Julie Anderson – Beezone Interview – Letter of Alert and Protection – Session 16

Beezone Interview with
Julie Anderson

(Formerly Kanya Samarpana

Julie – India, 2020


Letter of Alert and Protection

Julie Anderson and Ed Reither (Beezone)


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This is the letter Julie sent that is referred to in this section.



Dearest Nadikanta,

In Bhagavan Da Love Ananda as One we bow.

I Love you deeply. I am genuinely concerned for Adidam, your wellbeing, and Sukhapur’s. I tried to warn you both 8 months ago, what was brewing under the surface of Adidam. This present chaos IS NOT my creation. I cautioned you both about the undercurrent and you failed to grant me enough ear of heart and respect to listen. Why?

It is now clearer than ever that you and Sukhapur have entirely misunderstood my heart intentions. From the very first time, approx. two years ago, I wrote a handwritten letter to Sukhapur reaching out to serve the two of you in Love Ananda by His Divine Heart Guidance.

I am still truly not clear at all why you were unable to receive this gesture as my heart intended.

I do have a letter wherein Sukhapur was open to my asking questions, she invited this. When I did, however, her demeanor changed and became one of defensive distance. It became clear formalities ruled the structures of this Sacred Heart Domain, not the Yoga of Divine Intimacy in Da Love Ananda’s Bright Heart. Many told me she esp. has systematically excluded anyone from her circle, even the daughters, who has attempted to stand firm in suggesting to her that her actions are not auspiciously aligned. She then chose those who agreed with her the most to be her “protectors and servants”. This was the beginning of many consequential errors.

That, in addition to securing her life alone at the Brightness. Literally unbelievable that this was allowed. I did voice at that time that this was not an auspicious sign.

Now, for the last two years, Bhagavan Adi Da’s Blessing Guidance and Grace has made it clear to me that it was very important that I communicate my own depth process of growth and communicate my observations with the two of you and via the Beezone. The Beezone has been a positive influence. Your reactions to me, have not. This clarity from our Beloved Heart Master occurred via puja, prayer, invocation, mediation, and study. Also, via greater knowledge of what has been set in motion as “Adidam” especially since His Mahasamadhi.

Without going into a long-winded recapitulation, this is the principle offering of insight I make now at this time. I am not a threat in the manner you assume. I am calling/”challenging” you to heart listen.

The two of you ARE NOT being protected rightly nor auspiciously by those who are around you at the present time. I mean the ones who extend as present time leadership.

The actions of “protection” and the disciplines given out by leadership in response to seeming acts of “insubordination”, that come from the RSO Office, are heavy-handed, insensitive, humiliating, destructive, destabilizing, and counterproductive. Quite frankly, inhuman.

There is little demonstration of open-hearted right relationship and respect, let alone compassionate tolerance and loving embrace. How is this not obvious?

Fear, hysteria, and control are the seeming motivating factors of what is occurring….no matter what fabrications of seeming mind and heart are behind this chaos. Divine Conscious Heart motives are not at the fore here. Where is the collective Divine Reality Priesthood?

It is abundantly clear to a very large number of devotees and interested peripheral voyeurs and interested public that Adidam is a dysfunctional gathering in many ways. Just as it was when Beloved Bhagavan was physically alive.

One sign of this is the fact that open dialog about very serious and important questions is not allowed.

Especially when disrespect by the leadership is not given to a large group of otherwise well-respected elders and all heart intelligent devotees. A clash is being observed. That is not the problem. The problem is that present time leadership is performing what is seen as a shutdown and cover-up for obvious errors of wrongdoing and revisionism.

This why I say you are not really being protected. And why yourself Nadikanta are not protecting Sukhapur as you may assume you now are. She has not respected you. By pretending the two of you have been in synch about her dominant senior role is ludicrous. Her attempt and yours to feel you can sign a written statement that you are and have been aligned will actually be laughed at. It is embarrassing really to those aware, which are many longtime intimates of yours, younger and new devotees too, that you feel this will solve anything. This “cover-up” via obvious lies while continuing to enact errors only makes the situation worse. This is your part in the doing.

Heart-yearning voices (not entirely pure clearly) trying to be heard are not the single cause of this present drama. It could have been managed differently without a doubt. Mistakes that were unfortunate happened. The hornets’ nest ruptured. True Priesthood and Leadership need to be open to the Open Forum and call everyone into His Bright Room. No suppressive rules applied.

