Duplicate My Pattern within Klik-Klak

Duplicate My Pattern

A Talk by The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master,

Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

November 10, 1996

DEVOTEE: Beloved Adi Da, in light of Your conversation this afternoon about patterning, I’m wondering in what sense, in terms of Your Revelation, is Your Patterning conditional, and in what sense it is Unconditional?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: All pattern is conditional. [murmurs of understanding] There are also all kinds of patterns. My Pattern coincides with Me, and, therefore, is the Way to Realize Me. Whereas patterning otherwise, all the patterns that can be found within the conditional realms, are not them- selves about Realization. They are simply signs of the machinery of klik-klak, possibility—dualistic possibility, alternatives. They are not about Realization, they are about happening, experiencing, and so forth, in the conditional sense. Whereas My Pattern, entered into as My devotee is Called to enter into it, is direct means for Realizing Me. However, My Pattern Itself is not the Realization. It’s the sadhana, the means.

This Body is not the Realization. It is My Sign, My Murti Form, yes, but in terms of your sadhana, It is means that I have Given you to Realize Me. Your devotional attraction to Me, practicing this self-surrendering, self-forgetting Contemplation of Me by means of this Body, moves you beyond your own psycho-physical self-consciousness, and ultimately beyond any noticing of this Body. It is means to move you, in due course, into Spiritual Contemplation of Me, and then Perfect Contemplation of Me. More and more profound dimensions of My Pattern, and, therefore, of this sadhana, appear in the course of this Contemplation that begins with your response to Me even in this bodily (human) Form. And, in the course of time, this Body, you see, will disintegrate into the elements, as all of these bodies here. [indicating everyone in the room]

You see, this Body is not the Realization, but It is One with My Pattern. Therefore, forever, the images of this Body will be useful to My devotees, because It is the Pattern of right Contemplation. You move to Me through this Form. Then you forget yourself and you become profound in Contemplating Me. Feeling beyond yourself more and more profoundly, you become enabled to locate Me more and more profoundly. You move by stages through and beyond the circles of this pattern—gross, subtle, and causal—until, Most Ultimately, you Realize Me Beyond all patterns. Just Me. And having thus Realized Me, all patterns are Recognizable. There is no bondage, neither present, nor potential. I Am Who Is Always Already the Case. I Am What you must Realize. I am also the Pattern, the Way to Realize Me.

This sadhana is conformity to My manifest Pattern—gross, subtle, and causal—forgetting yourself, moving beyond patterning to find Me Most Ultimately. So I am both that Pattern Which serves you, Which is your means, and That Which you are to Realize. If you are attracted to Me, then you come into My Sphere and confess the vow of this sadhana. Make that vow the Law of your life so that you always fulfill it. This is what it means to make a vow. It is then your obligation, which you enforce moment to moment. You will not do otherwise. It is a sacred matter. It is a heart-matter. It is the one and most fundamental Law of your life. You have no option but to fulfill it. That’s the nature of a vow, you see? Whatever it takes of you to do so, that’s what you do. It is the inherent discipline of your life. And when you have made this vow, then you look to Me for Instruction. And My Instruction takes the form of Words which inform you of a pattern of practice. It’s not a matter of you struggling with Me about it, or picking and choosing about it. I Am the One you would Realize, and I Am the Means, the Very Pattern, for Realizing Me.

You are here to find that out, not to invent the Way yourself. So you ask Me, sometimes in discussions like this, as it has occurred thousands of times over a quarter of a century. Otherwise, what you usually do from day to day, you ask Me by going to My Teaching Word. But since you are My devotee and live by the vow of relationship to Me, you simply go to My Word for Instruction and embrace it. It’s not something you put up for a vote every day, or that you pick and choose about, as with a Chinese menu. It is just there to be done. And it is a profound and creative process. The adaptation to all the discipline of this Pattern is very interesting if you do it. And that, of course, is what I Call you to do. My Word of Instruction to you relative to all the aspects of this Way—functional, practical, relational, and cultural—is not a casual Word. It is the Expression of My Pattern, which, if you duplicate it, conforms you to Me, establishes you in My Pattern, and, therefore, in the Way that Realizes Me.

So My true devotee is serious about My Word of Instruction and duplicates it simply, just as the student-musician duplicates the music made by the master-musician in the Indian tradition. It’s not mindless at all. It is a profoundly discriminative and intense process. It requires you to observe and take into account all aspects of your life, and to do so with great intelligence—not necessarily intellectual intelligence. Each has their own disposition relative to that. Real intelligence, clarity, responsibility.

So to live by My Word, under vows to Me, is not bondage. It’s not a degraded process at all. It is the Great Process of Realization. It has all the unique features that this Way has in particular, but also the Great Tradition upholds this very same process. This very process is Perfected in Me, and in this Way. But the core and profundity of the Great Tradition is full of this same Law. That’s why I Am here, and you have Means that are direct—the duplication of My Pattern here, according to My Word and Sign. Do this, directly, surrendering yourself, forgetting yourself, in sympathetic attractive Communion with Me. Embrace the disciplines through straightforward adaptation.

This is the straight way, the quickest way, and is, itself, quickening because it is conformed to Me, and not merely a body of behaviors in and of themselves. But if you do not live under vows to Me, and put your vow itself up for a vote, day to day, hour to hour, pick and choose among My Instructions—do some, some not, do some one day, and another day you don’t do that, and you do something else—this is not to live by the vow, nor is it to live by My Word of Instruction. It is to fail to make this vow and My Word the Law of your life, and therefore, your conforming to Me is retarded. Your sadhana is limited.