There Is Only One Consideration – from a talk given by Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) – Beezone – Vision Mound Magazine

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Jubilee Issue

vol 1 no 5

November 1977

There Is Only One Consideration

from a talk given by Bubba Free John

at Vision Mound Sanctuary

on September 11, 1977

There is only one consideration. It is newly communicated, constantly renewed and brought to individuals. It is that you fail to realize that this realm is not just a dead end of objects with which you may be obsessively involved or from which you are obsessively detached. It is the modification of a single, absolute Divine Reality. And when we rest in that Divine Reality, we are essentially at peace, radiant in this Condition, not full of knowledge but full of happiness. We may then live freely and accomplish the universal cycle, of living, in this form and in all the other forms that appear.

And the Oriental point of view, as I said when I was in India, is a reflection of the doubt of life and the withholding of love. Those who want to go within are just evading responsibility. They will not love. They will not yield to the pattern of their relations. They will not serve. They are looking for some sort of knowledge, but there is no knowledge that is Truth. Truth is not an object to consciousness. You cannot see Truth, you can only be it. It is a process rather than an object. Love is Truth – when you are free to live it, consider it, and penetrate the form of your conventional life.

This is not a new Teaching, you see. It has been the same Teaching from the very beginning, and there are still very few people who are willing to consider it to the point of responsibility. But individuals must, because of their commitment, become responsible for stably living this Way so that they can deal with me, and so that I will permit myself to live close enough to them to bring the fire into their lives.

Jubilee Issue