Greek Theatre and Adi Da’s Revelation

Our only real duty and purpose is to return far enough to the root of our civilization that we can remember—then help it remember—its sacred purpose and task.
And, naturally, the only question is how.”

Peter Kingsley, Catafque


 “Why do you think I call you to attend this
“Mummery” puja every year? Many reasons, of course, but, not
only to attend it, but also to perform it for one another,
participate in it as a performed puja. Among the many
reasons for that is obviously-I hope obvious to you-so that
you’ll see yourselves reflected in it, see how your
religion business is not very unlike ‘Saint and Ear‘. It’s not

The Mummery Book

A Parable is to Purify and Illuminate the mortal, human heart. Therefore, This Parable of Mine Is a Purifying Fire, of all-Illuminating Brightness, That will, forever, Burn a Living Light, within the natural Fire-place of your incendiary heart of ego’s “I”.
This Parable of Mine Is The One and Inmost Revelation Of The Divine True Love That Is. This Parable Itself, Is like a Sea-shell, Left, by Me, for you to Find and Keep, in your, forever, wanderment – along the endless driftwood-beach of life and mine – in search of Everlasting fuel, for Heaven’s never-kindled Blessing-Fire.
To Understand This Parable of Mine, Hold Me to your little ear of heart, with love. And Listen to Me, Resounding there. And Look, within your private room, behind the eyes, for Me to Play My Play and Parable of True-Heart’s Fire and Light of Truth. 

from The Mummery Prologue 

If Only 

Steve Brown

Greek Theater and Adi Da’s Revelation

‘The Mummery’

Steve Brown

The Orpheum Trilogy

The Mummery, The Scapegoat, The Happenine

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