Table of Contents – Up? Beyond the Beginner’s Spiritual Way of Saint Jesus and the Traditions of Mystical Cosmic Ascent via Spirit-Breath


Beyond the Beginner’s Spiritual Way of Saint Jesus
and the
Traditions of Mystical Cosmic Ascent via Spirit-Breath

By The Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj

(this book was later published as Pneumaton)

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INTRODUCTION by Jonathan Condit, PhD


Three Talks and Four Essays from the Samraj Upanishad of the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj

I. The Dogmas of Social Morality Versus the Esoteric Spiritual Teaching That Is At the Origin of Traditional Religions

II. A Prophetic Criticism of “Great” Religions

III. The “Western” Prohibition Against Higher Knowledge and Realization Versus the “Eastern” Advocacy of Higher Knowledge and Realization 

IV. The Necessity For A Global Unity-Culture To Replace the Ancient Bi-Polar Culture of Separate West and Separate East

V. Exoteric and Esoteric: The Public and the “Secret” Dimensions of Religion 

VI. The Criticism That Cures The Heart

VII. The Three Great Principles Of All Truth


The Seventh Stage Revelation

I. “God”-Talk, Real-God-Realization, Most Perfect Divine Self-Awakening, and the Seven Possible Stages of Life

II. The Seventh Stage Way


The Unique Life-Revelation of The Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj—Including His Thorough Process of Investigating, and Transcending, the Traditional Realms of Mysticism

I. The “Bright” and the “Thumbs” Are My True First Room  

II. My Life-Demonstration of the Guru-Devotee Relationship  

III. My “Learning” of Mysticism— In the Hindu Manner 

IV. My “Learning” of Mysticism— In the Christian Manner  

V. My Most Perfect Re-Awakening

As the “Bright”


Devotion to the Spiritual Master Is the Foundation of All True Spirituality

I. Spiritual Adepts Are the Root of All Religious Traditions

II. Beyond the Cultic Tendency in Religion and Spirituality, and in Secular Society 

III. Cultism Is the Beginner’s Level of Human Existence 

IV. The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion To The Adept-Realizer  


The Non-Conformist Moral, Devotional, and Spiritual Teachings of Saint Jesus and the Conventional Public Religious Message of Institutional Christianity

I. The Forgotten Spiritual Esotericism of Saint Jesus and the Christian Social Exotericism That Succeeded It  

II. The Universal Non-“Religious” Message of Jesus of Galilee  

III. The “Secrets” of The “Kingdom of God”


The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, Re-Told—and Revealed Again—by Adi Da Samraj


The Spiritual Instructions and the Spiritual Transmission of Traditional Yogis and Saints

I. A Conversation of Saint Seraphim of Sarov with Nicholas Motovilov Concerning the Aim of a Christian Life

II. Ramakrishna’s Transmission of His Own Spirit-Person into the Person of Swami Vivekananda

III. The Spiritual Teachings of Swami Muktananda— As Written to the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj

IV. The Spiritual Teachings of Bhagavan Nityananda— As Recorded and Revealed by the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj

V. My Example of the Formal Transmission, Via the Traditional “Rite of Inheritance”, of the Inherent Right to Transmit and Teach the Process of Spiritual Ascent

VI. The Process of Spiritual Ascent: The Progressive Steps of the Fifth Stage of Life


Cosmic Spiritual Baptism Versus Divine Spiritual Baptism

I. The Super-Physics of Divine Enlightenment

II. The Lesser and Greater Traditions Associated with The Kundalini Shakti

III. My Unique Avataric Self-Revelation of The Divine Spiritual Process of Ruchira Shaktipat

IV. The Divine Yoga Of My Crashing-Down Avataric Descent

V. Cosmic Spiritual Baptism Versus Divine Spiritual Baptism  


Hridaya Rosary (Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction)

Prologue: The Rose Garden Of The Heart

First Thorn:

The Essential “Method” (Right, True, and Full) Of Direct (and Total psycho-physical) heart-Communion With Me

Second Thorn:

The Four-Part Exercise (Right, True, and Full)

Of Responsively ego-Transcending Devotion To Me

Third Thorn:

The Process Associated With The Four-Part Exercise

(Right, True, and Full) Of Responsively ego-Transcending

Devotion To Me

Fourth Thorn:

Details Of The Right, True, and Full Practice

Of “Samraj Asana”, The “Healing Pose” Of Total

psycho-physical Devotion To Me


The Fundamental Practice of Total

psycho-physical Turning To Me

I. Make Divine Yoga out of each moment

II. Heart-Communion With Me Is Inherently

Prior To egoity

III. Always Transcend Your Own Childish

and Adolescent ego-Patterning

IV. The Secret of Practicing True Devotion To Me

V. Turn the Principal Faculties of the body-mind To Me—and Disregard Their Contents

VI. When You Heart-Recognize Me, The Faculties

Follow in Heart-Response To Me

VII. The Only Liberating Discovery


The Reality-Way

I. The Way of The Mirror Is Me

II. Mere Concentration Versus True Surrender

III. The Ancient Walk-About Way

IV. My Spiritually “Bright” Silence

V. True Devotion Is Prior Communion—

Not the Search For Union and Unity

VI. True Devotion Is “Perfect Knowledge”

Demonstrated By Renunciation


The True Divine Spiritual Process

I. No Seeking / Mere Beholding

(Spiritual Initiation Of The Primary Practice

Of The Way Of Adidam Ruchiradam)

II. The “Thumbs” Is The Fundamental Sign

Of The Avataric Crashing-Down

Of My Divine Person

III. The Divine Way Of Adidam Is Revealed

and Given Only By Me—Avatarically,

From Above and Beyond


As Is

I. The Perfect Word “Is” and the ego-Word “I”

II. The Way Of Is

Index Adi Da writings on Christianity and Jesus