the Beezone

“If you find yourself on the barren rocky path of the world above the treeline of everyday news and concerns . . . If you are there when evening falls, food is scarce and the inevitability of loss and death is felt and seen and the heart is broken . . . There is a lake of mind fed by crystal springs, where bees seeking water come to refresh their lives of honey gathering – It is the Beezone” – Peter Malakoff


“Beezone is, without any doubt, a world’s best spiritual resource.  Here you will find the rare and great treasures, all given freely and absent prejudice.” – Michael J Setter


Introduction to Beezone

 Beezone, a nonprofit (501(c)3) educational foundation established in 1998 

“There was a secret work school that existed in Afghanistan for thousands of years called “Sarmoun Darq,” which means “The Beehive” or the “Collectors of Honey.”


Beezone is a nonprofit (501(c)3) educational foundation library, launched January 1998. The many materials (2000+ pages) on the Beezone are categorized under the general heading of ‘spirituality.’ The library is my ongoing study and attempt to understand and preserve what the great traditions and schools of religion, philosophy, psychology and other central categories of human understanding have developed over the centuries. Today modern understanding is emerging, transforming and in many cases discarding traditional views. My work with the Beezone is to expand and integrate the ancient wisdom of yesterday with today’s rational, scientific and materialistic views.

Who am I, Who are You and What are we Doing?

To make this introduction short and to the point, my exploration, studying, and meditation on fundamental questions lead me on a journey to Adi Da Samraj (d. 2008), a guru. I understand that being born and raised in America and confessing ‘that I sit at the feet of a guru’ seems quite strange and even deluded. But believe me, it’s nothing of the sort. I am not a formal student of Adidam (the official Church of the Way of Adi Da). I was for a time (1983-1986) but now recognized as a friend and supporter of their work (see my visit to Adidaashram below). My journey remains, as Adi Da is not the answer nor a destination, he may be a question to some, but he is certainly no answer. My journey is the same as yours, ongoing.

The Beezone is a continuous consideration and study of The Great Wonder of Wonders. “What’s it all about” “Who am I” “What am I suppose to be doing,” AND “What about the state of the world we live in today”. I believe these “wonders” are important to consider since we must live together and ultimately leave with our “house” in order for those who follow.

The name Beezone came from the term Beehive. This metaphor was also used in a secret school that existed in Afghanistan thousands of years ago called Sarmoun Darq, which means “The Beehive” or the “Collectors of Honey.” The Beehive refers to the ultimate Source of Wisdom, the Realizer, and the function of the Guru. The Beehive is where bees organize themselves by serving the Queen and making honey. Since I am not in any “hive” but am in the zone of many influences, I chose the term Beezone to represent my relationship to the literature, centers, and people that are the ancient and modern holders of Wisdom.

May you be blessed and find Beezone helpful in your investigation and study of the journey we all call Life.

Ed Reither

Gloucester, Massachusetts

May 18, 2022

“I am devoted to study and eager in the pursuit of the good arts. Nevertheless, I do not assume nor arrogate to myself the title learned….because I understand that in this kind of learned contest the real victory lies in being vanquished” – (Count) Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola (1463-94) – Oration on the Diginity of Man, 1487.


Postscribo: If you or someone you know by any chance have found someone or something having more Sophia than the teachings of Adi Da Samraj, please let me know. I have combed the libraries of major universities, talked with eminent scholars, holy men and women, from America to South America and India, and have found no one or no thing who does.  I found many who ‘point’ and can ‘approach’ his direction, but no one or thing that mirrors or matches him. So, if you – after having studied Adi Da’s teaching seriously – have a source of more brilliant wisdom, please feel free to contact me, and I will post it on Beezone.

 “The bees, though, who have little leisure, it seems, still live in profound depth – moment to moment. They get prasad from the queen whom they serve at foot, even with their tongues, and she provides them with a nectar that keeps them all attuned to the chemical integrity of the hive and its contemplations beyond – subtler and deeper – such that they don’t require outward-directedness when they fly from the hive. They are primarily in a kind of exalted condition in which to allow their bodies to function while they otherwise remain resonantly absorbed.” –  Adi Da Samraj

Pilgrimage to Adi Da Samrajashram – November 2015

My Only Measure – Beezone

Why waste time in the wake, the churning of mind and memory, go to the root. Fundamentally it’s about the Source. The One and Only and the Realization of that One. It is an ordeal, hard work, and a matter of importance or you could say, a matter of life and death, not about belief and story, but about realization and life.

Talk and story are secondary, reflective, and possibly (hopefully) instructive. There are Truth and Reality. There is the communication, the transmission of Realization by the Realizer, the Source; the Realization of One as Two. The transparence of such a One is not reflective nor projected. It is inclusive, already established at the root, not in its wake.

Therefore, there is sadhana, the work, without a sugar coated candy cane or a hopeful promise of salvation. – Beezone.

“The Truth is yourself, but not your mere bodily self. Your real self is higher than ‘you’ and ‘me.’ This visible ‘you’ which you fancy to be yourself Is limited in place, the real ‘you’ is not limited. Why, O pearl, linger you trembling in your shell? Esteem not yourself mere sugar-cane, but real sugar. This outward ‘you’ is foreign to your real ‘you;’ Cling to your real self, quit this dual self.”

Rumi, The Mathnavi

Adi Da 1973


Adi Da 1983


“You need not necessarily make everybody My devotee, but try to get people to at least invest themselves in the greatest aspirations of the tradition they do embrace.” 
Adi Da Samraj – 1993


The Beezone White and Orange Project is a study method based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue & Brown Books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935.