Vision Mound Magazine – Adi Da Community


Volume 2, Numbers 1 & 2


Part III: Remember Me

Be Responsible for Yogic and Mystical Phenomena of Body and Mind

Be mindful and responsible relative to any tendency to exploit yogic or mystical pleasure-states of the body-mind during devotional practices and meditation. Exaggerated movements, self-conscious breathing, intentional revery, indulgence of thought patterns, and so forth tend at times to be done merely to create a self-glorifying sense of mystical distraction, or to satisfy the need to have an “experience,” when in fact there is only a self-meditative emptiness and boredom. Such strategic indulgence of psycho-physical patterns is self-possessed, not God-Possessed.

However, natural and spontaneous psycho-physical phenomena also may arise during devotional exercises and meditation especially in the Company of the Spiritual Master. And these signs may become more and more common as practice matures-until the heart-root is penetrated.

Such phenomena arise as blissful and untroubled urges. They are performed with abandon, without any sense of being seen. They are done spontaneously, through a natural urge, but they are also done voluntarily. That is, they could be stopped. They are not at all like a form of violent possession by an outside force, any more than they are like possession by the intentions of the superficial self. They are the products of a released state of mind and body, wherein the nervous system and the preverbal mind serve as conduits for the activities of the All-Pervading Divine Life. Such phenomena or actions, arising in this manner, and permitted in this spirit, purify, harmonize, strengthen, and develop the higher human mechanisms of our Sacrifice.