You Must Not Believe In Me – Adi Da Samraj

You Must Not Believe in Me

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj)

Originally published in

Laughing Man Magazine


Beezone note: The following articles were published and directly addressed the Jim Jones’ Jonestown Massacre (indirectly) where (909 inhabitants of Jonestown (304 children) died of cyanide poisoning – suicide (murder?). Adi Da’s talk (You Must Not Believe in Me) was given in December 1978 one month after the massacre.

San Francisco Chronicle – Front Page – November 21, 1978
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Cult is a Four Letter Word

Georg Feurerstein





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Cultism is the Beginner’s Level of Human Existence

Beyond the Cultic Tendency in Religion and Spirituality, and in Secular Society


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