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“True culture must accommodate and tolerate everyone in whatever stage of life they represent.
But it must also not fail to inform and guide each individual in the means of growth in those stages.”
Adi Da Samraj

What are the Seven Stages of Life?

What is Adi Da’s fundamental argument?

“My Word Is A Direct Address To The Distress and The Search Of each individual..I Call the individual To Observe himself or herself, To Feel and examine The Distress That Motivates the life Of Seeking itself.” Chapter 4, The Dawn Horse Testament

A ‘Cautionary’ Disclaimer

Due to the continued misunderstandings readers have of Adi Da and his teachings.

Adi Da is not generally understood and accepted as a True Realizer by the casually curious. He is seen by the typical reader – both the ‘TV-minded’ consumer and the guarded skeptic – as a ‘glorified egotist’ and someone to stay away from. This warning to keep away is in some sense correct, but for the wrong reasons! The ‘TV-minded’, the hopeful consumer, and the independently minded skeptics who need to keep their guard up should stay away. For Adi Da is a Light and a Fire. Adi Da is not a ‘darling’ – he does not speak or teach to satisfy those who are looking for comfort in ‘hopeful’ philosophy, or needing to buy a consumer message that ‘you are loved’ and ‘everything works out ok’.

Adi Da does not teach to ‘win’ any fictional dharma battles. Adi Da talks and teaches ‘The Real’. He does not ‘save face’ or save ego, he goes to the root of the sense of separate self. He’s a no-nonsense, straight-shooting, Liberating Blissful Fire. He will attract and repel you in an instant! He will confound your mind so quickly you will feel you are spinning in a cyclone of mirrors. And you know something, you will be. For the Light of the Real is the perfect reflector – and you will only see yourself and what you have not fully inspected. So, best be hip to this – and do not enter casually. And if you do enter, do so with the full understanding that you will be Tested and Confronted by a Great Light, AND a most sublime Attraction, by which ‘the ego’ will be addressed for what it indeed is – an illusion and a cramp looking for release. So be it.


“Today everything that was regarded previously to be secret can be found at your local bookstore. It is foolish to presume that you can treat it as if it is hidden knowledge. It must, therefore, continue to be openly but rightly Taught, and the right demands must be placed on people, as well as right offenses.” The Fire Gospel , Adi Da Samraj, 1982.

Introduction to Adi Da’s
‘First Word’

Do Not Misunderstand Me”

At the very least you should understand him correctly.

The Evolution of
Adi Da Samraj
Franklin Jones

Adi Da Samraj

Let’s set the record straight once and for all so you won’t be confused.

Confessions, ecstatic utterances and other seemingly egocentric and psychotic proclaimations of Realizers and ‘God’ intoxicated beings.

How Can Anyone Understand Adi Da’s Revelation of Being,
“The First, Last and Only Seventh Stage Realize r”?

Notes complied from the writings and teachings of Adi Da Samraj.

Complaints and Problems

The abuses and outrageous behaviors of the Guru
Lately I’ve been reading some of the bulletin boards and web pages on the Internet that discuss Adi Da.

Self-Observation and Self-Watching

Beezone compliation – What’s the difference between these two approaches to ‘insight”.

Have I Said It ? – Ed Hirsch

“From about 1973-1975, I lived on Persimmon. I was indexing Bubba’s works. I found these writings to be..”

What is


Sanskrit sat = true,

sanga = company

You Must Find Out

A Beezone Study on what Adi Da says about what you ‘must find out’…and why!

What Consciousness Is

A Beezone Study

The Following is from The Aletheon, pp. 1531-1549 entitled ‘What Consciousness Is’.

Recognition, Re-Cognition and Enquiry

A Beezone Enquiry

A Beezone study of the use of the terms ‘Recogniton, Re-cognition and Enquiry’ as used by Adi Da in his teaching.

“Where are the signs of your maturity…your adaptation, integration…your transcendence?”
Killing the Tiger

Counter-Ego Effort
A Beezone Enquiry

A Beezone study of the use of the term ‘counter-egoic effort used by Adi Da in his teaching.

Vital, Peculiar and Solid Character Types

Outline Study Sheet
Chapter 23

Tasting the Moon
Adventures in the Meaning of Life.

Beezone Interview with
Meg Fortune McDonnell

A Beezone Study


Transcendence of the Mind

Beezone Enquiry

Adi Da Samraj

What Are True and False Religion, Spirituality, and Meditation?
Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), The Enlightenment of the Whole Body, 1977.

Crazy Da Must Sing


Confessional Poems

of Liberation and Love

At the Feet of the Spiritual Master

Stories from My Life with Avatar Adi Da Samraj
by Gerald Sheinfeld

I was asked to write down why I do the work I do in relationship to Adi Da and his teachings on the Beezone – Beezone

White and Orange Books

Beezone’s study of the teachings of Adi Da Samraj

“Don’t reduce me to a photograph. That’s simply a medium of association with Me in my direct Transmission”

I’m Here to Regenerate the Whole Thing , Adi Da Samraj, 1987

What Happened to the Old Dharma?

The Paradox of Realization

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj, 1975)


Be Washed, From Head to Tail, By Heart-Devotion To Me

Old Magazines

Old Magazines of the Adi Da Community (1974-1992)