Neem Karoli Baba – Janaki Rathod

    My Time with Neem Karoli Baba

Janaki Rathod – 2020


Janaki Rathod – 1973


My history includes growing up in Berkeley, California, the eldest daughter of an architect and a teacher. I became a vocal student of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in Berkeley in 1967 and started to learn Hindi at that time. Later, I lived in India for about 8 years, where I studied Indian Classical vocal music at the Bhatkhande College of Music in its Nainital branch. At this college all instruction was in Hindi. During this time I spent a great deal of time with Neem Karoli Maharaji and often sat with him in both Kainchi and Vrindavan. After his passing, I continued to visit India throughout my life and married into an Indian film family based in Bhandra, Mumbai, as the eldest son’s wife. I also majored in Asian Languages in University and to this day I enjoy watching Bollywood films!

Beezone Interview Series with Janaki


1Meeting Maharaji

Janaki, Maharaji, and Dada

2 -The Show – Samadhi

3 – The Satsang – Maharaji’s Western Devotees

4 – The Ladies

5 – Devotion, Hanuman and Kirtan

Janaki and devotees singing to Maharaji

6 – Maharaji the Man

Lakshmi Narayan Sharma – Maharajji’s birth name


7 – Maharaji the Guru – The Teachings


Janaki in Taos, New Mexico

Janaki Today