Vision Mound Magazine – Transfiguation


Volume 2, Number 12


The Principle of Transfiguration

“Transfiguration” is a matter of the conversion of
attention to relational Love, and it is expressed as the
limitless en-Livening of the total body-mind, even to the
point of bodily Translation (or the “Outshining” of
psycho-physical phenomena by the “Brightness” of Divine
Being). It is distinct from the inverted processes of
conventional meditation and inward self-discovery, since
such processes involve the general withdrawal of attention
and the Life-Principle from the world, the body, and at
least the grosser levels of mind.

Transfiguration depends on psycho-physical Equanimity,
rather than on problem-based and solution-oriented effort.
It is a natural or native, essential, and spontaneous
Process which develops by Free Divine Grace and which is
founded on the priorly free disposition of surrender, or
Inherence in the Radiant Transcendental and Eternally Living