Hearing – The Foundation of Sadhana

Hearing – The Foundation of Sadhana

“The seed of awakening”

October 28, 1978


The principal that it makes it all humorous possible. Ultimately fruitful is in this Hearing, this communion, the relationship to the Spiritual Master is the principle that makes the practice fruitful. It is also the principle. You’ll see that you are at war with.  The individual does not want to surrender by tendency, the individual surrender. Only on the basis of intuition, Hearing you consult the body mind itself. It only wants to be involved with itself. Would like to have a lot of techniques. I would like to improve. I’d like to have better experience would like to feel good. You’d like to be a model like to be already enlightened, like to be superior to all beings would like to be guru Spiritual Master. Everybody thinks they want to be a Spiritual Master. And the slightest idea, what that involves is it it’s absurd.

But this narcissist you say is like war, literally at war with his own help. And you observed this then -and your play with me, your relationship with me too. That is also the way it is. That’s also something that devotees have always complained about this evil in themselves, which is at war with everything true and is ultimately of war, but the Spiritual Master at war with the Divine in every moment. But it’s not absolutely true that you’re at war with me. You see, it’s simply that the body mind by its virtue of its tendencies is reluctant. And every moment when you fall out of sympathy with me, fall out of this Hearing is see relationship with me. You fall into the structures of the body-mind itself. You see, you see how knotted up it is.

So you’ve got to persist in your surrendering, bring yourself to the study of the teaching, submit yourself to the text, submit yourself to the word of the Spiritual Master, engage in devotional practices with all of your feelings, bodily engage in them. Not only in those formal occasions, morning and evening, but in some form or other engaged in it all day long, because you have heard – because the Heart is awake to me, but there’s lots of other stuff there too, you see. And that, that makes your practice a dynamic process.

And it means that they will be times when you feel out of it and you feel overwhelmed by your negativity or symptoms and so forth is there, but you’ve got to have more humor about that. See, it happened enough times that it’s really nothing more than a headache or something, expressed in psychological terms. Just something you live with it doesn’t animate you particularly just the tendencies there. And that’s all it is. It’s just set up in the nervous system is set up in the endocrine system at the moment, it’s set up in the bloodstream for that moment, set up where the wave pattern is working in the brain at that moment, the Heart is not bound by that. You see it observes, it sees it sees what a cranky animal [laughter] And have some humor about it. And particularly in those moments, you must learn to practice with great intensity, surrender more profoundly for the tacit recollection of your true understanding of the true nature of your feeling in relation to me. And you must learn in this process, you see to make use of me more and more profoundly to make use of me.

Whereas now you more or less come to me. You get teaching, you get disciplines to live. You get to hear me talk. You get to have some sort of feeling response with me in some ways sometimes, but you must use me in the spiritual way, which means you’ve got to grow. The more you grow, the more you will make use of me 

And if you hear me, then you can live with me and you can’t just hear the teaching. You see that and go off with it. To hear the teaching needs to be established in a relationship with me. So, therefore having heard you must See me. You must live with me. You must practice in my company. That is the secret of the way of life. Not to be self-involved, not just to have a mental understanding you see. It is to live with me directly. Live with me. The more you do it, the more you fulfill the discipline and so forth. Also the more that limits the tendencies this program of narcissistic structures will break up, loosen you see give you more room as yourself for one thing as this body mind, but give the Heart room in which to transcend the body mind. So naturally there is apparent growth.

This intuition, this Hearing and Seeing you see is the seed – is the awakening. It is the principle of the process, but it doesn’t show all of its signs in this transfigured body. Mind you say until maturity having matured to the point of the seventh stage of life, we essentially rest in the same intuition that was there in the first moment of Hearing. On the other hand, the body mind stands in a totally different relationship to that truth. 

The usual man, you see who is the body mind, and even the body mind, and just some partial aspect of itself, such a one knows nothing of truth. Doesn’t even care about it very much and it’s constantly troubled by his experiences. He’s always looking for relief, success. 

the Spiritual Master is present in the same form of man that others are present in, as.  The Spiritual Master is not identified with the body mind. It is the transfigured state of the Spiritual Master that represents your advantage. You can enter into Divine communion through that relationship directly and be instructed relative to all of the structures that stand in your way, the Spiritual Master abides in that condition, which is the enjoyment of devotees in the seventh stage. It is a state ultimately without description ultimately it’s not even a state It is simply the transcendental Divine position without form. Even while conventions of form persist in while life seems to be lived.


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