Julie Anderson – Beezone Interview – The Round-Up – Session 18

Beezone Interview with Julie Anderson

(Formerly Kanya Samarpana Remembrance)

Julie – India, 2020


The Round-Up

The following session is a ’rounding up’ of the last few sessions that centered around
Julie’s attempt to have a dialogue with a large number of individuals concerning the
present ‘State of the Union’ of Adidam.


“When human beings gather collectives a design is brought to the possibilities of experience, and the collective order moves on in its daily fashion…(in)…a passive mood….(and)…the individual is controlled and limited beyond any hope of truly creative and free movement…”
Adi Da Samraj, Frustration: The Universal Dis-Ease


Ed: I would like to see if we couldn’t move on and summarize these last few sessions we’ve been having. It’s clear they’re not productive and aren’t going anywhere.

Julie: In the discussions, we’ve been having (with formalized Adidam and devotees) there has been all this fear around it. It’s just abundantly clear that I’ve started letting go. However, I do continue to feel the same, not at all different than I have relative to what needs to change and what needs to be addressed and challenged that I had really important dialogues about which seems everybody keeps telling me, “It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen.” I just keep feeling I can’t accept that. I can’t accept that.

Then on the other hand, doing what I have been doing with a lot of other people for the last year and a half has not born any fruit, except to expose the reality of the situation. That’s not a pretty picture relative to Adidam. I continue to speak to people, but not as many in the same day, and there aren’t emails going around, and information being shared, and research being done, and groups of people deciding how to relate to it.

However, the people that I have spoken to, there’s still a lot of people who are doing things behind the scenes, but there’s not a lot of interaction and dialogue going on.


Beezone noteFollowing is edited audio of my conversation with Julie. The transcript has been edited in an attempt to ensure this communication is as clear and full as possible. This recent period of attempting to communicate with the Adidam leadership and with devotees of Adi Da about the situation within Adidam has been an exhaustive process, particularly for Julie along with many others and it warrants a clear assessment of what has transpired.


Ed: When you say behind the scenes, I’m not quite sure because that just seems to be more “chitty chat”. There doesn’t seem to be any substance of anybody on the inside. The whole thing is about changing minds, or changing attitudes, or accepting some kind of a dialogue that doesn’t seem to have any opening at all.

I’d like to start this discussion with a question or more appropriately a summary of my impression on the subject..

Julie: Yes.

Ed: In a summary. My summary. I’ll just read what I wrote in the email. The discussion of 2019, to me, seems to be dead or at least profoundly asleep, or put on the shelf for another time, and maybe more voices need to speak out before anything could begin to take any kind of serious consideration for an open dialogue.

It’s clear from all indications the energy and the traction is absent for anything at the present moment to happen. What is clear, my summary at least from my point of view, at least being part of this, is the structure of Adidam presently is all about form. It’s about following the written and literal instructions AS it is understood and heard and controlled by those in the present leadership who have those notes or have those communications.

As far as I have been able surmise, if I was to give a summary statement, and this is why I write the things that I write about the Beezone, is that the culture is in a religious form right now. It is in a devotional and disciplined nature. And it doesn’t have any matured devotees in a higher stage of life. It’s just that seems to be what is the present level of maturity, and where it is, and this is why the conversation can’t go beyond form and structure, and literally following somebody’s interpretation of the way it should be.

I think I summarized this in what I called the four voices of Adidam. Am I off in any way when I make that statement or summary? If I were to summarize it in 75 words or less?


What’s the Problem – Beezone Opinioned Essay


Julie: Yes and no.

Ed: Yes and no, okay.

Julie: Yes and no. The summary would be correct in the sense that the dialogue has completely been shut down, and it ended up having no real substantive conclusions, or decisions, or actions upon the basis of that long conversation including lots and lots of people. There are devotees who do presume that there is a culture of advanced practice, and that what has been presented..

Ed: Let me you stop you there, because this is where I don’t want to just let that one go by. Who is it that you’re referring? Is this just an insider game that you’re referring to, or is there somebody whose literally… I mean, who is it when you say devotees say that there are people in the higher stages of practice.

