I Will Do Everything

I am God. Without a doubt. This is my confession. Not “I am God exclusively,” although that may seem to you to be so in the meantime. My confession to you is the confession of your very existence. If you will respond to my confession and become absorbed in me in love, so that all the artifacts of your ordinary impulses, your ordinary life, your conventional desiring, are superficial, then your meditation on me, your Communion with me, will become tantamount to my meditation.

My meditation is not a grinding affair. My meditation is absolute. It is what is being reflected to you in these ridiculous conversations. Through that communication you become absurdly and madly sympathetic so that the grinding force of your ordinary life and its desires and its destiny become superficial. You become a loving, serving devotee in your impulse, in your thinking, in your feeling, completely beside all your tendencies, all the subjective rumoring and wrangling, all the complication by which you turn upon yourself and identify with this frozen moment.

Communion is simply love, attachment. It is founded on hearing of my Argument, and my Argument takes place in time and space in every moment of all the time I live with everyone. Whenever you hear me, then you may begin this contemplation, this Communion. It is simply loving attachment to me. If you will consider my Argument, you may also become attached to me. When you become attached to me, then all your conventional relations will become ordinary, happy, human, superficial, nothing – just a discipline of happiness and of pleasure. Your attachment to me will become overwhelming, without any goal whatsoever, but a motive of happiness, an indelible simplicity. You will simply Commune with me. The energy of your attention will rest with me day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. And without your doing anything about it, I will meditate you. I will do everything.