A Look at ‘Recognition’ in the Word of Adi Da

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“The entire Way is based on
tacit or wordless recognition of My State
being attracted to My State,
without My uttering a word.”

Adi Da Samraj, 2005


This is a look at Adi Da’s word in 2022 on a 2005 talk by Adi Da Samraj on:


(when) Seventh stage Realization (is) fully realized

(but) at the beginning, tacitly recognized.


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Yes, it is this Bodily (human) Form before you that is the context of your recognition of Me, your response to Me, your devotion to Me, your Communion with Me, your entering into the process of Realizing Me,

but* it is the tacit (wordless feeling) recognition (understanding) of My State (Being), My State of Person–tacitly recognized, ultimate Realized, but from the beginning, recognized, tacitly recognized. In the case of the seventh stage Realization, fully realizedat the beginning, tacitly recognized.

(*the ‘but’ indicates that His Bodily Human Form is not the Primary basis of and for ‘Recognition to be the case).

That recognition-response to My Very Nature or Person or State or Samadhi, you see, is the basis of your devotional turning to Me. It’s not about some beliefs, myths, metaphors, or words, you see. It is tacit recognition of Me, in Person, Bodily incarnated.

But you tacitly feel, in some unspeakable manner, not by thinking about it merely–somehow felt, tacitly and more and more tangibly. That’s what it means to receive Me Spiritually. It’s a very tangible matter.

But, even at the beginning, just tacitly, you feel My State and respond. That’s how devotion in this Way is established, not through beliefs, not through finding Me somehow physically interesting to look at or whatever, however you might describe it, you see. It’s not recognizing Me as looking different than somebody else. See, that’s not the recognition of which I speak. It is the tacit recognition of My State, My Samadhi, that which is Revealed in this apparent Bodily Manifested Person.

And that is your business, you see, that recognition of Me. It’s not My business to sell it to you. Either you are recognizing Me in the sense of feeling, tacitly feeling and identifying–in some way you possibly couldn’t even verbalize–My State, or you aren’t. If you are in some sense feeling it, that’s yours to acknowledge. That’s your experience. On that basis, you become My devotee.

And having become My devotee, you volunteer for this response, this recognition produces a response. You volunteer for it. You live by My Instruction. You enter more profoundly into this turning, which becomes surrender to Me, which is merely Beholding Me and receptive to My specific Transmission of My Spiritual Nature and Presence, which ultimately Reveals My Very State–which is the State, the Divine Self-Condition.

And that’s the nature of the seventh stage Realization of Me. But it’s not simply about–you see, it’s not at all about cultism, becoming a fan of Mine, for some conventional religious reason, you see. I don’t want anything to do with that nonsense, you see, really. — Get it off Me, — you know. It truly has nothing to do with Me. Recognition of Me is this profundity, tacitly awakened merely by the Sight of Me, which moves you to become My devotee, and all the rest is proven by your practice of true turning to Me.

So, the entire Way is based on this tacit or wordless recognition of My State or being attracted to My State, Self-Revealed, without My uttering a word.

All My utterances or all My doings serve this potential of the Way, or address issues about the Way. And that’s what I’ve done over the years, addressed all kinds of issues about this Way and all of the modes of presuming that devotees dramatized instead. Everything had to be addressed, and without any presumptions whatsoever about how it’s supposed to be. No beliefs, just reality consideration, you see. Whatever you are, whatever you’re all about, examine it thoroughly, and ultimately. I make it very clear to you in that consideration what is the perspective of right practice. What does it require? What is it about?

So, that’s what I have done, and that is finished.

Now, recognition of Me, the recognition response to Me is required. That’s the basis of the culture, the true culture of Adidam. And the true culture of Adidam is what is expected of you, not the continuation of the culture of consideration in the sense of all of the interaction with Me in which I was approached by essentially ignorant people who didn’t have the slightest understanding of Me or of what the Way could be or what is realization, or what is practice.

What about all of these books you read and all of these teachings you’ve heard about and so forth.

All the nonsense of mind, of belief of proposition, of distraction, diversion, bondage. All of that was addressed without pre-supposition, without merely laying a tradition on you, a pre-made tradition onto you, you see. Nothing was presumed. Everything was considered. Everything came to a summary point. Now, there’s just the Way. And the Way depends upon, is based upon, recognition of Me, devotional recognition of Me, the recognition-response to Me, which is a tacit sense of My State, and being attracted by that. And that’s how and why the sadhana or the practice of this Way happens. And it makes possible the Realization by Divine means, which are Spiritual in nature.

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