Julie: On the island, and some of those who were considered so in the past.

Ed: Oh, well yeah, but that’s just the inside group.

Julie: Yes.

Ed: Yeah. Yeah.

Julie: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Ed: For me, IF there were those people, there would be some freedom, openness, intelligence, and even some humor. But even from people on the island that hear from there is form, yes; there is formality, yes; there is structure, yes, but very little freedom, openness and willingness to discuss anything other than formalities. In fact, it’s everything that I’ve described. The culture is about structure, discipline, form, and staying in line; no “case”, keep your discussions around formalities, and don’t ask anything about paradox, nuance, or subtleties. It’s about the last three years (of His life) and that’s it, “Turn to Me” and that’s it, literal and “by word only”.

Julie: Right. Well as you know, there are people who are giving significant credence to the validation of the culture, and the process, and the practice as it is presently being governed, led and followed.. That’s what’s being continually defended and affirmed and considered to be somewhat of a response to what was brought to the attention of everyone that needed to be seriously engaged. That had everything to do with Him and His work.

Ed: Yeah, but there was no response because there was no open dialogue.

Julie: No. No, there wasn’t, but from their… See, it’s just the dichotomy again that we have been attempting to address forever. Those in the positions of responsibility and authority in relationship to Adi Da’s Work, their response has been to basically say, “You’re wrong. We know what we’re doing, and we’re doing it exactly as Beloved Adi Da wanted us to.”

Ed: Yes.

Julie: “So; you’re just immature. You don’t understand yet. You don’t get it. You’re not one of us”. I’ve even heard an absurd notion that we (those in the discussions) were intentionally intending to do harm! As in your summary via the Beezone link, the Samrajya even went so far as to assume a stance of ignoring the request for transparency. Yet the truth is that Adi Da did not hand pick all of the leadership and did not Bless the practice nor the capability of those in significant roles as they have been being demonstrated. There is documentation to prove this that is still being dismissed and hidden and destroyed.

Ed: Yeah, that’s fine. That’s good. But that just shows their, if you will, point of view, what they are understanding. You’re not going to argue with that. That’s just, they’re in control. That’s their asana, that’s their position. That’s what I’m pointing to, and what I say it’s just following the literal instructions as the way they hear it, and they are practitioners controlled by the present leadership.

Julie: Yes.

Ed: I’m not giving any credence to it in summarizing this way. I’m not saying it’s right or true. I’m just saying that presently is the way it appears to be.

Julie: In your description when you do give your summary, there is a way that it could be read that is… In a certain sense saying that’s okay. That’s the reality of it. That’s what it is.

Ed: It’s not good, or it’s not bad. It’s not okay. It’s not okay, it’s just the way it is. There’s no judgment on this, but there’s a cop at the corner, he’s stopping everybody who goes through a yellow light and giving them a ticket for going through a red light. Whatever the way it is he (the governing leadership) has “the gun” and he’s got the rules and authority, and you better wait until the light turns solidly green to go through it.

That’s just the way it is. He’s got the control. The structure is in place by consensus.

Julie: Really unfortunate.


Ed: Presently, the structure, that’s the way it is. There’s no way to penetrate it at the present moment. Not that it makes it right. It doesn’t make it true. It doesn’t make it legit. It does not conform to what He says. At least not to “His Shout”, it doesn’t even come close to it. His Shout has been obviated and conformed to structure.

Julie: Yes.

Ed: So it’s not good or bad, or indifferent. It’s just that’s the reality. It’s raining outside. It’s wet, and I wish it were otherwise.

Julie: Yes.

Ed: But that’s not the whole ball of wax..

Julie: No, not even close to it. Anyone who seriously invests themselves in the study, and the history, and the present time, and the Direct Process and the practice, and does so in Direct Feeling Communion with Adi Da and His Transmission, it would just be abundantly clear that what is being dramatized still now and over the last year and a half only validates the criticism and the challenge brought out into the open. That it is not “OK.”.

