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 Why Donate to the Beezone?

Beezone, a nonprofit (501(c)3) public educational foundation established in 1998

The first consideration before I donate to any organization or cause is to find out if it’s credible, and the second consideration is, “where’s the money going?” So, let me start with the first consideration “Is the Beezone credible?”

The Beezone is a legal nonprofit educational foundation centered in California. It’s been incorporated since 1998 and received its tax exempt charitable status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2019. So, is the Beezone credible? Yes.

Where is the money going?

Now that we’ve completed the last project of making Beezone Internet 2.0 ready the next project is in publishing.  What’s on the table to be published?

The Basket of Tolerance

A Guide to Perfect Understanding of the One and Great Tradition of Mankind.
By The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”)

The Essays and Commentaries from The Basket Of Tolerance.

It’s on the drawing board and permissions are being discussed to have an independent publishing company print ‘The Basket of Tolerance’.  Of course, this would only be the beginning for the long-range goal is to publish Adi Da’s Da Orpheum trilogy, three astonishing masterworks that, taken together, chronicle the life story and spiritual teachings of the infant sage and destined Avatar Raymond Darling (etymologically, “the precious light of the world”).

Adi Da Samraj the author of a literary trilogy titled The Orpheum: The Tragic History of The Recent Return of Orpheus, or, The First Room In Three Books. The novels tell the mysterious and heartbreaking story of the life and death of the “Great Sage” Raymond Darling—and they are designed to draw the reader or viewer into what Adi Da called “the maze of ecstasy,” where the separate self is understood to be a fiction, a false presumption or myth, arising in a more fundamental and lasting reality or truth. The three novels in this mysterious and metafictional trilogy—the story of “The Great Sage” Raymond Darling—are The Mummery Book, The Scapegoat Book, and The Happenine Book.

I’ll keep you up to date on the developments of our efforts to have ‘The Basket of Tolerance’ published once you help.

Edward J. Reither, 2021


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