The Lion Sutra


The Lion Sutra

(On Perfect Transcendence Of The Primal Act, Which Is the ego-“I”,
the self-Contraction, or attention itself, and All The Illusions Of Separateness,
Otherness, Relatedness, and Difference).

The Ultimate Teachings (For All Practioners Of The Way Of The Heart),
and The Perfect Practice Of Feeling-Enquiry (For Formal Renunciates In
The Way Of The Heart)

By Adi Da (The Da Avatar).

New Standard Edition: 10/95.
©1995 The TDL Trust Pty Ltd, as a trustee for The TDL Trust.
ISBN: paper 1-57097-012-2.
LOCCCN: 94-074939.

The All-Surpassing Revelation of Adi Da (The Da Avatar): An Introduction
by His Devotees:
The Divine Person.
The “Bright”.
There Is Only God.
The Secret Means of Grace.
The Great Way of Liberation.
The Enlightenment of the Whole Body.
The Truth About the ego.
Non-Avoidance of Reality.
The Kiln of “Brightness” (4/30/95).

The Divine Life and Work of Adi Da (The Da Avatar):

Part I: The Quest to Recover the “Bright”: The Sadhana Years,
1939-1970 (KNEE):
Plunging into the Search for God (2/13/95).
The Discovery of “Narcissus” (KNEE).
The Sadhana with Swami Rudrananda and the “Death of Narcissus”.

The Sadhana with Swami Muktananda.
The Sadhana with Swami Nityananda and the Divine Goddess.
Re-Awakening to the “Bright” (KNEE, 3/16/88).

Part II: The “Bright” Demonstrations of the Man of Understanding:
The Teaching Years, 1970-1986 (METH):
The Teaching Work Becomes “Crazy” (1/3/74).
Garbage and the Goddess.
Confronting the Dragon of Sex (1975).
The Beginning of Sacramental Worship (1978, 9/13/79).
Tumomama (4/7/82, 11/23/82).
Finding Hermitage (10/28/83).

Part III: The “Bright” Emerges Most Perfectly: The Revelation
Years, 1986-1994 (1/27/86):
The Divine Demand (1/27/86).
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti-Yoga (3/2/95, 3/22/86).
“I Am You”.
Establishing the Religion of Free Daism.
Confrontation with “Narcissus” (4/2/93, 4/8/93, 12/20/93, 2/4/94).

Part IV: The Past and the Future of the “Bright” in the World:

The Subtle Vehicle of Avatara Adi Da’s Appearance (BoT).
The All-Completing Avataric Incarnation.
Divine Completeness.
The Eternal “Bond” (12/7/94).

An Intro to The Lion Sutra (4/16/95, 1970):
The Two Sensitivities. Wanting to Have a “World” (4/14/95, 4/11/95,
5/7 &19/95, 5/19/95).
Growing Beyond the Embrace of Time and Death (6/25/95).
The Perfect Witness (7/23/95, DHT).
Eat attention in the Heart (DHT, 8/14/93, 2/20/89, 6/25/95).
The Realization of Perfection (5/19/95).
Divine Enlightenment (5/7/95, 7/23/95, DHT).

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An Invitation:
How to Find Out More About Avatara Adi Da and the Way of the Heart.
Preparing to Practice the Way of the Heart.
The Foundation of the Way of the Heart: Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga (1/14/95).

The Disciplines That Support Devotion: Meditation. Sacramental Worship,
or Puja. Service.
The Two Devotional Ways.
The Three Forms of Practice.
The Progressive Unfolding of the Way of the Heart.
Functional and Practical Disciplines: Money. Food. Sex. “Conscious
Sacred Culture and Cooperative Community (4/14/87):
Businesses. Young People. Healing. Sacred Arts. Sanctuaries.
“I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly Through All My Devotees (3/29/94).

The Sacred Orders of the Way of the Heart.

The Regional Centers of the Free Daist Avataric Communion.
The Seven Stages of Life:
The Stages of Developing Human Maturity.
The Hierarchical Structural Anatomy of Man.
The Stages of Progressive Religious, Spiritual, and Transcendental Awakening.

The Supreme Realization and Demonstration of the Seventh Stage of Life.

The Seven Stages of Life in the Way of the Heart As Revealed by Adi Da
(The Da Avatar). (Illustration)

The Sacred Literature of Adi Da, the Da Avatar: A New Scripture for
An Invitation to Support the Way of the Heart.


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New Standard Edition, 1991 (h)

The “Perfect” Revelation-Book of the Divine World-Teacher
and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).

ISBN: 0-918801-117-6 (cloth).
ISBN: 0-918801-118-4 (paper).
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