The Myth of “The News”

What is called ‘the world,’ ‘God,’ or a ‘self’ is a Myth


“The very word ‘world’ as it is commonly used is an effort to idealize experience and idealize self – a separate thing – be it a world or an individual – a center.”


Do you watch the daily news? Does it seem real to you? Or is it merely a collection of metaphors, images, and words that provide a conventional understanding of events? An attempt to describe and idealize the world through conventional language? The very word ‘world’ is often used to idealize experience and the self as separate entities—a center, be it a world or an individual.

Wisdom teachers use such words and discuss them because they are common and refer to profound concepts that need to be rightly understood. Wisdom teachings could, in fact, be conveyed without ever using words or phrases like ‘world’ or ‘self’. These are not necessary concepts; they are useful but not essential. They are part of the conventional language of the mind, a notion of mankind, a part of worldly discourse. This needs to be understood, and if rightly understood, these terms can be used in some sense with reference to what is commonly perceived as the real world.

What is called ‘the world,’ ‘God,’ or a ‘self’ is a myth. The common language of the news, or references to ‘a world’ or ‘a religion,’ speaks of a myth. This myth is further mythologized through the language of each particular culture or tradition with its various figures, some of which are clearly imagined or constructed simply to provide a worldview, as if there is only one reality.

The voices that represent a ‘worldview’—and there are many—claim they are not discussing myths. They assert they are speaking about something or someone real, something happening.

A singular worldview is a mythological portrayal of life. It is just one of many perspectives, all of which are tied into ONE view. They are all fabricated, all mythology—a story. It is all point-of-view language. There is no justification for a singular worldview or a kind of superiority of knowledge or understanding.

It is possible to understand and be free of the encumbrances of your provincial mindset by examining yourself, the human structure, and all human manifestations using the tools of Wisdom. This is what you must do, rather than being a casual participant in the mythological world portrayed in all forms of media today.

You must change your life based on Wisdom.


“the social order in general daily manifests more and more critical signs of deterioration. Mankind is not permitted to learn the higher purpose of humanity, but is continually indoctrinated into a superficial state of mind that is merely observing and reacting to objective events and struggling with mortal psychological states.” – Higher Wisdom