Julie Anderson – The Alchemy of The Gift and The Crisis

Julie Anderson – The Alchemy of The Gift and The Crisis

The following discussion took place on February 12/13, 2022.


This discussion springs from a talk Beloved Adi Da Samraj gave in 1997 entitled, ‘Spiritual Rebirth’.

The talk was published under the title ‘Spiritual Rebirth’ in ‘A Mastered Life’. In it he talks about the need for True Recognition and the BEGINNNG of His ‘Divine Blessing’ Work with the gift of the essay (book) ‘Four Thorns of Heart-Instruction’.

“Spiritual Rebirth’ – Summary

May 20, 1997

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I’ve Spoken to you for twenty-five years, in every possible mode of expression, of “Considering” matters with you. And having brought that to a summary point over the last year and a half, having done all that, that was the end of that for Me, and a profound Yogic Crisis (Santosha) took place.

I made this Utterance of Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction (1997) as a summary, straightforward, simple Utterance.

This is the mode in which I am Present to Work, from now, and not in some other mode required by those who do not Recognize Me. I’m not here any longer to be associated with people who do not Recognize Me and do not practice right devotion to Me. There is no tolerance in this Body for it, absolutely none. So you all must, in this Recognition of Me, find this process, pattern, of right relationship to Me, right service to Me, and so on-and that’s all devotees.

In many traditions, a very particular and profound transformation is called “Spiritual rebirth”. It’s rather a commonly used term, you could say, throughout the Great Tradition. Perhaps all of the traditions suggest that something like that must take place. It’s not merely an experience that you have. So the Spiritual rebirth that is required is not merely an experience that you remember. It is an event that utterly transforms your life, transforms your body-mind, transforms your disposition, your orientation, your destiny, your way of life.

That’s what it is to Recognize Me. Those are the kind of signs that would occur necessarily in that case. This Spiritual birth-rebirth is transformed by Recognition of Me, transformed by that Communion with Me. Then the process that is generated when you are truly entered into Spiritual Communion with Me goes on and on. It’s involuntary, so to speak, like falling in love. You don’t plan such a thing in some sense, at all. It’s involuntary. It is a movement in you that is profound, and can’t be accounted for in the strategies of egoity.

So it simply occurs – the Recognition of Me, and the response process that follows from it. It is just that, just this relationship to Me. But for there to be the relationship to Me, you must Recognize Me-as in the case of any relationship. To enter into this most profound Divine Communion with Me, you must Recognize Me. I don’t mean recognize Me….whose physical features you identify and so forth. I don’t mean merely conventional, ordinary recognition of Me. So, there must be profound and true Recognition of Me to Receive My Real Gift.