Chapter 9 Devamati Shakti

Devatma Shakti (Kundalini) Divine Power. by Swami Vishnu Tirtha Maharaj, with Forward by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj, J.A., Formerly Principal, Government Sanksrit College, Varanasi,1962
Swami Vishnu Tirtha

His Holiness Shree Swami Vishnu Tirtha

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Chapter IX

(Prana Continued.) SHAKTIPAT

Prana on the physical plane is a very fine form of energy differing from the physical energy in respect of its being life energy and as such cannot be created independently of human body by lifeless machines. It is the motiveforce which keeps up the whole living organism of animal life in working order. It works not only the body but the mind and intellect as well, and manifests its existence as life. It flows like an electric current through the wirework of the nervous system, it connects the gross body of flesh and blood with the finer forces of mind and intellect In sanskrit it is called Prana, the nervous system functioning with that energy is called prana mayakosha, and the animate being is named Prani. All the functions of the body, mind and. intellect depend for their working on the energy of prana. Therefore by acquiring control over this force a person is able to control the movements of his mind and body at will, he can then suspend the activity of his mind and even of the body if he likes and bring his mind and breath under perfect control.

As prana in the ordinary persons, is outflowing, it connects the mind with the senses of perception and keeps it always outflowing, but when it is made to rise up the spinal ‘cord to cerebrum, it detaches the mind from the nervous centres in the brain, and mind gradually soaring up through the different stages of concentration loses itself ultimately in a trance of deep meditation. According to yogis the seat of this force is in the mooladhdra_which is figuratively named as Kundalini Shakti or Serpent Power and is described as sleeping in an ordinary person with three and half coils, closing with its. hood the entrance to the spinal passage. When roused it gives manifestation to many physical and mental signs and various miraculous powers. It can be roused by various means as selfless work, deep meditation and intense devotion to God and also by the practice of certain physical exercises.

This astral force can also be roused by the magnetic influence of other persons. Such great personalities have their prang and mind on a higher potentiality and when approached they tend to raise the prana of others from a lower potentiality to a higher one. The process may be compared with the flow of an electric current. But in this case the process is not an automatic one, but depends wholly on the will of the master mind. Among the Hindus the process is known as initiation by Shaktipat Deeksha, and may be defined as the process of spiritualizing a man with the charge of psychic force. When psychic force is roused in this way the nerves of the person so favoured are put to involuntary motion and in course of time begin to act upon the mind bringing in peace and calmness of higher concentration. Shaktipat is not to be confused with mesmerism or hypnotism, because the effect of Shaktipat is everlasting and elevating and thereby a person acquires in him the power of rousing the same in others and becomes himself by gradual development a magnetic personality with a capacity to make others like himself by touch, thus continuing the line of succession. Another difference of importance is that it makes a person both spiritual and talented, and acquire a capacity to work in any sphere of life with competency. He is as it were, permanently infused with an elixir of life elevating him morally, intellectually and spiritually. Bhakti or Divine love can also be acquired through shaktipat. The power of kundalini is then called Allhadini Shakti. Shaktipat can be affected by sight, touch, mantra, or simply by the will power of the master ; in the last case it works at long distances as well.

Shaktipat is in a way an injection of Shakti. The master injects in the astral body of the initiated a current of psychic power, or a doze of astral fluid of a high potentiality by the touch or his hands, by casting a look or by speaking. out tohim some word or words called mantras, or any one of God’s holy names, or simply by a mere thought. When the Divine Power is thus transmitted She acts in the favoured in such a way that the dormant power of kundalini is awakened, owe may say that the fire of kundalini is ignited and. set into flames throughout the nervous system, which ultimately, opens the door of Sushumna and rises up to cerebrum (sahasrar) piercing through the six centres of the spinal passage along with the nervous centres in the medula oblangata. Shaktipat

Deeksha is also known as Vedha Deeksha. The term vedha literally means piercing through, because the Guru rouses the kundalini and makes Her pierce through the six chakras. By touch, look and thought the Shakti travels from one body to the other through the medium of the all-pervading Astral fluid ; whereas in the case of speech the words spoken serve as medium for carrying the Shakti. Such words are called Shaktisamputitha mantras or in other words mantras charged with Shakti.

As a rule all persons are not capable of receiving this Shakti even if a Guru so desires, but a person’s receptive capacity can be gradually developed irrespective of sex, age, caste, creed, or nationality. A person’s receptive capacity can be gradually raised by pious deeds, pure thoughts, devotion to God and ardent prayers to Him and selfless service of parents, spiritually advanced persons, and Guru. Manifestation of shakti also varies with different persons according to one’s habits, nature and way of living. Householders too gain through Shaktipat, which in fact knows no barriers.


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