Vision Mound Magazine – Transfiguration of Whole Body


Volume 1, Number 12

JUNE 1978

Part I

The Transfiguration of the Whole Body-Mind

In the following talk and essays, Bubba Free John
describes the literal psycho-physical Transformation of the
whole body-mind into Absolute Intensity as it is occurring
in his own case. Bubba reveals the details of this bodily
Transfiguration to His devotees so that they may recognize
the profundity of His Sacrifice on their behalf and respond
appropriately. The True response to the Spiritual Master is
heartfelt service, study of His Teaching, and bodily
surrender to the Living Divine through the devotional and
practical disciplines of this Way of life. Through such
religious practice the devotee prepares himself or herself
in body and mind to make use of the Agency of Divine Grace
in the form of the Spiritual Master.