The reason for this moment is that you have not been being served by those who know you most intimately. Or those who Love you deeply enough and are thus the only ones able to be most effectively honest with you. I am not saying that the ones around you have not been well-intended, but there are active blind spots being allowed to operate here.

These blind spots have allowed lies, revisions and now attempts at cover-ups.

There has not been transparency, nor properly effective accountability. There have been financially illegal mishaps too which devotees will hold you and leadership accountable for.

The other error is a misinterpretation of how “hierarchy”, “seniority”, “subordination”, “authority”, “governance”, “setting apart and protecting”, and “leadership” becomes sacredly effective in Adidam. This longtime and presently enacted divisiveness, the upset voices of many, and the suppressive reactions from the present leadership prove this is so. If Adidam is not demonstratively Single Heart there is no authentic Adidam, no stable foundation.

What is becoming evident is that these unlawful actions are being corrected by our Heart Master’s Divine Reality Laws. This rightening has to occur across the entire gathering inclusive of every single one of us, given we are all implicated. We cannot resolve this eruption as opposing forces or camps. Only Prior Unity in His Divine Reality Fire of purification and transformation will this self-rightening occur. This present gathering is Saint and Ear, just as it has always been, not Adidam.

It is critical you both begin to let go and openly listen. Especially embrace those who know you most intimately and deserve respect as Bhagavan’s wise devotees. If you do not, this drama will escalate and get uglier. It is within your hands and heart to change this present dynamic. You are presently widening the divide not dissolving it. The gathering will no longer cower and be submissively compliant.

Please let us talk in His Bright Light.

In Heart Light as One



Beezone Note

The below clip is from a letter Quandra Sukhapur wrote to Julie a year earlier.
I post this to show how Quandra Sukhapur responded to Julie’s initial
– and ongoing – open ‘heart-hand’ in reaching out to the
Ruchira Sannyasin Order.


The title of this session is “The Alert and Protection”. Beezone thought it would be important to reference Adi Da’s words on this topic this way the reader and listener will understand that what Julie is referencing is not only her concerns.

The Alert and Protection from What?


“The Way is DEMONSTRABLE, demonstratable, and must be demonstrated. It is self-authenticating. The process is real and it can be proven through REAL PRACTICE.”

Adi Da Samraj, October 14, 2005

Adi Da is talking here about the ‘Mummery’. This is an excerpt from a larger talk to his devotees.


RUCHIRADAMA NADIKANTA: You reveal it here.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: But it’s clear what it means inThe Mummery Book.


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:: If you would separate the Treasures from Me, they’re dead.


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:: If you make, or try to make Adidam out of an abstraction of the Treasures, My Own Teaching, what are to be the Hermitages and so on – if you make all this into something you all own and which you relate to separate from Me, in and of themselves, even take My Picture and detach it from Me, all of these treasures are put to death. They are alive by association with Me. They are not a something in and of themselves.

So you must relate to all the Treasures on the basis of relationship to Me and cultivate the relationship to Me and be continuous with Me, and not detach the Treasures from Me, or Adidam is like Saint-and-Ear with dead Quandra made into a relic. Even when this lifetime is finished, there will be a Maha-Samadhi site and so on but it’s not about I’m dead merely. I’m here to establish the Way in which the relationship to Me is continuous, beyond the physical lifetime of this Body.

It’s about continued actual real relationship to Me, beyond the physical lifetime. There will be Murti forms of My Images that will be made use of by devotees for as long as there are devotees of Mine, but they’re not a thing in and of themselves. They are a focus for the faculties. They have their use, but they are about means to be kept continuous with Me, such that the relationship to Me is actually lived and I am known and recognized, really present, forever.

The circumstances that have pertained to Me in this Body for years now tragic, a falsification of Adidam. It’s about detaching the Way from Me, so these issues with Me are about the relationship to Me, it’s about authenticating Adidam through real continuous and right relationship to Me, participating in this relationship for real, not just creating substitute versions of it that are acquired for the self or abstracted from Me within your collective, making a mummery of Adidam, then.

It’s not about that. All this kind of revised Adidam that you all have made based on your own egoity, collectively even, is a fault that has occurred throughout human history in all areas of human life, including religion and esotericism.

You are making falseness in My Lifetime and setting up an Adidam, a potential Adidam for the future, beyond the physical Lifetime of this Body that is equally false, based on an abstraction, based on the things in and of themselves, based on the Treasures being things in and of themselves rather than existing in continuity with Me and being modes of participation in actual relationship to Me.