Ed: Right,

Julie: It is true to say that it’s not right or wrong, or good or bad. Those are conventional terms that could have all sorts of different ways of describing what those words mean in relationship to what we’re speaking about. In His Heart and in the direct feeling communion with Him, and sensitivity to his Direct Experience while He Was Embodied, that’s just… It’s not okay.

Ed: No.

Julie: To openly point to these matters of significant importance does not mean I’m not happy, I’ve got a problem, and I don’t understand. Yes, not approaching it in the same fashion perhaps and in trying to continue to address it, there are some useful ways of looking and feeling into what has been done that didn’t work, I find that because of my unique relationship to this particular last year and a half with devotees and what we’ve already communicated about, intending to re-associate in a fashion that I could serve directly (not meaning physically or in the same capacity) with those that I’ve had such a significant history with, I feel that there’s a lot of good reasons for me to let go. Continuously let go at heart.

I mean that in the most auspicious terms, not letting go of responsibility or passion, or continued commitment and being given over in the process. That doesn’t ever stop. That’s not the question or an issue. It’s more that Adidam as it is presently functioning, and as it did through all the years of the seemingly direct relationship to Him, the errors that were made have to be consistently addressed. Otherwise, the insidious nature of egoity itself will just keep asserting itself and reimposing itself because of its mechanical nature. The collective refusal to engage this detailed consideration ostracizes many elders and new devotees who see this necessary evaluation process as essential to authenticate our response to what He Accomplished. That governance, leadership and ardent followers feel they have the right to enact this dissociation is heart breaking for Adi Da, devotees and His all-inclusive World Work.

It seems that the manner in which the structure is feverishly being held in place by the perpetuation of allowing these ego patterns and the act itself to keep superimposing this revisionism on Him, and the errors of the first six stages of life upon Him and His Revelation. That is not okay, because it’s actually being proposed that this present status quo is going to be set in stone in perpetuity, which is the most absurd notion, in terms of the radical understanding of His Nature, and the Real Process itself, and the Leela, and how his Revelation was manifest and will continue to be so.

The Direct Process does not work that way. Not by focusing on a new mythology or religious rites, rituals, disciplines, admonitions, prayers etc based in requests for His Blessing alone. Conditional sacred structures or even His Treasures that are not linked to HIM with the responsive Gifts of Real Process and practice in Satsang will not trigger His Siddhis required for true esoteric advancement in the Process. The Relationship is not static as a conditional form. It is not simply form oriented as if it is principally a religious organizational means or programs with rules to follow, as if those effort are subordination to Him as Siddha Da, AS Divine Reality. That’s all completely secondary, and it’s plastic in any case. I have not lost faith. I absolutely trust this will change. It’s simply an unknown factor, and it always has been with Him and His Work as to how and when that authentic collectively validated conformity will happen, and if it will happen.

We cannot know that because there’s too many factors involved. The seen and the unseen, prior to mind and manifest form. The Essence is coinciding DIRECTLY and the gift of response. All “sacred structure and right life” becomes obvious and falls out from there. Inherently that is not a Mummery play anymore, but relatedness as Recognition Response, Bright Fabrication! There is a lot that has to change. I do genuinely feel that because of His limited time here and the focus and force of energy and attention that it took of any single person, no matter who they are for however long a time, that happened to coincide with Him, and He coincided and Submitted to, and Taught, and Revealed and Transmitted, and Outshined, and Loved and Kicked ass, and everything else that He did, it was very limited human time.

How Much Do You Really ‘Know’ of Adi Da?

Adi Da Samraj, October, 2004


For example, the last three years of His Life did not manifest in an auspicious way that was a sign of a right and full response from devotees in which we gave Him the gifts necessary to Live and Work as He wanted to. His seclusion was not an auspicious choice. He “Shouted” about this passionately most every day. He was required to do this because of the collective wrong relationship to Him. He pointed especially to His Need to Work with advanced practitioners, beyond student beginner. He Said that there was no connection being made to Him by anyone that was keeping Him Embodied to do such Transcendental Spiritual Transmission Work and Responsive Instruction with qualified renunciates in the Perfect Practice. No one and no such culture existed around Him. This was literally devastating to Him and to all devotees. So it is important devotees come to understand the true Leela and not our revision of it. Key to this is His Orpheum Trilogy.

