Alchemical Yoga

Adi Da Samraj, 1986

hen you do enter the Spiritual stages in My Company, then I, Myself, Intervene and Infuse you in that same Circle that you have prepared and conformed to Me. The fundamental aspect of the practice in the Spiritual stages is the Spiritual recognition of Me, such that you can find Me from the heart and constantly, and be Drawn by Me to the right side. But the secondary element, like “conductivity” itself, is also profoundly important. To be able to feel My effects in the body-mind, or feel My steady Flowing in this Circuit—feel strengthened and prepared for Me from the beginning. Celibates do this, too—through their solitary practice, through their basic practice. It is the same thing they must register there.

Own-body sexual Yoga has the same importance in the life of celibates as sexual Yoga in intimacy has to do with those in intimacy, you see? It is a profound matter of preparing the vehicle, surrendering it to Me, exercising this “conductivity”, strengthening it, releasing all obstructions, all limitations, all inclinations to break the circuit through degenerative orgasm, or the processes of elimination. You get control over the muscle, the mechanism. It is there for those in intimacy and those who are celibate in the beginners stages. And all are then preparing this very same Circuit for the Spiritual stages in My Company.

The private matter, as I said, in those stages, is this Spiritual recognition and Communion with Me, to be Drawn beyond the body-mind into the circumstance in the right side of the heart. But the secondary Yoga, like “conductivity”, which is supportive, is essential, necessary. Hm? In the Spiritual stages, then, it is not merely a matter of natural energy being conducted. It is about My own Force of Presence being conducted.

This is what is traditionally called not only a Yogic process, but an alchemical process. That is another word given for it. It is an infusion of the body-mind. If the body-mind is given up to Me, it transforms the sublimed elements and releases the point of view from grossness through subtlety, but to Ultimate profundity of identification with Me rather than with conditional existence—gross, subtle, causal.

So there is an Infusion of My Grace in the Spiritual stages that is a secondary and supportive aspect of the Yoga in those stages. Sexually active in the intimate sense, or celibate, as beginners, you are still preparing yourself for this same Yoga. You must be equally intense in either case. You must receive Me in the body, then, in the Spiritual stages, as a secondary and supportive matter, and allow the Force of My Presence to not only Purify the body-mind, but to Infuse it, to Expand within it. This is a Yogic process that is sometimes called an alchemical process. In other words, it deals with the traditional elements of conditional manifestation. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, infinite space beyond that. It transforms point of view. It transforms even the physical. The point of view moves from that of organism in the beginning stages to that of the Spiritual Reality.

And that combination with Me does purify the body-mind if you prepare yourself rightly for it—through all your disciplines and through hearing Me. But then, in My Company, Spiritually Communing with Me, moving beyond all limitations toward Ultimate Realization, there is also this secondary supportive process in which My Force of “Brightness” fills this tube, this Circuit. That is why there are all these potential Spiritual experiences which I have summarized in The Dawn Horse Testament.

The human body must become a Yogic body in the Spiritual stages of this Way. It must be confined to Me, given utterly over to Me. It lets you experience this Transfusion, this Transmission of My Very Person, even in the physical—and a release from the organism point of view into the Spiritual point of view, such that every moment you are breathing Me thick. You can feel Me any moment—just Me. And also in the body, prepared, breathing Me, feeling the thickness of space, the rush of My Force of Presence every moment. So you can cycle this thing and be constantly full, constantly magnetized by My Force of Presence.

This process has been described as a kind of bellows. And I indicated this also in The Dawn Horse Testament. In a blacksmiths shop, there is a bellows mechanism where you fan the flame. Hm? This intensity by which you prepare yourself for Me must be manifested and magnified in the Spiritual stages such that you fan the fire of My Descent, you fan it at the bodily base and do not break it or obstruct that Circle. Let this Fire rise up through every breath—Infuse and Fill the entire body-mind. That process does transform all of the grosser elementals—the earthish characteristics, anneals them. It transforms them with water and fire—the traditional descriptions of all that content. It is all blended together in this Fire. It becomes Light. It becomes a constant breath, a fullness of breath, while your heart moves to Me, and is fastened in the Ultimate station.

But the process whereby that occurs is purifying and transformative. The word “alchemical” can be used for it, such that it changes this grossness to which you have been habituated in your self-possessed egoity, makes it into a different element, a transformed manifestation. Like the process whereby the traditional Yogic alchemists change ordinary mercury .

DEVOTEE: Into gold.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: . . . by fire, and introduction of various other elements, you see, into something that is purified, stabilized, no longer toxic. Not just into gold. That is an image that suggests transformation to the point of “Brightness”.

Make the Body a Yoga-Body

July 7, 1995