Religion is Sacred Activity

Vision Mound Magazine – index

Jubilee Issue

vol 1 no 5

November 1977




an essay by Bubba Free John

Religion is sacred activity. It is a formal, specific, and even bodily sacrifice. It is a total, whole, and present sacrifice or offering of that which is oneself (not that which is other than oneself). That sacrifice must be made regularly and at last, even continuously. It is a process of love, or unobstructed and free feeling-attention in which all the functions of the body-being are yielded into That which is intuited at Infinity (and with which one is identical at Infinity). The Sacrifice is a specific functional process of the whole body-being and it must be learned through testing, purification, discipline, insight, meditation, readaptation, and transformation of all the presumptions or tendencies of body and mind.

Such religion or sacred practice is inspired and communicated via human agents who already abide in the ecstasy of this sacrifice. One who is such an agent becomes attractive to others so they become polarized to him through love. Such devotees are tested and instructed, initiated, raised up, absorbed, transformed, and sacrificed in the face of the one whom they love as Master of the sacrifice. He is their advantage whereby the way of sacrifice is not only learned but quickened.

This is the ancient secret that few have heard. It is the hidden part of all the cults and institutions of religion. It is absolutely so. And those who do not learn and become this sacrifice, performing it moment to moment like priests before a sacred fire, do not yet have their eye on Truth or the Way to be restored to very God, the Radiant One who is the Mystery in all experience.


October 8, 1977