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As of 2022 Feb 17


1. “Question of Adi Da’s Western Appearance”

Avataric Discourse of October 24, 2004.

Length: 67min42sec


2. “Hearing and the Fourth Stage of Life”

Talk of November 11, 1978.

Length: 37min06sec


3. “Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) – Student Sadhana,1975”

Talk of 1975 from “Laughter”

Length: 32min52sec


4. “Truth of Our Existence”

Talk of December 30, 1978.

Length: 30min53sec


5. “The Paradox of Realization – Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1975″

Talk of 1975 [or 1976? – seems to be the same occasion as post “How the Guru Serves the Devotee – Adi Da Samraj – 1976”]

Length: 22min36sec


6. “You Must Fulfill the Law”

Talk of December 30, 1978.

Length: 21min36sec


7. “Lay It at My Feet”

Talk of November 15, 1975 [dated in error on Beezone video post as December 16, 1975].

Length: 21min32sec


8. “Sixth and Seventh Stage Non-Dualism”

Avataric Discourse of January 6, 2006 (question after Bhagavan’s Recitation of “The Reality-Way of the Avataric Sages”).

Length: 21min18sec


9. “After the Lifetime of the Spiritual Master”

Avataric Discourse of August 13, 2004

Length: 19min


10. “Spiritual Experience, True Hearing and the Perfect Practice”

Avataric Discourse of August 22, 2004

Length: 18min52sec


11. “The Instrument and the Offense of God-Realization”

Talk of October 17, 1978

Length: 18min44sec


12. “Discipline”

Talk of July 2, 1988 [dated in error on Beezone post as 1991]

Length: 16min16sec


13. “You Must Not Believe in Me”

Talk of December 16, 1978.

Length: 15min32sec


14. “The Illusion and Danger of Knowledge”

Avataric Discourse of November 6, 2004 [dated in error on Beezone post as November 10, 2004]

Length: 13min59sec


15. “Realization in the Company of a Master”

Avataric Discourse of Sept. 26, 2004

Length: 13min58sec


16. “How Much Do You Really ‘Know’ of Adi Da?”

Avataric Discourse of October 24, 2004.

Length: 13min12sec


17. “Question on Yogic Aspect of ‘Hearing’”

Avataric Discourse of November 21, 2004.

Length: 12min15sec


18. “Introduction – The Five Declarations of Ultimate Knowledge”

Avataric Discourse of Jan. 6, 2006

Length: 12min05sec