the Beezone

“If you find yourself on the barren rocky path of the world above the treeline of everyday news and concerns . . . If you are there when evening falls, food is scarce and the inevitability of loss and death is felt and seen and the heart is broken . . . There is a lake of mind fed by crystal springs, where bees seeking water come to refresh their lives of honey gathering – It is the Beezone” – Peter Malakoff


“Beezone is, without any doubt, a world’s best spiritual resource.  Here you will find the rare and great treasures, all given freely and absent prejudice.” – Michael J Setter


Introduction to Beezone

 Beezone, a nonprofit (501(c)3) educational foundation established in 1998 

“There was a secret work school that existed in Afghanistan for thousands of years called “Sarmoun Darq,” which means “The Beehive” or the “Collectors of Honey.”


Introducing Beezone: A Nonprofit Educational Foundation

Beezone, a nonprofit educational foundation library, has been a beacon of enlightenment since its launch in January 1998. Nestled within its digital corridors are over 4000 pages of materials, all united under the broad umbrella of ‘spirituality.’ This unique repository represents an ongoing scholarly exploration, meticulously crafted to comprehend and safeguard the profound insights cultivated by the great traditions and schools of religion, philosophy, psychology, and various other pivotal domains of human understanding throughout the ages.

In a world where contemporary perspectives are rapidly evolving, often challenging or discarding traditional viewpoints, Beezone stands as a bridge between the ancient wisdom of yesteryears and the emerging landscape of today’s rational, scientific, and materialistic outlooks. As a dedicated steward of knowledge, the mission of Beezone is to not only expand but also harmonize the timeless wisdom of the past with the modern and dynamic understandings of the present. Join us on this journey of exploration and integration as we navigate the rich tapestry of human wisdom, fostering a deeper comprehension of our shared heritage.

Who am I, Who are You and What are we Doing?

Meet Ed Reither, the visionary mind behind The Beezone, a profound culmination of his early and unwavering contemplation and study of “The Great Wonder of Wonders.” Ed delves into fundamental questions that resonate with the core of human existence: “What’s it all about?” “Who am I?” “What am I supposed to be doing?” and a poignant reflection on the state of the world we inhabit today. Ed believes that grappling with these wonders is not just a personal endeavor but a collective responsibility, essential for coexistence and the legacy we leave for future generations.

The name Beezone is a testament to Ed’s deep insights. Inspired by the metaphor of a beehive, reminiscent of a secret school known as Sarmoun Darq in ancient Afghanistan, meaning “The Beehive” or “Collectors of Honey,” Beezone symbolizes the ultimate Source of Wisdom, the Realizer, and the role of the Guru. In this metaphorical hive, bees organize themselves, serving the Queen and producing honey—a representation of the harmonious pursuit of wisdom and spiritual realization.

Ed’s choice of the term Beezone reflects his unique position, not confined to any singular hive but existing in a zone influenced by a myriad of factors. This term encapsulates his relationship with the literature, centers, and people who hold the ancient and modern wisdom. Join Ed Reither in the Beezone, where the exploration of profound questions meets the integration of ancient and contemporary perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry of human wisdom.


May you be blessed and find Beezone helpful in your investigation and study of the journey we all call Life.

Ed Reither

San Anselmo, California

May, 2024


“I am devoted to study and eager in the pursuit of the good arts. Nevertheless, I do not assume nor arrogate to myself the title learned….because I understand that in this kind of learned contest the real victory lies in being vanquished” – (Count) Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola (1463-94) – Oration on the Diginity of Man, 1487.



Beezone (Ed Reither) with Julie Anderson

October 14, 2023