman who, according to tradition, is said to have been the human mother of Jesus of Galilee.

The inner Spiritual vision of the White Five-Pointed Star is the most Ascended Spiritual vision of inner light – also symbolized by the natural and everyday morning star that was awaited during the overnight vigil associated with the esoteric initiation-ritual practiced in the original Spiritual tradition of Jesus of Galilee. And the White Five-Pointed Star symbolized as the Ascended Spiritual Body of Jesus of Galilee – is thus affirmed to be Indivisibly One with the True Divine, which is infinitely Above, and which is affirmed to be eternally Non-separate from the symbolic interior vision of the Star Body of the Ascended Jesus of Galilee.

Thus, the White Five-Pointed Star of Jesus of Galilee was mystically asserted, by his original “inner circle” of devotees, to be radiantly and always pervading the entire cosmic domain, in cosmic association with the all-Illuminating combination of both the Blue Womb-Light and the Golden Yellow Breath-Light of the cosmically-evident Spiritual Divine.

Through bodily-enacted Spiritual communion with the interior “Single Light of the world”, the devotees of John the Water-Baptizer and Jesus the Spirit-Baptizer were “born to here from Above”-and, thus Blessed, they “worshipped the Divine as Indivisible Truth, by Means of Spirit-Breath”.


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