A huge amount was accomplished in terms of His Revelation Work. All of what He Manifested is astounding just in and of itself. Then the participation of those who had a moment of time with Him, or lots of time with him, it’s still a very incomplete response. Before His Mahasamadhi, He made it abundantly clear why that wasn’t happening in acute detail, and even directly to certain individuals. This Prophetic Instruction has been ignored or rationalized or revised with ‘ego act’ and ‘patterned errors’ superimposed upon Him as Divine Reality and consequently the recoiled drama continues rather than the demonstration of collective ego self-transcending yoga and culture. This is not “OK”.

“You Represent a Collective Force of Obligation to One Another”

Adi Da Samraj

Now at this time, within the formal sacred structures, of those who are participating in any form and taking responsibility for this Inheritance, if someone from within that institutional structure doesn’t speak up openly, consistently, inspirationally with full vulnerable honesty, and having gone through (visibly tested and demonstrated awakening, within the daily culture of direct human intimacy) a radical yogic transformation themselves, consciously responsibly obvious in regards to the details of ego-self act and patterns in the gift of Divine Self Understanding, the stalemate will persist and there will be no further growth, or at least it will be very minimal. At least such devotees need to be open for an honest dialogue and thus free for His Eternal Reality Consideration. Devotees cannot justify our erroneous neglect by saying “Reality Consideration is not to happen anymore” as though this senior Conscious Process as yoga is now relegated to the Teaching Years, so you don’t do that anymore. This is in part a debate of semantics and an example of revisionism.

The Yoga of “turning” to (truly IN) HIM is the Context from the beginning. Then the practice response is founded upon this senior at the root self-understanding and as detailed insight into the psychobiography of the ego act as dramatized in Direct Relationship and relatedness, accountable in cooperative culture via testing and proving demonstration, no matter who you are or what role you serve. Conductivity and right life are secondary to this. Such is the foundation requirement and reciprocal gifts given in true Listening, Hearing and then Seeing. “His Pattern” is already fully clearly described in His Written Word. All other structures and form associated with the Sacred and hierarchy are secondary organizational matters and important key means of sadhana in Satsang. If Satsang, Yoga as esoterically understood, is not the accountable focus, Adi Da is not “set apart”. Fidelity in this In Love responsive Yoga inherently resolves feeling attention in the True Prior Heart, so ego act and form is no longer the circumstance of the Relationship. All else is then auspiciously spontaneously fulfilled in Bright Reality. Loved, awakened and moved in Ecstasy!

If there is not anyone within this so-call insider group, with significant responsibilities that’s still in effect, even as good hearted and passionate, controlling and owning everything right now, who will start speaking up, being brave enough to say; “Hey wait a minute, we all really, really got this wrong.” We are owning and controlling Him and His Work. We have not been sufficiently demonstrating this real recognition response in such a fashion that we ourselves are demonstrating fulfillment of the “nine divine laws,” the assumption of advancement cannot be authenticated until this reorientation occurs within the entire collective as a result. No new structure or collation of instructions after His Mahasamdhi was required for this consequential Process in Satsang. Directly Responsive gifts of Intimate Process, YES!


“What needs to be accomplished in My Divine Avataric physical human Lifetime must be accomplished in the period of My physical human Lifetime. And the Work I then do after My physical human Lifetime has its basis for being accomplished. So devotees, everyone altogether, should be jealous of My every-day-existence here during My physical human Lifetime, so that My Purpose can be fulfilled through the process of right access. And insubordinate characteristics of the gathering and of individuals must no longer be dramatized on My Person or on Adidam Ruchiradam altogether. It is the obligation of devotees to see to that. In some fundamental terms, that is the that is the essence of the Nine Laws.
The Nine Laws are surrender to Me, subordination of the ego-“self” to Me. It is surrender, in fact it is intrinsic transcending of the ego-“self” through right relationship to MeThat is the Law. That is what those Nine Laws demonstrate—surrender, the transcending of insubordination. That is an active requirement that must be enacted, demonstrated moment to moment. That is what the First Congregation is about. That is what being My devotee is about.”
 —Adi Da Samraj, July 9, 2008


