Did You Ever Fear Anything?

Did You Ever Fear Anything?

Adi Da Samraj

September 21, 2004



DEVOTEE: Beloved, did You in Your sadhana ever fear anything?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everything, always.  True enough to be said, on the other hand nothing ever. If you’re Franklin, what would there not to be frightened about? From that perspective, everything is fearful. On the other hand, if it is not an absolute identity, that Franklin, then its fear is not one’s fear. To be associated with a mortal form or process is fearful. It’s not possible to become conjoined with such a thing, or such an event and process without conjoining with fear. Or there’d be no sadhana to be done. If you weren’t afraid, you wouldn’t be in here for Realization, if it could be said that that is even truly the case for you yet, you see. To the degree it’s not truly the case, or is superficially the case, relatively speaking, it’s because you’re not really aware of your fear inherent in what you’re identified with. So there’s one thing that could be said then. The fearfulness of the body-mind, the fearfulness of everything about it was embraced by Me without armoring. In other words, its fear was completely experienced and known, not just a little bit, not just a little anxiety.

 So, the entire life of association with that vehicle was profound. What makes a life not profound is the varying degrees and modes or patterns of insensitivity to the inherent fearfulness of conditional existence. Illusions serve that purpose, and habits and so forth. Habits of body-mind serve the purpose of immunizing you against fear, so that you can be a happy consumer looking forward to the future as if the future is filled with consumer products. Like the people in commercials on television. They’re all happier than pigs in shit about what they’re gonna buy next. I just was watching the news and there was a little programmed magazine moment for a few minutes about what they call techno-sexual gifts for the holidays. (LAUGHTER. Rustam laughs.) In other words, the technical equipment that’s the equipment to have if you are really in the know. When you’re seen with this cell phone, you are hot, baby! So you buy the right equipment and all the right techno this and that, and this makes you sexy, you see. And it makes you happy and this is all really incredibly important. And the salesman came on and talked about all these things. This is the purpose of life, these consumer goods. Including some automobiles they showed, clothing, anything you might think of as being somehow engineered, technically conceived and produced as a consumer product. A number of them were flashed by there, and it was sexual, techno-sexual, you see. And everybody was really smiling a lot when they came into association with these goods. This is the holiday season after all, this is the time for celebrating consumption and applauding it and identifying with being consumers.

 What this has to do with religion, you figure it out. Ego satisfactions are paraded and sold as if they are about happiness and the purpose of life. Well they have nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. It’s a total lie. But of course an entire civilization has been built on a vast variety of lies that essentially all have this same purpose, which is ego fulfillment. Even religion then, in its conventional form, has the purpose of ego fulfillment. So, anybody who’s associated with a body-mind, so-called anybody associated with it, who is not afraid, doesn’t know what’s happening. Fear is inherent in the body-mind. Every last stroke of it is fear. It is self-contraction, and therefore it’s fear. And that’s all there is to it. So was there fear? You bet! Hard-on, full-time, unqualified, constant. Now if that doesn’t make you want to wake up, you see, nothing will. That’s why there is a waking up. That’s where the motivation comes from. So for Me to embrace, to be coincident with this life, and the Franklin Jones form and so on, this lump of flesh here, was fearful serious business. A terrible submission. Remains so, a vision of terrible circumstances, of deluded beings suffering and creating suffering. Creating it as the gross world product. And refusing all gifts of release, of transcendence, of Truth.