Julie Anderson – Beezone Interview – Outside In, Inside Out – Session 15

Beezone Interview with Julie Anderson

(Formerly Kanya Samarpana Remembrance)

Julie – India, 2020


Outside In, Inside Out

Video Introduction to Session 

Julie Anderson and Ed Reither (Beezone)

The following audio portions (Parts I, II, and III – below)
took place with Julie on November 11, 2019.

Part I

“Reaching Out”


This is the letter Julie sent that is referred to in this section.


October 19, 2018

Dearest Sukhapur and Nadikanta,

As One in the Bright Divine Heart I bow in Bhagavan’s Being Of Love-Bliss

Love Love Love to you both. Big gentle hugs with hearts meeting humbly in gratitude.

I offer this without any causal or reactive presumptions or common egoic emotional sexual, religious or spiritual self identity or familiarity, in mutual respect and compassion.

Needless to say too much apparent time has passed without keeping in touch! Yet, there have always been consistent forms of contact via snippets of news (very very little for at least 6-8 years or so, as I have really dropped out)……. thoughts, feelings, intuitions, yoga/prayers/puja, meditation, study and constant dreams. More profoundly however, is the obviousness of being in the prior depth of the process, even as we have all been in seeming different spaces! This spiritual bond has been proven to be eternal. I am sure you feel likewise. Yet still I so long now at this time to be in dialog and contact again. I know you are very busy and have many demands on your energy and attention, plus your own choices and needs in regards to how you both live. I respect all of this. My gratitude and respect for you both never wains. I do have curious loving questions about your lives and service and the Sacred Life of Adidam that hopefully will come to light if we can connect. I pray for this to occur to assist my ability to reconnect lawfully by understanding the manner in which I find Adidam and the Culture in how it manifests presently.

Thank you so deeply for the persistent service you have engaged for Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da and His Bright Work. Truly heroic. I know you both would not have it any other way and cling tight to the profound gifts of obligation you have been given. Given my life took another turn and I am not there with you, perhaps it is time to communicate about the auspicious sameness in the midst of life’s apparent differences!

From the depth of my heart please feel my love and gratitude and support. Because of our unique shared history and also continued effortless depth bond I am grateful to understand what your lives are purposed for. As is mine, though possibly from your perspective it may not have been seeming so! As One in the Heart of the Beloved Bright Conscious Light may this be clarified. This has been proven in my heart and thus this being is forever bowed and gone in His Divine Being of Love-Bliss. I pray I may serve in this unique way for you and Bhagavan Adi Da and His Divine Self Emergence in beginning this dialog.

Now life has continued and goes on, and challenges met, by Divine Grace of Beloved Bhagavan’s Transcendental Spiritual Presence and State. I offer this with heart clarity, strength, honest and sincere humility by the gift of Divine Heart Recognition of Reality.

My “questions” today are around a couple things:

I am not certain if you have been given the full opportunity to read the dialog on Beezone that I have been having with Ed Reither for the last two years. This has been a gift and a blessing. It felt auspicious given he had contacted me right after he came from the Island and having had dialog with you Sukhapur. I am actually surprised I have not heard if you both have read it or not! And if you have, even more odd not to have heard anything! I assume there is an explanation for this oddity. It would be wonderful to hear your feelings about this. These dialogs will give you a sense of the process that has unfolded in relationship to Beloved Bhagavan and His Divine Transmission that has never ceased to Work in this being.

I deeply feel that our connection at this time would be auspicious. This flip side of the coin that landed in the “world”, at depth never left the Bright Room and His Transmission has proven the Reality Space of Being and It’s Perpetual Victory of Only One.

Life is lived, understood and recognized in His Divine Embrace of Being Divine Light.

What I offer you to feel will be a relief to you both. This is a personal gesture and private for us all. Especially, longing to hear and feel your Spiritually Transcendental Process and how it has unfolded and continues. Given the apparently different adventures we have been given, embraced and endured I feel sharing would be auspicious and grant further insight and good news. Mostly, just Loving Embrace.

I offer for you to feel my open heart and voice and hand. Whenever you are able let us simply communicate about the miracle of Awakening Grace in this depth process. Please may this be a direct dialog of human and spiritual intimacy, in Love and Respect. From here I genuinely feel there can be an important process initiated that would be of benefit for all of us and most especially for our Beloved Divine Heart.

I Love you both with all my heart.

My life and heart has always only been Mastered by His Bright Body, Presence and State. What a paradox of wonders! His Bright Divine Emergence and how it does and will unfold is an incredible mystery to behold. It is clearly beyond and prior to while embracing and auspiciously purifying and aligning all manifest forms, boundaries and structures.

Always at His Feet in His Heart Being,


Da Love Ananda Bhagavan Hridayam


Part II

‘The Response”

Part III

“The Dialogue”



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The Real Practice of Guru-Devotion

Julie Anderson, 1980

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