Dr. Zach Bush – Light, Health, and Reality

The following video (09:53) is an excerpt from Andre Duqum’s January 16, 2024 interview (2:19:12) with Dr. Zach Bush (video description below).  

Key Terms

Physics becomes biology, mitochondria, ecosystem health, nutriants kill cancer, cancer as an unhealthy cell, LIGHT IS REALITY, endocrinology, disease is the diming of light threshold, life is the distillation of light, apoptosis.


In the intricate tapestry of scientific understanding, physics seamlessly transforms into biology, bridging the gap between fundamental forces and the complexities of living organisms. At the core of cellular vitality lies the mitochondria, orchestrating the dance of energy within cells and influencing ecosystem health. Remarkably, the concept emerges that nutrients possess the potential to combat cancer, viewing this ailment as an aberration rooted in the realm of unhealthy cells. Light, often considered the essence of reality, takes center stage in this narrative. It intertwines with endocrinology, illuminating the profound connection between hormonal regulation and the orchestration of life processes. Disease, in this holistic perspective, is envisioned as the gradual dimming of the light threshold, highlighting the importance of maintaining the luminosity essential for vibrant health. Life itself is depicted as the exquisite distillation of light, and the delicate balance between cell survival and programmed cell death, known as apoptosis, further underscores the intricate symphony of existence. – Beezone


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By Awakening Our Biology Of LIGHT | Zach Bush MD


Video Description:

Zach Bush joins the podcast again for a deeper dive into how self actualization works on a biological level. He unpacks the cellular science of disease, revealing the detrimental effects of chemicals like glyphosate that are a norm in our food systems. Zach also provides the antidote to this, sharing the science he has been studying of cellular regeneration, and the potential hidden in the human genome. He discusses other pressing issues facing our world today like infertility, global extinction, and our broken medical system. Zach Provides a hopeful lens for the future, explaining the hidden purpose in our difficult times.

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