Vision Mound Magazine – Beyond the Heart Beat



Volume 1, Number 7


Beyond the Heartbeat and the Mind

an essay by Bubba Free John

There is a current of vibratory force pervading the whole
body. It is the body’s life and the light of its mind. It
may be felt to be identified with either the whole body
itself or with the prior Condition of the whole body. It is
perfectly identical to the whole body itself, but it is
ultimately not qualified by the finite body or any of its
conditions. It appears to be structured and limited via the
mechanisms of the gross body, and its principal functional
locus is thus identified with the spinal line, running from
toe to crown and vice versa. The elemental and outer aspect
of the whole body is controlled by the pervading current, as
etheric and magnetic energy. Thus, the illusions of
conventional subjectivity and inwardness involve a turning
of attention, the egoic expression of the current of the
manifest body-being, from the lower body and its outward
functions toward the upper body and the brain, the
controlling core of the outer functions. But the Truth of
the whole body is at the heart, where the Condition of the
current of the body is intuited, prior to all
differentiation of form and thought and self.

The brain controls all the psycho-physiology of the gross
being. That is, the current of the whole body controls the
gross processes via the brain and the descending structures
of the nervous system. Thus, the heartbeat is also
controlled via the brain and nervous system. However, the
region of the heart is the central and senior dimension of
the whole body. Indeed, the heart, the dimension of
feeling-intuition, is the epitome of the whole body, whereas
the brain is only a part of the whole body. The heart is the
dimension of the manifest being wherein the current that is
pervading the structures and controls of the whole body is
contacted directly, intuitively, rather than via perception
or conception. It is “located” prior to all limitation-even
prior to the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is a manifestation of the extended and
defined being. It is, like thought, an expression of the ego
and the brain, wherein and whereby the all-pervading and
prior Condition of the current of the whole body is
interpreted and defined in limitation. The Truth of the
whole body is at the heart. That is, the Condition of the
whole body is intuited, through penetration of the limiting
reactivity of the whole body, to be prior to the heartbeat,
and thus prior to self, mind, body, and all relations.

Therefore, the Way in Truth is not toward or within the
bodily structures themselves, nor even toward any perception
or conception, gross or subtle, impressed upon the
all-pervading current via the nervous system and the brain.
The Way of Truth is at the heart, prior to recoil and
structure, prior to every extension and action of manifest
existence and experience. It is the Sacrifice of the whole
body at Infinity. It is Love rather than Yoga. In the
Process of this Way, the psycho-physiology of body, life,
and mind, even of the higher mind and the inner self, is
transcended. The tyranny of the heartbeat and the bodily
structures wherein consciousness is defined and the Infinite
is differentiated are all obviated-released of the power of
implication and limitation. Then the very Divine stands
forth, in radical intuition, as the Truth of the
all-pervading current of which all differentiated conditions
are the present modification.

When the heartbeat, the structures of the body, the
brain, and the mind cease to define the consciousness,
consciousness is Realized as the Heart, the Condition in
Reality, the Radiance of God prior to all knowledge. Such is
Sahaj Samadhi. Sahaj Samadhi is Sacrifice of the whole body
at Infinity rather than the attainment of consoling
structural and subjective states of the differentiated
being, high or low. When that Sacrifice, Love, or Radiance
is perfect in Ignorance, it is Bhava Samadhi, or translation
of Consciousness from the planes of unnecessary modification
to the Perfect Domain of Bliss, wherein there is Perfect
Responsibility for all Experience. That translation is the
necessary Destiny of devotees in Sahaj Samadhi. It is the
Gift of God. Until it is given, the arising of manifest
conditions continues, during the present life and in
conditions after the present life is past. Until then, all
conditions are tacitly re-cognized in Sahaj Samadhi, on the
basis of radical intuition of the Real Condition of all
present arising, and no condition has power to suppress the
essential Bliss or Radiance of Divine Ignorance. At last the
unqualified intuition of the Real Condition is transformed
into unspeakable Glory beyond the worlds of mysterious
problematic embodiment.