Bits and Pieces in the Broken Mirror

The following parenthetical and paragraphical exercise is adapted from

The Aletheon

The Mirror (Consciousness Itself – The Source)
The Checkerboard (conditionality – The entire “world” of apparently “objective” reality)

pp. 995-1009


Narcissus – Mount Holyoke College

In the ancient Greek myth, Narcissus is absorbed in an


—but he/she does not even notice that it is an

image in a mirror.


The key to understanding “Narcissus” (or the ego-“I”) is not that the “self”-image is an image of oneself. (that will be there anyway)


the key to understanding “Narcissus” (or the ego-“I”) is

that the “self”-image is an image

reflected in and by a mirror.

The entire “world” of apparently “objective” reality

is a mirrored (or reflected) thing.

What is its Source?

What is its Source-Condition, or “Root”-Condition?

It is founded in a realization

that is without the slightest presumption of “difference”,

without the slightest presumption of separateness,

or relatedness,

or otherness

Consciousness Itself.

Is the Source –

Perfectly Prior – of all (image) –


All (non-difference) –

Reflecting Self-Nature,

Self-Condition, and

Self-State –  of


What Is the State of the Mirror?

What Is the Mirror?

The Mirror Is:


The Mirror Is

Reality Itself

Me—the Self-Existing

Radiant Nature

Reality Itself.

The Mirror Is the Truth.

The reflected imagery of “self” and “world” is not the Truth.

The State of the Mirror Itself

Is the Truth.

The “objects” seen in the Mirror are not the Truth.


merely to hear this Statement of Mine is not sufficient.

The ego may be satisfied

with merely hearing My Words—

but, in order for the Truth of What I am Saying to actually be Realized,

you must change your act (self-contraction) 


change your (separative) entire life.

See original essay – The Mirror and the Checkerboard