Thus, opening up the whole culture in a different way to go through a transformational change. I do not feel, by experience proven, that any so-called “outside voice” is going to make any significant difference. Leadership and practitioners who follow the present authorities need to come to understand this is a gift of Liberating Insight to enable further responsive growth and gifts. YES! losing face all the time, all of “us”!

The Sacred Logic of True Authority and the necessity of Structures and Codes is not what is being questioned. But there is much more to true visibly inspirational governance and response than that endeavor as the focus. It is the continued ego act and methods of seeking and weak demonstration and interpretation of history that is being challenged. There could be some very significantly profound things happening. Yes, there could be and there are some signs of gifting and services done. Even against all odds, which I must say was what it was like when He was Embodied while the forces that are in opposition to what has been brought Down, persist. This has been so with any true religious and spiritual pursuit throughout all time/space that we are aware of.

It’s amazing (in both seemingly positive and negative ways) what can and continues to be produced, and what people find inspiring, and what they will settle with, and what they’re okay to go along with.

A lot of this settling for less or for continued passion for growth and Realization are choices. No matter how we interpret this Event that is Adidam, or however we respond, whether there is true yoga practiced at times, insight and understanding, growth and integrity and right life discipline, we all are in Relationship to a remarkable Mahasiddha;. Adi Da Love Ananda. Just being able to have access to His Murtis, Images, to His Sanctuaries to the degree people are able to and allowed, all of what’s available, they are extraordinary Gifts that are available to everyone. Not just formal devotees.

And yet, formal devotees do get so-called special things put together and certain information that you only can have access to if you are practicing within a certain congregation or level of practice and all that kind of stuff that goes on, and pay for it this way and that way, and be part of the organization. Then you get to have special access to things.


“Human beings, in their collective ego-centricity, make “cults” (or bewildered and frightened “centers” of power, and control, and exclusion) in every area of life.”

My First Word


But the truth of it is that all of us have incredible access, unlimited access, even beyond and Prior to how He may manifest as a form of His Treasures, His Presence, His Person, His State of Being is abundantly evident.


Ed: Okay.

Julie: That’s all.

Ed: Yes, so that goes back to the fundamental nature of what the whole thing about, is your relationship with the Adi Da.

Julie: Yes.

Ed: So without getting into the exoteric, you wrote something that I would like to ask you about. It needs some clarification from my limited understanding. You wrote in the email you sent me last night, it said, “A significant aspect of my relationship to Adi Da that has become most prominent in conscious feeling awareness is the essentially responsive nature of the yoga of direct intimacy. This includes all the ways in which He Reveals Himself, corresponding awakening insight around the ego act as this seeming self and the act of recoil itself.” That is a big, if you will, mouthful. Could you… Based on basically what we were just speaking about and you say a significant aspect of my relationship to Adi Da that has become most prominent in conscious feeling awareness is the essentially responsive nature to the yoga of direction intimacy.”

Ed: Could you break that down to me? What it is that you are pointing to?.. I hear what you say in that sentence, but it might be called nebulous.


Julie: But I am talking literally. Yes. Okay. So, when I wrote that, I was feeling into your request that perhaps what could be a useful consideration or conversation would be about the process of meditation, and…

Ed: Not the process of meditation. I asked you if you could, if we could speak about your process and your direct relationship to the personal person of Adi Da, and not as a one-time instruction, but over a period of time with Him intimately, personally, knowingly, speaking to you about the process.

Julie: Yes. Got it. The interesting thing about the Words of His Language in terms of how he describes the Process in relationship to His Own Person, and as we’ve talked about this recently, is that even though it’s a very long time ago and up until His Mahasamadhi, there wasn’t exactly the same language in terms of describing what He might say about the Nature of the Yoga In His Person. In actual fact, the primary words, fundamentally point to Who He Is and What the whole meditation (relationship) Process is about was described very clearly from the very moment that He first started writing and speaking. More importantly, the entire consequential Awakening Process occurs in SILENCE!

