Can You Really ‘Turn to’ the Spiritual Master?

Can You Really Turn to the Spiritual Master, Really?

An adapted article by Beezone from a talk by Adi Da Samraj in 2005


“The Way of devotion to the Realizer is a simple matter: There is an inner discipline of life, and there is an outer discipline of life. The inner discipline is to turn to the Spiritual Master.”

The Aletheon

What is ‘turning’, who is turning, and where?


I say that you must ‘Turn to Me’ and there’s no secret that you must turn to Me but how that happens is a secret because there is no mere Instruction that will enable you to do it. You can not tell yourself to do it; it doesn’t work that way, its not a method or a matter of following some form of verbal instructions. 

You must ‘Recognize Me and respond to Me’ to have the turning be true of you. But just because I tell you this doesn’t mean you can practice, truly. To make it true depends on a process, not an instruction.

That process depends on a foundation in the life of devotion and Spiritual Communion with Me that generates the capability to stand in that position, which makes it possible. Otherwise, it is merely philosophy, a mentally based technique, and doesn’t Realize anything. It’s easy to sound like a practicing philosopher. It makes it sound like the easiest sadhana to do. It’s impossible to do it, just as it is impossible to surrender to Me, to turn to Me. You can be moved to do so, but you can’t intend to do it and have it be surrender. It’s just seeking. 

To be established in the real practice, not merely applying yourself, but simply to being in that position, is a spiritual matter, not a philosophical matter. It’s not merely about being informed about it as a practice with however many steps in it, and so on, you see. There is a unique Spiritual transformation necessary. It is uniquely My Work

The “Thumbs” is a transformation that makes it possible for it to be real, just as recognition-response to Me enables devotion to Me to be real. And all the Spiritual stages of this Way are made real by actual Spiritual Communion with Me and moving Me to Bless you. It’s not techniques. It actually requires Me to respond to you. It’s not something you can do yourself. It’s not something any of you are doing because you’re not dependent on Me. You’re not turned to Me, you see.

 When you get to that point where that’s profoundly true, and you are not ignorant of this necessity to cultivate the relationship to Me and move Me Bless you, rather than just sit here as you know all dues paid club member thinking you’re supposed to get Divine Transmission as if by contract that’s idiotic. That’s consumer religion business. That’s not how it works. 

You are in the ‘face losing position’ where you must surrender to Me and please Me. And if you don’t want to do that, that’s your choice, but that’s the position you’re in relation to Me. And that’s what enables the process to happen and to develop.