A Monkey’s Tale On the Divine Person – Leelas in Praise of Belove Da, Avatara Adi Da Love-Ananda, Samraj, Eleutherious, The Bright Ruchira Budda

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Leelas in Praise of Beloved Da,

Avatara Adi Da Love-Ananda, Samraj, Eleutherios,

The Bright Ruchira Buddha


by Frank Marrero , For Beloved


“My entire right side touched Him from toe to shoulder. An attendant put on Slapshot with Paul Newman, I don’t think I saw four minutes of it. Instead, I swooned in enjoyment, I massaged His hands and fingers, stroked His chest, cheeks, eyebrows, head. We talked in soft tones, we communed in Love.”

“Silently, a divine Love overwhelmed all thoughts, all separate identity, all limitations, all experience. Oceans; unending vast seas of heart-joy engulfed my every breath with tidal intoxication. I was lost in His Fullness, Joy, Consciousness and subsumed in His Love. Even every thought was vanquished by the Unborn, Uncaused Divine. Only God. Only divinity forever, the Heart, the Absolute Truth, baptismally, unendingly”

“His baptism of Bliss Consciousness had been so complete it was easy. It was a golden time and I thought it was just gonna get better and better”

First Draft September 9, 1997


Thanks to Gertrud Trouw, Brad Reynolds, Peter Malakoff, Ed Reither, and Dan Alderson for their appreciative ears, comments, and edits.

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