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May 2023


Hearing and the Fourth Stage of Life

The Paradox of Realization 

Sixth and Seventh Stage Realization

You Must Fulfill the Law

Lay it at My Feet

Question about Adi Da’s Western Appearance

Realization in the Company of a Master

What Do You Do With Emotions and Feelings?

Subjective Error of Egoity

Attention is Destiny, Guaranteed!

The Paradox and the Great Secret

Realization of All Spiritual Masters

The Truth of Our Existence

The Illusion and Danger of Knowledge

1986 Practice – Progressive and Developmental


Overview of the Seven Stages of Life

The Instrument and the Offense of God-Realization

The Five Declarations of Ultimate Knowledge

You Must Not Believe In Me

Student Sadhana

How the Guru Serves the Devotee – Adi Da Samraj


Spiritual Experiences – True Hearing and the Perfect Practice

Can the Guru Awaken Individuals?

Nothing But the Ash

Recognition is a Feeling Response

The Spiritual Master as God

‘Conscious Light’ Trailer

The First Declaration – The Five Declarations of Ultimate Knowledge

The following video is a clip from a discourse Adi Da gave in response to a devotee’s question on November 21, 2004 on ‘Hearing’. For a full investigation on HEARING, see Beezone’s Study –

Question on Yogic Aspect of ‘Hearing’




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