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Dear Friend,

This is an invitation to
deepen your relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and
support the Dawn Horse Press, by enrolling in our monthly
subscription program, the Dawn Horse Express.

With your enrollment in
this program, you’ll be joining a dedicated group of
individuals who receive our newest publications—books,
CDs, and DVDs—every month. Subscribers to the Dawn
Horse Express program have told me that receiving these gems
of instruction every month has been an extraordinary
Blessing that has made a real impact on their lives. The
Truth of Reality, revealed as Avatar Adi Da Samraj, is
tangibly felt through these gifts! And a stronger interest
in Spiritual life is awakened.

I look forward to hearing
from you.


Dawn Horse Express


a monthly subscription program that delivers, directly to
your doorstep, the most recently published books, DVDs, and
CDs produced by the Dawn Horse Press. It is an invitation to
participate in a most intimate and transformative devotional
and Spiritual relationship with Avatar Adi Da

Studying the works of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj can draw you into a deep understanding
of the true nature of existence and direct participation in
the Divine Reality.

For only $22.50 a month
(plus shipping and handling)* you will receive:

Our latest product (a
book, CD, or DVD) at a minimum 15% discount.

Discount offers, not
available anywhere else, on existing products.

Updates on other new
titles not in this program.

You will also receive a
monthly email announcing the upcoming Dawn Horse Express
products. If there is ever a product that you already have
or do not wish to receive, let us know and we will send you
a $30 gift certificate instead.

The Dawn Horse Express
schedule includes:

* Discourses on DVD and CD
available for the first time

* New Publications by and
about Adi Da Samraj

* Fully updated editions
of out-of-print books

* The full-color Adidam
Sacred History Calendar (yearly)

Join the program now and
receive a FREE single CD.

To sign up go to our
and click on the Dawn Horse Express button or go to:
Dawn Horse Press

Feel free to call us at
1-877-770-0772 (from within North America) or 1-707-928-6653
(from outside North America).

You can also pay securely
through our website or send a check or money order (please
email or call first for total).

If you have any questions
about the Dawn Horse Express program feel free to contact
Xandra at

Thank you.

by Adi Da Samraj

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