The Soul’s Journey – Sant Mat – Surat Shabd Yoga


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The continuing conflict between Islam and Hinduism caused the emergence of the distinctive
Sikh community, an attempt to find a new path that would reconcile Hindu-Muslim
differences. Sikh founder Nanak (1469-1539) would attract a large following; in the end, his
teachings satisfied neither Hindu nor Muslim and led to the emergence of a new community.
Nanak would be successively followed by nine additional gurus (teachers). Then, after the
death of the last of the gurus, their collected writings were assembled in a single volume, the
Guru Granth Sahib, which would be enthroned as the new continuing guru for the
In the 19th century, some within the Sikh community, partially motivated by a desire to have
a living guru, found their way to Param Sant Soami Ji Maharaj (1818-1878), who launched a
new lineage of gurus, which would over time split into a variety of competing lineages.
These new lineages, distinguished by their practice of surat sabat yoga (the path of the sound
current) would constitute the Sant Mat movement.

The Soul’s Journey

This book contains a composition of several descriptions
of the Inner Realms which each soul has to pass on
its journey back to its True Home and some
experiential reports by disciples of Kirpal Singh.

“The Way of Sant Mat is a
practical one and that the sincere seeker after Truth may
have indeed an Inner Experience of the God-Power as they are
described by Kirpal Singh and other Saints.

 “All Saints are Sons of God; their mission is to make others the sons of God; their method is the Word – Sound Current.
There is no other method.  The difference lies in the extent to which this Word has been traced by its votaries.  The Word is light.
It resounds throughout the whole creation – material, mental and spiritual – within and outside us.  It is light and sound both.  Sant Mat connects with it as Sound.  The lights and sounds at the different stages of the journey are already known to you.  The significance of the World will grow step by
step with experience . . .

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