Spiritual Transmission and Self-Surrender

Spiritual Transmission and Self-Surrender

By Da Free John.

Edited and produced on the Occasion of the Celebration of Master Da
Free John’s Visit to The Mountain of Attention in March 1984 by The Editorial
Department and The Dawn Horse Press.

©1984 The Johannine Daist Communion.
LOCCCN: 84252786
(Note: chapters are excerpts, dates are ‘unpublished’ talks.)

“The True Guru Is Not Different from Truth”.
Spiritual Transmission and Other Forms of Transmission (includes: “7/7/83”).

The Adept Is A Sacrifice. Spiritual Life Is A Serious Matter (includes:
The Sacrificial Relationship of Satsang (incudes: “1/28/78”).

Recognizing the Adept.
The Spiritual Master Is Not a Golden Calf (includes “10/23/82”
& ‘The Mature Individual Is Not Bound or Afraid’).
The Gift of Practice.
The Adepts Agencies.
Formal Sitting with the Adept-Teacher. (include “11/18/78”).

Guru Enters Devotee.
Sitting for the First Time.
Do Not Come as a Seeker—Allow the Adept to Do His Work (includes “4/13/78”).

Formal Meditation and Darshan (includes “1/24/82”).
The Spiritual Master Is the Gateway.

(34 pp.)


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The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya,
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(and otherwise recorded)
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