Who Is Truth

Who or what is Truth?

Truth is not a person, or a thing, or a knowable object, or a thought.

Truth is a Process.

Who or what is “I”?

“I” is not a person, or a thing, or a knowable entity, or a thought

“I” is a Process.

The Process that is Truth and the Process that is “I” are one and the same.

What is the Process that is “I” and that is Truth?

It is positive (or self-transcending) bodily submission to the Radiant, All-Pervading Life-Principle.

It is the bodily love of Life, done to the absolute degree, until there is only Life.

This is the Law, and it is all you need to know.

Do this, be this, and you will Realize Happiness, Enjoyment, Health, Longevity, Wisdom, Joy, Freedom, Humor, Ecstasy, and the Radiant Way that leads beyond Man and beyond the Earth.

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