The Golden Calf

Adi Da Samraj, 1993

ADI DA:  If you want to continue this children of Israel, golden calf worshiping abuse, then you will.  But don’t expect this sign to be here forever, you see in the midst of that. 21 years later, 21 years, that’s a long time you see. And I still have to talk to you about this garbage.

Still you’re reluctant, still yourself involved, not enough experience yet to organize yourselves as a true devotional gathering. Get down to the work that is your obligation – with the institution, the culture, the community, the mission.  The responsibility for my circumstance,  for relating to me altogether rightly.



Adi Da Samraj, 1993

When do I get to enjoy anyone? Every day, enduring the limitations that you all dramatize. It’s the way it’s been, not just the last seven years, it’s been all the 21. And still there is no fundamental change in your relationship to me and in the circumstance in which I work from day to day. Don’t expect longevity in this body as long as you continue in that disposition.  Stop dramatizing maybe the event will change. But don’t expect me to prolong this flesh you see, it registers you.

DEVOTEE: This thing. The world is the worst thing I’ve ever been.

ADI DA: Some sense, worse in some sense, improving greater potential, too. Greater potential than two, three years ago. The scene structured as it was also in some sense now, worse. But also there’s greater potential in it. Just as the entire world must become sane, make agreements to cooperate and make that the senior, this position rather than competition. So, my devotees have to come to agreement to be my devotees. Stop competing with one another competing with me being separate abusive, dissociative, uninvolved, unconverted, unresponsive. Stop then.

You ought to talk with one another, not just talk with me. I told you some nights ago its time you all got involved in a great conversation with one another. And stop the abusive stupidity that characterizes this gathering.

You’re living to no effect in my company and grabbing me night and day with your abuses.  And wanting to me address, wanting me to address about the same damn bullshit after day after day and just suffer you, you see,  that’s not devotion.

You have to make great changes as individuals in relation to me and great changes collectively and get down to business, get serious and do it for real and stop this bullshit abuse and dramatization you’ve all been involved wih within my company for 21 years.

Children of Israel – The Jewish people

Golden Calf – The story of the golden calf is widely regarded as one of the most disgraceful moments in Jewish history. In Exodus, chapters 31-32, after receiving the Torah, the Jewish people created an idol and worshipped it. Having miscalculated the date of Moses’ promised return from the mountain, the Jewish people thought their leader had died. They decided to replace him, and with the help of Aaron, formed a golden calf and worshipped it.