Friends of Adidam

Siddha Peetha

In 1987 Adi Da visited and spend the day in a location on the Mt. Tamalpais watershed area in Fairfax, California (Marin County). In honor and recognition of the site in which he sat the Friends of Adidam have created a Siddha Peetha where people can sit in a public empowered spot and Feel the Mystery of The Wonder of This Incarnation of the Great One.

Dear Friends:

We are all getting old. Some of Sri Adi Da’s devotees (and former devotees) are already dead! Sooner or later, we must rest in our relationship to the Divine Being, Consciousness, and Reality that lives in us now. We have something profound in common amid this highly subjective encounter with the Divine Reality. We have all (at one time or another) acknowledged the spiritual mastery of Adi Da Samraj and intensively studied and practiced the Way of the Heart. In fact, over the last three decades, at least 3500 very diverse individuals have likely called themselves formal devotees of Adi Da Samraj. Of this group, approximately one thousand are nominally affiliated with Adidam today. Still, only a few hundred active participants in the Way of the Heart (going on retreats, participating in community events, etc.) So, what’s up with the larger group–the 3000+ current and former devotees who have pulled back from the “religion business” of Adidam?

Friends of Adidam take the view that any meaningful “consideration” of the work of Adi Da Samraj has to take into account two directly related phenomena:

What Sri Adi Da is doing and saying now; and the experience of the extended community of Adidam “alumni” and the majority of current-time devotees who choose not to engage in the communal dimensions of practice.

The Friends of Adidam and the Beezone feel there is a need for the extended community to access the current word and work of Sri Adi Da and for Sri Adi Da to access the new energy, ideas, and people needed to build a positive future for the Way of the Heart.

The Friends of Adidam was established to create a space for interested friends to gather freely and anonymously. Out of this free space, we hope and intend that a radical new realization–at the level of mind, heart, and culture–will emerge that honors the “Avataric Incarnation” of Sri Adi Da Samraj and the “True Heart” of all who have (if only for a moment) consciously received his tangible Blessing.


“All who have seen Me have this obligation. All My devotees, having heard Me, must contact Me As I Am Altogether, and all of you must be Agency for Who I Am.”

From “The Boundless Self-Confession” – Part 24 of The Aletheon

The Friends of Adidam is a free association of persons who have appreciation for Adi Da and his teaching. This Friends program is known but not formally acknowledged by the Church of Adidam.


Ed Reither, Beezone Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, 2000