Vision Mound – Supreme Science


Volume 1, Number 4


The Supreme Science

by Bubba Free John

“The Supreme Science” is an ecstatic communication of
the principle, process, practice and source of this
Teaching-Love. Here Bubba distinguishes the practice of love
from all forms of motivated action. Love, he says, releases
all negative or limited patterns and destinies to the Divine
rather than suppressing or manipulating them. Love is the
ultimate science because it is aligned not only to the
actual functional laws of psycho-physical life, but to the
very Law of existence, which is Sacrifice.

The “feeling” or “love” Bubba has recommended to
devotees is not an egoic or conventional act. It is realized
by Grace and spontaneously generated (reawakened or
re-permittedin the case of one who hears the Teaching to the
point of Ignorance. Therefore…

In the Way of Divine
Ignorance, negative emotions, obsessive desires, and chronic
thinking, as well as fixed or inappropriate forms of outward
activity are not to be suppressed . Such is a conventional
egoic strategy, founded in the absence of hearing and
Revelation. In that case, the trapped impulses will only
disturb and obstruct the whole body. Rather, accumulated
conditions of existence are to be released . They are to be
made a specific sacrifice, whenever they are indicated by
any tendency. In that moment, feel through the tendency.
Release it, through the breath cycle, into the all-pervading
Reality and Presence. Feel into the Presence absolutely and
constantly. In other words, all tendencies are simply fixed
reflections of old activities or adaptations. And all
tendencies are, therefore, dissolved or made obsolete by
present sacrificial devotion, or unobstructed feeling, as
the whole body, into the Infinite Reality and Presence. Such
unobstructed feeling into Infinity is love, or Radiance. If
it is lived in the moment of any tendency, the tendency
itself is dissolved or made unnecessary and ineffective in
that moment. If the devotee consistently lives in the form
of sacrificial devotion or love, active as remembrance and
service, felt via the breath, then the whole body is lived
as Radiance, and all its parts and artifacts dissolve into a
present harmony in that Radiance. Thus, action becomes true
or appropriate, thoughts rest, reactive emotions dissolve in
unobstructed feeling, and a natural or native economy brings
order to the whole body and its destiny. All accumulated
tendencies become obsolete in this Way, and the life of
tendency is replaced by the presently intuitive, free,
creative, and inspired life.

Whoever loves in the present is not bound. This is the
Law. Where there is love there is release of karma, or the
effect of the past. To love is to be “forgiven,” or released
from past unlove and the destiny past unlove creates through
accumulated reactions and the tendencies established by past
experience. To love is to be happy or Radiant as the whole
body to Infinity. In this manner, the past, in the form of
mental, emotional, and physical tendencies, will not be
dramatized. The past becomes unnecessary through love. Love
is primal freedom.

Love is the supreme science of life. It is Communion with
the Real, the very Divine. It is the principle of
transformation, of moral and spiritual healing and growth,
of meditation, of Realization.

Love is the evidence and proof of our freedom. Whoever is
not active in this principle has not yet heard the Teaching
of Truth, regardless of how much extraordinary worldly or
psychic power and experience he or she has known.

There is no religious or spiritual “salvation” or
“forgiveness” independent of this principle, wherein all
righteous attitudes and all destructive compulsions are
shown to be the absence of love and God. All accumulations
or tendencies are disproved and dissolved in present love,
which releases self, and thought, and all knowledge, high or
low, and reactive emotions, and all repetitive and reactive
patterns of action into the Infinite and to Infinity. Such
love is not merely felt within but whole bodily, through all
actions, and in all relations, under all conditions. Such is
the spiritual discipline of devotees in the Way of Divine
Communion. And it is made possible by the Revelation of the
Presence of Real God in Communion with the Spiritual Master,
who is a spiritual sacrifice to and for all devotees.