After the Lifetime of the Spiritual Master

August 13, 2004

MATT MARX: Beloved Lord, I am deeply grateful for Your Presenting Yourself to us so compassionately in these recent days and weeks. Your Grace during this time quickens My response to Your Calling of devotion to You. And, my Beloved Lord, I pray that my response to You continues to grow more such that I may entirely discover and carry out my optimum service to You. Beloved, I am so grateful.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: What’s the question?

RUCHIRADAMA QUANDRA SUKAPUR RANI: Matt, do you have a question?

MATT: Yes. Beloved, You Have, at times You have Communicated about the dangerous times in which we live, and how the qualification and survival of Your Perfect Dharma is threatened and, indeed, Your capacity to remain Bodily among us. You have also Ecstatically Proclaimed that Your Incarnation as the Santosha [inaudible] Revelation of God is already Accomplished and that Your Victory is not being prevented ultimately. Beloved Lord, can You Speak to the paradox of the potentials of this dark time in relation to Your Already Accomplished Victory here?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ [pause]: Much has been accomplished. But there are aspects of the vehicle of the Way, or various vehicles of the Way, that have not been fully established yet.

If I were to drop dead on the spot, I’ve Instructed the Ruchira Sannyasin Order about how to carry on. So, whether My physical Incarnation continues or not, I have Done what is sufficient to establish this Way.

On the other hand, if I am able to Persist here longer and am able to Work with serious people, I can establish more optimum circumstances and conditions for Adidam, which is to persist forever into the future. And you should be able to understand that that would be better, right?

MATT: Yes, my Lord.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: So that’s what I am talking about. It would be better if things were better. It would be best for Me to have more time. It would be best for Me to have serious people to further develop aspects of the various entities of Adidam and to enlarge the Ruchira Sannyasin Order, and improve many elements of the provisions of Adidam in perpetuity.

So I am looking to do those things and if I am able to do them, that is best. If I am not able to do them, I have handled business. I have passed on Instructions to the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. And Adidam will continue in any case. My Work can continue, whether I continue to survive physically or not. It will just have to continue under the circumstances that exist if I were to pass now or whenever.

So whatever I can do in this lifetime to optimize the circumstances of Adidam, that makes it more optimum. And if I can’t accomplish altogether what would be optimum, then at least I have fully accomplished what was fundamentally necessary. So that’s the nature of the paradox.

The means for access to Me, the means whereby devotees would be served, how My Authority is to be extended and enforced in Adidam, the function of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order in perpetuity, all the literature of this Way, all the Treasures of this Way–including great Sanctuaries, and this great Hermitage existing, at least in the fundamental sense that it does–these all are full. And everything could be carried on on this basis.

It’s just that, compared to how it could be–I am reminded of that line from Lawrence of Arabia. [inaudible] says, about his great encampment, “I think it’s a very poor place. Some people think it’s marvelous!” [laughter]

So some things about it are good, and enough. But, to Me, it is very poor, very simple. The gathering is itself still obviously small and undeveloped, both in size and practice and in service. So obviously, much more could be done. But all the much more that is to be done will not be done in My physical lifetime anyway. Adidam, seen as something to be perpetuated as long as there are beings to enter into this Way, is a very long time. And only the fundamentals are possible for Me to establish in this physical lifetime. And the rest of it is the Work that I will Do beyond My physical lifetime here.

If an ordinary human being can float into My bedroom as nothing more than a smile and a meow, imagine what I will be able to Do–[laughter] even without embodiment. It doesn’t bring an end to My Work. It simply brings an end to the continuation of My human physical activity in this Form.

But I have already told you how the Way will work, and Established what is essential for it all for the time beyond My physical lifetime, which is most of all time to come. But there is a great deal I could Do, given significant more time. I will Do it in any case. But the more I can Do in the Body that affects, therefore, the conditions of Adidam in the plane of the physical here, the better.

Death is not some mere bit of fun to look forward to. On the other hand, I’ve been through it so many times now it’s begun to become a bit of a bore. [laughter] It’s not the great matter of importance. The Work will go on. I have Revealed Myself to you, so you should be able to understand that it is true that My Work, My I Myself at Work, will continue beyond My physical lifetime. And what I am Establishing during My physical lifetime here are conditions and processes, institutional realities and so forth, an elaborated Teaching, an order of authority and so on, that will serve as the Instrumental means and modes of Agency required after the end of My own physical activity in the form of this Body.

I’ve already Accounted for that because, as I said, most of human time to come is going to be the time of My non-Incarnation, in the sense of being still physically alive here. However, it will still be the time of My Incarnation, because My Incarnation has happened. It can’t be canceled. I have Incarnated. I have Done My Work. I’ve done what I had to do. It’s set in motion. So all future time is the time of My Incarnation, even though the time will come when I am not physically animated in this Body any longer. And My ability to function does not depend on My physical Incarnation.

What was needed was means whereby human beings, all beings, everything altogether, can establish contact with Me and be Blessed by Me now and forever, for the purpose of Realizing Me. So I have Incarnated here to Establish those means necessary in the conditional planes.

My Own and very Existence is Prior to all this, is Always Already the Case. So I didn’t have to Incarnate in order to Exist. I’ve Incarnated in order to Establish means for Communion with My Own Person, so that the Way is known and can be lived at all times in the future. And the longer I have to Work through this physical Vehicle, the better it is for all, the more I’ll be able to affect in the gross plane by continuing here. It’s up to you all. As I’ve told you, this Body is your business. You must keep it alive and well. You will grant Me longevity through your devotion and service. And if you neglect that, then you will not grant Me longevity. So it’s truly entirely up to devotees.

The earth world will probably continue for a time. The human race will likely continue for a time. Even if. in time, beings migrate from here, I expect there will be some who will carry the Way with them. And if there is so much foolishness that everything, including every last trace of this Way, is destroyed by the combination of devotees’ neglect and world events, then another epoch will be required.

I have done largely what I can do. It is up to mankind to accept My Gift or not. I can’t force you to do it. So the answer to your question is the choice is up to you and everyone. And that’s the paradox.

MATT: Thank You, my Lord. Your Revelation is so great. You have Given so much. It truly is a tragedy that [inaudible] ego and I just hope and pray [inaudible] gathering [inaudible] such that the beings who need Your Grace can receive it, my Lord. I thank You so much for your Clarification and [inaudible]

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