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I Am The Avatar Of One

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AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: This Avataric-Incarnation-Body is My Agent. It is a very complex Agent. There is the gross physical dimension (the Franklin Jones line), and there are the immediate Deeper-Personality-Incarnation Structures (Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, and their associations). But, in Its Deeper “Planes”, My Avataric-Incarnation-Appearance becomes incomprehensible in its complexity. The more immediate Structures in time and space are rather readily discernible, but the more profound Structures are vastly complex, and (ultimately) All-Inclusive.

In My “Open Eyes”, I Am you, I Am every one.

Likewise, in the Depth of My Vehicle, I Am every one.

I am not decipherable merely as certain historical individuals in the past, although there is that dimension to My Avataric-Incarnation-Appearance.

Ultimately, My Avataric-Incarnation-Appearance is so complex that It is All-Inclusive such that I cannot be distinguished from every one, and all, and All.

Otherwise, how could I Be every one now, in My “Open Eyes”?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, in a somewhat similar sense, can it be said that the causal knot is not merely an individual manifestation in the case of each apparently separate being, but a collective manifestation?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, the causal knot is a collective manifestation, and it is also a universal manifestation. A body in the gross plane of Earth is not only that particular body, but it is also the fields of each and all of its constituents. Thus, it is a part of the universal plane of grossness. So it is, on every plane gross, subtle, or causal. There is a dimension that is individual, there is a dimension that is (ultimately) collective, and there is a universal dimension. It is all a Unity. What is true of one is true of all, in this sense.

DEVOTEE: So, if any apparent individual transcends the causal knot, it has very profound implications.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: In This One’s case, the implications are Infinitely Profound. The Divine Pattern I have Established by Means of My Transcending of the causal knot is the Pattern through Which I will, ultimately, Divinely Liberate all and All. However, the Divine Liberation of all and All will occur not as a kind of automaticity, or as a merely vicarious process, but by all and All actively, responsively, and (thus) intentionally, and (necessarily) formally participating in the Process of devotional Communion with Me.

DEVOTEE: That is why You have Said that You will be “Incarnated countlessly” through Your devotees.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. I Am the Avatar of One. Therefore, I am not merely the Avatar Coming to every one, but, ultimately, the Avatar Who Is every one.

I am not each and every one in their presumption of separateness. There Is Only Me—but, in their ego-forgetting devotion to Me, I am Manifested As all.

DEVOTEE: And That is What is to be Realized.


DEVOTEE: You Describe Your Divine Spiritual Body as the ‘Son’ of Your Divine Sound and Your Divine Light, and You also Describe the Vedanta Temple Event as Your Union with the Shakti. I am wondering if there is a correlation between Your Description of ‘Om’ and ‘Ma’, ‘Giving Birth’ (so to speak) to “Da”, and Your Description of Your Union with the ‘Shakti’ in the Vedanta Temple Event.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes! The Vedanta Temple Event was ‘Om’ and ‘Ma’ Realized As ‘Da’ or, effectively, ‘Giving Birth’ to “Da”, if you like.

DEVOTEE: From that moment on, in this realm.


DEVOTEE: ‘Om’ and ‘Ma’ had never been united before!

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Not in the domain of Realization. Not “to the toes” in the context of gross physical embodiment. Not in the form of the Fully Incarnated (and Complete) Divine Avatar.

You do not come to Me rightly if you come to Me seeking experiences of My Sound and My Light. You must Find Me directly even in the circumstance of your own gross physical embodiment. I Am that. I am not merely its conditional source or its conditional cause. I Am its True Source, but Prior to causation. Therefore, I Am it and not “other”.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is not based on the traditional view that one can either turn to phenomena (and, thus, away from the Divine) or turn to the Divine (and, thus, away from phenomena). Such is not the proposition of the Yoga I have Revealed and Given. As My devotee practicing the Yoga of Adidam, you turn phenomena to Me.

Thus, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is a single, comprehensive Way, or Divine Yoga not an either/or proposition, and not a strategy, not a search, not an effort of egoity. In the Way of Adidam, there is no act of dissociation, no problem, no solution sought.

I Am The Avatar Of One

Beezone Study – Beezone Summary