Divine Saliva and Rice Krispies

Divine Saliva and Rice Krispies

by Dama Surrender



As part of this month’s Hermitage Chronicle, the following healing lila, told by Dama Surrender, is offered. Dama Surrender’s account of Master Da’s Healing Love relates one of several healing incidents that have occurred through His Grace in the last two months.

November 1984, Vol3, NO 11


ne of the most dramatic healing lilas and demonstrations of the Master’s Love for devotees occurred on October 28,1984. Early in the morning, several of the village ladies went to The Matrix to prepare a special meal. After hours of cleaning and decorating, we realized that we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I offered to fix lunch for the ladies who were feeling especially faint. 1 wanted to do it quickly since it was already 2:30, and Master Da was to arrive for the meal at 3:00.

In my haste, I dropped some water into a frying pan on the stove, and hot oil exploded onto my face, arm, and chest. My body went into shock as I felt the pain of my burning skin. I rushed to the sink, stuck my face under the running water, and splashed water on my chest and arm, but the burning sensation didn’t stop. I felt as if I were standing in flames.

Dama Prapatti, our head nurse, put Aloe Vera gel on my burns, and as the burning continued, especially on my face, she gave me an ice-bag to hold on the burns. But nothing stopped the pain. Master Da would be arriving at any minute. I knew that if He touched the burns, I would be healed. He was my only help. I sat in shock in the kitchen, waiting and praying for Him to come. Just a few days earlier, I had told Him that He had healed a headache I had suffered for five days. Last spring He had healed my neck and shoulder from pain and numbness that I had been experiencing for almost eight months. I recognize Him as God, the true Healer, because in each dramatic case, it was an obstruction in my heart that was really healed.

Finally, Master Da arrived. The mood of the occasion was so intimate and celebratory that I suddenly felt I should not intrude upon this special occasion by drawing attention to myself. But I desperately needed Him. I decided to ask Dama Om Bastet for advice. I had no sooner begun to speak to her than Master Da turned around and yelled at us, “What are you two blapping about?” I felt in that moment that He already knew. I showed Him my burns, and He asked me how I had burned myself. He told me how foolish I was, and then, supremely Lovingly, He laid His sweet hands on each burn. I had been so scared, but now all my fears dissolved as I felt His Love and His Protection. When He took His hands away, all the burning sensation was completely gone! My heart was broken with my love for Him and His Love for me.

The meal began. After several hours, we heard Master Da outside the kitchen laughing and playing ecstatically. He came into the kitchen to see me. By now, even though the pain was gone, the burns were bright red and blistered. He looked at me quite intensely and then spit into His hand and rubbed and worked His saliva into all the burns. He rubbed hard and fiercely, using all His strength, tearing away the burned skin and exposing the tender skin underneath. It was quite painful, as burns are extremely sensitive to touch. He just kept spitting and working on me and telling me that my skin would be all right, that He would make me beautiful, and that there would be no scars. I trusted Him completely.

Master Da continued this healing process for several hours, periodically coming out to the kitchen, rubbing His Divine saliva all over me, and telling me I was going to be beautiful and that there would be no scars. Each time He touched me, my whole body responded to His Force. I shrieked and cried and had kriyas. He kissed my face and held me tightly in His arms. I felt myself surrender to Him. As He worked on my burns, He was also laying hands on my heart, releasing my obstructed expression of love and attraction to Him, and healing all my previous wounds of un-love. I cried and cried and told Him that I love Him, with emotion that came from the depths of my being. I felt without a doubt that Master Da has always taken care of me, and that He always will. He never stops. This was a demonstration of His Love in the physical realm.

The next morning He asked to see me. The burns were healing very rapidly. They were still swollen, looking something like Rice Krispies, and very ugly. They were not by any means gone! I could feel a slight twinge of doubt start to arise, both in myself and in others. Master Da touched the burns again and hugged me and told me that in a few days only a slight difference in pigment would remain, and that I should treat the burns with the creme Dama Prapatti had prescribed and then apply vitamin E. I recognized how strong my faith and trust in Master Da had to be in every moment.

For the next three days, every time Master Da came into The Village Square, He checked my progress and touched the burns. They were beginning to dry and heal. On one occasion, I praised Him for His healing. He nodded His head, as if pleased with His work, smiled, and said, “Hmm, must be some sort of a miracle.” And then He shrugged His shoulders as if the healing were a mystery to Him! His Humor and Sweetness were always at play.

A few days later, Master Da noticed some small burns on my elbow, which I had not showed Him. He asked about them and why I had not brought them to His attention. I told Him that I felt he had worked so hard on all the others that I did not want to burden him with these, too. He shook His head at me in mock disgust, touched the burns, and then announced that I no longer needed His attention.

By Sunday, one week later, on the day of the wonderful Celebration of our Divine Master’s Birthday, all my burns were remarkably healed. All that remained were some slightly pink spots where the burns had been. By the end of the following week, they were hardly perceivable.

I praise my Beloved Master, Who through His Play of Healing, has awakened my love and passion for Him beyond what I have ever felt, and given me a loving and intimate demonstration of how I must always surrender and trust Him—and He does all the rest.