So, I’m rather than merely complaining, calling you to understand your own fault which is the characteristic fault of ego, individually and collectively, in all areas of human life. You can see it in the form of the world if you turn on your television set. The world mummery is on display, and the proceedings of the dark time are happening fully now. The neighborhood wars have begun.

Even so, those are simply the conditions that are characteristic of the time. All times are difficult. Everyone who has ever lived has died, so there’s no point in thinking the past was better. So even though it is important to understand the nature of this time and help it sober you, establish that gravitas, in and of itself it’s just the basis for a negative interpretation of existence and that’s not good enough.

Truth is what you are called to realize and the Way of Truth is what you are called to live. You MUST understand the nature of life altogether, not just see what’s in front of your eyes in the daily world and realize that this is a dark and increasingly dark time in which all life is in ultimate danger.

So that is of great importance, but nonetheless, this Way is not based on merely seeing the gravity of the world situation. It’s just true that this is a terrible and dark time with massive potential for horrific suffering, more and more global in its nature, more and more total and no one will be able to avoid it.

There are things that can be done by mankind to deal with elements of this, perhaps avoid the worst of it even. It’s not being done, though. It could be done. Some people are inclined to do some things, but humanity is not mobilized in any kind of a manner that’s going to deal with this dark time and the potential that’s already in motion.

What would that take? It takes an intelligence in people and a systematic approach and intelligent leaders and so on and people who are not trying to defeat right purposes. Where is that going to come from?

Nonetheless, the Way can and should be practiced, and you can do that in any time, however relatively dark or not, so you are called to this Way and to enact rightness in the cooperative sphere of living and of culture and through the institutions for which you are responsible. You can certainly do that and you all have whatever you do in the common world that you can, by doing it in a virtuous disposition virtuous of the kind I communicated in this text when I read it to you earlier.

You can have effect on others, other devotees, others in the world and so on. Everybody’s in a different position relative to what they can do about it and what is the different work they do. But this is not utopia, and it’s not going to be. In fact, it cannot be.

So it’s not just merely about social virtues. It’s about sadhana, right practice, that is associated with the ultimate purpose of Divine Self-Realization, perfect Divine Realization. In some respects, in fact, it can be said that human beings have far too much to do with one another. They are far too involved with one another. There are too many in the same room. It’s too much about this primate exchange, this world of body heat and consumerism where the local mall has become the idea of paradise. Consumerism has become the basis of existence and selling people on the potential fulfillment of their desires, has become the method of human relationship.

The Way has been Revealed to you. This Way of Adidam is not false, it is not based on absurdities. It’s not about absurd religious beliefs, or absurd beliefs of any kind. The Way is demonstrable, demonstratable, and must be demonstrated. It is self-authenticating. The process is real and it can be proven through real practice.

But if you are persisting in identification with the body-mind, separate self, ego-I, self-contraction, you are then a desirer and a seeker. Understand: you should listen to My Perfect Practice Teaching and understand that that is the context of this Way and the ultimate demonstration of it. But the means applicable to you, given to you fully through unique full Revelation, in fact, is necessary, and involves turning of the faculties from their patterns, from self-contraction through right devotion and disciplining the body-mind by means of the consistent fulfillment of My instructions.

They are given for your sake, and they are precise and necessary and effective and they, if rightly practiced, all of that devotion, all that process, you see, does undermine egoity, does manifest in due course as fundamental self-understanding and capability associated with that. It does purify and transform the body-mind and release energy and attention.

It is associated with tangible Spiritual Transmission which is usable when there is the establishment of that foundation of preparedness that is at the beginning. And it does lead through a unique Spiritual Process not the conventions of Spirituality in the context of the stages of life, the developmental stages of life but the unique spiritual process described by Me.

That Spiritual Process and that entire discipline and Way of Devotion establishes the Perfect Practice, ultimately by Spiritual means and not merely through philosophical persuasion.

The desiring-seeking ego requires the fundamental sadhana of right practice. It’s also interesting, because such practice deals with very tangible patterns and happenings. And therefore you can know about it, know it, see it, observe it, experience it, make changes, exercise intelligence, discrimination relative to various matters in life and deal with them in a tangible and effective manner. By persisting in the course of the practice, you can actually see the purification and transformation of the body-mind, the total re-orientation of the body-mind, the actual participation in tangible Spirituality that is undoubtable.

October 14, 2005

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