Ed: Right.

Julie: He makes it abundantly clear in the Knee of Listening. The only thing that happened was He demonstrated the Seventh Stage of Life and it’s unfolding. And then He did the Work of the Avataric Incarnation of His Siddhis, of the Bright. What we did all the time with Him, which is the same as it is now, is the degree to which we are able to actually understand, receptively respond, and awaken into Gifts that He has made possible for humanity in His unique form as Transmission, that encompasses the entire great tradition, is the manner in which we respond.

Ed: All right.

Julie: And the reason why I use that word respond, that is summary for me, is that the direct relationship as a spiritual matter of recognition is absolute knowledge at every level of my being because of the Relationship. More importantly, it is PRIOR to that knowledge and experience being nuanced by being somewhat modified and can still be felt as His Person and His Presence; the State of His Being is “HIM” to me. You see? So, that IS the “measure”. That IS the Context. The response to THAT (His Divine Being) is the Way that He Reveals to me, as to whether or not the ego act is active or not.

Ed: Right.

Julie: Whether this (His Bright Being) is abundantly clear and I’m living in His Person. What He has called His Room, His Space, His Sphere, His Light, His Love-Bliss, His Being: the Being that IS Him. And this is the vow of devotion. This is a Direct Relationship. This is the context of the process that, and only that, only that.

Ed: Right. Correct.

Julie: And either you are recoiled from that at the various levels, through which you will have the ability to assume responsibility or not.

Ed: Right.

Julie: So it (the Process and practice) is not looking merely at the Yogic signs of experiences, even in relationship to the uniqueness of His Transmission. We can go into a lot of depth relative to how that Process progressed in relationship to His Descent, Equanimity, Hearing, the Samadhi of the Thumbs, Seeing, Samraj Asana and then the Awakening to the Witness Consciousness and standing Prior, and then the feeling awareness and discrimination of the causal knot, Atma Nadi Shakti, that was all Revealed In HIM As Reality Itself the Bright. And it (His Revelation) is still alive in all these details, whatever I have seemed to be. This is not saying anything about a “me” as a separate self, but that Realization (HIM) is still completely within my feeling awareness. In other words, it (those experiential insights and awakenings) were not “created by” or “given by” Him as an “other” to a separate self and then taken away.

Ed: You do not have to explain that to me because it is clear to me. You are always on if you will, the cutting edge, you’re always on the point. You see all the time.

Julie: Yes. And that is the miracle!

Ed: And how could it be otherwise?

Julie: If you can call anything a miracle? That is a miracle.

Ed: Yes. That is, yes. Because you have been awakened.

Julie: How could it be otherwise?

Ed: How could it be? You have been awakened to that. And so, you are alive to that. That is why all else is secondary.

Julie: Yes. And that is why I ecstatically say “The bond can’t be broken! That is what I mean. In other words, this Gift, the reason anyone responded initially, however (experientially) different it can be described and apparently limited, this Prior Relationship was awakened. The Way is that Divine Relationship, that is the Reality Way and that, as He said, is an eternal bond which cannot be broken.

Ed: Right.

Julie: And all I am saying is, Yes, (as a devotee) I can validate this. Here I am, someone that was always only completely trapped in the apparent ego act, separate self-delusion, and I am simply saying, That is not the Truth.

Ed: Right.

Julie: That’s not the Truth! Not abstractly being confessed or just quoting Him and His Teaching. Actually, and literally by His Siddhis and the heart commitment to Him and His Way and the Brightening Revelation is the only reason why this can be said. And it’s not about a me, a separate me at all. It’s about his Revelation.

Ed: Yes.

Julie: Participating in Him, that Process. Yes.

Ed: Yes. You don’t need to qualify that. That’s clear to me. And this kind of discussion needs to be more current and alive because this is the Real Process. This is what it’s about.

