It is Easy to See


(taken from the Word and Speech of Adi Da Samraj)

If I read and hear Adi Da Samraj correctly the Way of Heart is very attractive to mentally-oriented individuals who cannot submit bodily and emotionally, as a life vehicle. For emotionally-oriented individuals who cannot fully engage in life, The Way of Heart is attractive for it gives them ‘saving grace’.  For both cases he states; “they are essentially motivated in a conventional way and therefore engaged only as part of the habit of Narcissus” and the Way of Heart is felt and seen as a euphoric up and down and a plateaued malaise.

Adi Da states, when an individual has actually matured in the Way of the Heart, he or she shows all the signs of someone who is surrendered in God. Not in the usual, dingy, middle-class religious sense, but in the most genuine sense. A devotee’s life should have taken on:

  1.  The qualities of harmony,
  2.  Regularity,
  3.  Natural discipline,
  4.  Intelligence,
  5.  Pleasurableness, and
  6.  Native humor, without irony or giddiness.
  7.  The heart, the center and epitome of the being, should open naturally.
  8.  There should be the clear signs of one who is dependent on Real Grace, not on self-effort, or “saving grace”,  and
  9.  Whose dependence on Grace does not take the form of waiting for God to come out of  the sky to heal his tuberculosis and give him a new car. No, it is dependence on the Grace that is Reality.
  10.  The whole body-being must be adapted to Grace – as his or her very Condition, presently, completely independent of all the worldly destinies that the mind would like to assume are initiated by an act of some conventionally graceful Deity outside the body.
  11.  When that natural quality of devotion, of surrender, begins to appear in the individual, and he or she naturally, spontaneously, moment to moment is involved in true devotional meditation,
  12.  Then the consideration of the Way of Heart can appear for such a one and the demonstration begin.