Hearing and the Frontal Line

The Reception of Spirit Presence

The navel is the entrance of formal energy, the center where all descending energies are received. The aperture of the head is the entrance of consciousness or subtle force, the center where all ascending energies are received. At the aperture of the head, the ascending energies are returned or turned to descent. At the navel region, the descending energies are returned or turned to ascent. – Two Apertures, Head and Navel

Hearing and the Frontal Line

In The True Course Of The Frontal Yoga In The Only By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of Adidam, There Will Be Occasional “Surges” Of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spiritual Energy In The Frontal Line. – Sutra 45 – The Dawn Horse Testament


“Shri Guru Dev went on to say that ‘True Hearing‘ is not merely an event but a capability.  In other words, it gives you a unique capability relative to all that is occurring.  Which you can feel beyond the ‘self-contraction’ – releasing states of mind and releasing all forms of bodily, emotional, and mental contractions.

“So the invasion of my Spirit Presence and Spirit is fully allowed.”

Until that point, in another words, right now, you may have experiences of Shri Guru Dev’s Spirit Presence descending in the frontal line but the Full Reception in the frontal line doesn’t occur until Hearing has been established.”

Quandra Sukhaput, September 29, 1990

Further reading and study

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