Julie: Yes. And so, the whole looking back on whatever things were meant to be addressed, the sorry story is that this didn’t become the dialogue. It would have become the dialogue. If it could have become a dialogue, it would have actually been very simple. If we would have just agreed to be in Direct Reality Relationship.

Ed: Right.

Julie: Doesn’t that epitomize it?

Ed: Yes.

Julie: Doesn’t that epitomize it? Because that’s the very thing that He Says that we didn’t do with Him.

Ed: Right.

Julie: We did not maintain the Direct Relationship.

Ed: Well, I think, yeah. And so for this particular conversation, I think this is an appropriate end to what I would like to develop from this conversation, because I think it really does put the dialogue in a brighter perspective and widens it that people could respond to in that fashion, which would then open up all other levels of it, because this is the primary consideration.

Julie: Yep. I could not agree more. And this, there was one comment, I think you might remember when you first contacted me years and years ago, four or five years now, I think it’s been. And I said to you, “Oh, this is perfect timing because I’m happy. I mean, what’s beginning to become obvious, It must be true for a lot of other people. And that’s what I’m interested in finding out.”

What I kept saying to the devotees I spoke to after His Mahasamadhi (and am still doing so) was “nobody’s talking about the Process”! And I also asked, “what is wrong with this picture?”, referring to certain key choices made about governance, leadership, and participation.

Ed: Right.

Julie: Where’s the collective conversation about that and the collective demonstration of the Direct Process?

“The collective of humankind has power, inherent power. The virtuous voices do not.
You have to go to the people, not the leaders. If you want to get in touch with everybody, who do you go to? You go to the leaders or the people in power. That’s exactly how you don’t get to the people. They are going to stop you from getting to the people. So if you go to the leaders, you are not going to get to the people. You have to go to the people. And then the people say to the leaders, either you lead in accordance with this requirement, or you are no longer in power, because we simply will not tolerate chaos any any further. ‘We’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. We are just simply not going to go
along with that.

Power cannot manipulate the total collective. It can destroy it, blow a giant bomb up or something, but it cannot manipulate it. It hasn’t got that kind of power. Power depends on individualism and fragmentation. Power depends on the fragmentation of the social order into individuals. Whereas the leader of a country that’s got, let’s say, a billion people in it, is not really controlling those billion people in any direct sense. It is depending on that being a billion people who are completely disconnected from one another, living in small social groups and striving to survive.”

Adi Da Samraj, 2008


Julie: A couple years ago this enquiry then became being engaged in difficult dialogues to understand why it (the core direct Process) is not being spoken about (considered in detail) or demonstrated. The reaction has been as though that is a terrible and taboo observation, that it is abusive, disrespectful and an attack. Reminds me again of His Saying to me, “the problem with you is that you take my criticism personally!”

I feel that it is just paper thin. I mean, it is very tangible that there could be a significant shift. If we would, in His Revelation, responsibly be in this Direct Relationship, in this same asana with one another we would thereby presently understand, agree together, what has actually occurred in our response, free of errors. Awakened in this Bright Understanding, then authentically be and act upon this profound foundation, individually and most importantly collectively. And this is only the beginning of the true Reality Way and of mature ability to evaluate and authenticate anything beyond beginning practice. I reckon there will be a quickening via His Brightening “surprise” if we all responsively yielded to Him in this way, as His Beloved’s and thus Vessels of His Heart in demonstrative Prior Unity.

Ed: Right.

Julie: What He actually Accomplished rather than turning to ourselves and trying to defend an error. Using Him and His Treasures in doing so, That is not “OK”, Evelyn!


“The ‘problem” is not that the Divine is “Elsewhere”. The “problem” is that you are the self-contraction. The Way of Adidam is based on your receiving Me, not on your seeking for Me. Thus, That Which is proposed by seekers as the goal is the beginning of the Way for My devotees.”

The All-Surpassing Revelation of The Divine World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Brightness
HIS Eternal Stand”


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The Real Practice of Guru-Devotion

Julie Anderson, 1980

First to Awaken